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Civil War Pension File of John Hitchcock
Invalid Applic. # 482034 Cert. # 426384
The National Archives Building
Washington, DC

John Hitchcock was the husband of Tabitha8 Whitney, daughter of Amos7 and Matilda (Wright) Whitney (Ephraim6, Amos5, Amos4, Nathaniel3, Benjamin2, John1).

Company C, 91st Indiana Infantry

On 25 Apr 1883 from Martin County, IN, John Hitchcock signed a Declaration for Original Invalid Pension. He is a resident of the town of Trinity Springs, Martin Co., IN. He had been enrolled on 30 Aug 1862 in Company C of the 91st Indiana Infantry commanded by Richard Dunlap. He was honorably discharged at Salisbury, NC, on 26 Jun 1865. He describes himself as fifty years old; five feet nine inches in height; with a fair complexion, light hair, and hazel eyes. While in the service and in his line of duty at Henderson, KY, in Feb 1863 he was sick and sent to the hospital at Henderson. There he contracted measles from another man who came in, and took cold while he had the measles. This caused deafness, sore throat, hoarseness, and a feeling of suffocation. He also had kidney disease, from which disability he continues to suffer. In addition, he suffered over-heating while on the march, which caused heart affection. Since leaving the service he has resided at Martin County, IN, where he is a farmer. He had also been a farmer before his service. He now suffers greatly from disability. One witness' name is illegible, and the other is Peter Boyle.

On 21 Jun 1883 John Hitchcock signed a Disability Affidavit. He is fifty-one years old and a resident of Brown Township, Martin Co., IN. His post office is in Trinity Springs. He was born in Harrison County, OH, and raised in Tuscawaras County, OH. At the age of twenty he moved to Martin County, IN, and lived there until October of 1860, when he moved to Davies (sic) County, IN, and enlisted in Aug 1862. He has resided in Martin County, IN, since his discharge, and he is a farmer. He was sick when he returned from the service, and was treated by doctors in Trinity Springs. He is hard if hearing, talks with difficulty, and suffers from back trouble. John was granted a pension of four dollars per month commencing 1 May 1883.

On 4 May 1898 John answered an inquiry from the Pension Bureau. He is married to Kizziah Hitchcock, maiden name Bair. They were married about 12 Aug 1874 in Davies (sic) County, IN, where the marriage is recorded. He was previously married to Tabitha Hitchcock, maiden name Whitney. She died 8 Apr 1873 in Martin County, IN. His living children are:

  1. Joseph B., born 26 Jan 1854
  2. Margaret M., born Oct 1856
  3. Florence, born 2 Dec 1859
  4. James, born 2 Mar 1862
  5. Morton O., born 6 Jul 1866
  6. Thomas C., born 13 Jul 1868
  7. Angie, born 12 Aug 1871.

In support of a petition for increased pension benefit due to age, on 4 Nov 1907 John submitted a notarized statement prepared at Odon, Daviess Co., IN. He appeared with a record of his birth which had been transferred to a Bible in 1873. He says it was transferred from an old Bible entirely worn out. It shows he was born 6 Mar 1832. He says it is a correct statement of his age.

On 1912 the Commissioner Pensions was notified that John Hitchcock had been last paid at twenty dollars per month to 4 May 1911, and was dropped from the rolls because of his death on 18 Jul 1911.

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