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From the Civil War Pension File of John C. Whitney
Co. B., 127th Illinois Infantry
Caleb B. Whitney, Father
Adocia Whitney, Mother
Mother’s Application #259219, No Certificate
Father’s Application #280139, Certificate #233689
The National Archives Building,
Washington, D.C.

He is identified as John C.8 Whitney (Caleb B.7, Amaziah6, Abner5, John4, Isaiah3, Thomas2, John1).

In a report received in the U.S. Pension Office 14 March 1883, Ira B. Whitney, 1st Sergt., Co. B., 127th Regiment, Illinois Volunteer Infantry, provided the following information. John C. Whitney, age 21, 5 feet 7 inches in height, light complexion, hazel colored eyes, was born in Broome Co., New York, where he was a farmer before enlistment. He was enlisted by A. J. Borroughs in Chicago on 14 August for a term of three years. He died 24 February 1863 at Alto, Lee Co., Illinois.

On 14 January 1881 from Smith Co., Kansas, Caleb B. Whitney signed a Declaration for an Original Pension of a Father. He is 71 years old, and is the father of John C. Whitney, who enlisted on 14 August 1862 in Co. B. of the 127th Regiment of Illinois Volunteers. He died at Alto, Illinois on 24 February 1863 of injuries and sickness contracted in the service. He left neither widow or child under the age of sixteen. The declarant was married to the mother of the said son at Oxford, Chenango Co., New York on 22 September 1836 by Elder Parker. He was, in part, dependent on his son for support. The mother of said son died at Meriden, LaSalle Co., Illinois, on 20 August 1880. He is survived by no brothers or sisters under the age of sixteen. He is a resident of Smith Co., Kansas, and his post office address is Smith Centre, Smith Co., Kansas.

On 2 June 1883 Caleb B. Whitney signed a General Affidavit in support of his application. He testifies that he was born in Maryland, Otsego Co., New York. His son was born in Main(e) Village, Bloom (sic) Co., New York on 9 July 1842. The soldier was never married and left no children. His son was in very poor health in 1863, and he doctored him himself. He had bleeding of the lungs, dropsy of the abdomen, and kidney troubles. By occupation, Caleb is a horses and cattle doctor with acquired knowledge of medicine. Owing to ill health, and both sons being in the Army, he could do nothing at his profession in 1863. He received 1/3 of the crop from 40 acres of wheat and corn, value $80.00, and paid it to creditors. He owned one horse, spring wagon, harness, and plow worth $230.00. He had in his charge and paid taxes on 4 cows, one calf, 2 horses owned by my daughter Mary and son Ira, value $550.00. Ira also let him have about 200 bushels of wheat, value $200.00. On 5 December 1863 his farm was deed back to him. In 1864 - 65 he received 1/3 of the crops from 40 acres of it. He plowed 40 acres more of it and received $300.00, and received it for years 1866 through 1868. In 1868 he sold for $4000.00, $1200.00 in cash, balance in 10 notes, due yearly. He paid $1900.00 in old debts. In the fall of 1868 he moved to Meriden, LaSalle Co., Illinois. He had no personal property from 1869 to 1879. He raised chickens and made and sold medicine. He cannot give and did not make expenses. He lived on the interest and principal of the notes. From 1879 to 80 he had no income and could not work because of sickness and the death of his wife in August 1880. His address is now Cawker City, Mitchell Co., Kansas.

Caleb also provided an affidavit signed by his brother N. Whitney on 28 December 1882. N. Whitney is a resident of Roaring Brook, Luzerne Co., Pennsylvania. He states that he was present at the marriage of C. B. Whitney and Mary Adocia Stevens on 22 September 1836 at Norwich, Chinango Co., N.Y. The affidavit is witnessed by John H. Mathers and Ms. Rosa Mathews at Luzern Co., PA. On 26 June 1893 the Commissioner of Pensions was notified that Caleb B. Whitney was last paid at $12.00 to 4 August 1891, and has been dropped because of his death.

On 1 October 1891 from Mitchell Co., Kansas Elizabeth Whitney, the widow of Caleb B. Whitney, signed an Application for Accrued Pension (Widows). Her husband had died 26 August 1891. She was married to Caleb B. Whitney on 4 September 1888 at Cawker City, Mitchell Co. Kansas, which is also her post office address. The affidavit is witnessed by F. E. Garrett and Lillie Miller, both of Cawker City, KS.

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