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Civil War Pension File of Joseph B. Whitney
Invalid's Applic. # 806276 Cert. # 624863
National Archives Building, Washington, D.C.

He is identified as Joseph B. Whitney (1844-1917) (John Franklin, James). Hopefully, one day his full ancestry will be determined.

Company F, 1st Illinois Cavalry, Co. E, 133rd Illinois Infantry, and Co. B, 11th Illinois Cavalry.

On 5 July 1890 Joseph Whitney signed a Declaration for an Invalid Pension. He is forty-six years old and a resident of Maine Prairie, Stearns Co., MN. On 1 January 1862 he enrolled in Company F of the 1st Regiment of Illinois Cavalry, and was discharged at St. Louis, MO, on 14 July 1862. He is unable to earn his support due to rheumatism, chronic diarrhea, and a dislocated right elbow joint. He wishes to be placed on the pension roll due to these disabilities. He was awarded a pension of twelve dollars per month commencing 11 July 1890.

In an affidavit of 10 April 1891, the extent of his service is clarified. After his first discharge, on 11 May 1864 he re-enlisted as Joseph B. Whitney as a private in Company E of the 133rd Illinois Infantry. He was discharged on 24 September 1864. He has lost his discharge papers, and does not remember when he enlisted for the third time. It was in the month of January 1865, as a private in Company B of the 11th Illinois Cavalry. He was then discharged on 13 July 1865. The affidavit was witnessed by D. B. Stanley and John Petty. Joseph made his mark, and the document was signed for him.

The Adjutant General's Office adds further clarification to Joseph's service record. The 1st Illinois Cavalry Regiment was captured and paroled at Lexington, MO, on 20 September 1861. The enlisted men were mustered out by order of General Fremont, which action was rescinded by the War Department, and the officers and men were considered in continual service. The company was finally mustered out on 14 July 1862. Joseph's service in the 133rd Illinois Infantry was as stated. He enrolled 26 January 1865 in Co. B., 11th Illinois Cavalry, and was mustered out 13 July 1865.

On 5 February 1891 from St. Cloud, MN, Joseph submitted an affidavit explaining his disability. He resides in Maine Prairie, Stearns Co., MN, and his post office is in Kimball. He contracted rheumatism while a member of Co. E of the 133rd Illinois Infantry in July 1863. He was guarding a prisoner at Rock Island, IL. He was treated by the regimental surgeon in quarters, and did no further duty until discharged. He contracted chronic diarrhea and piles while a member of Co. B of the Illinois Cavalry, in May 1865 while stationed at Memphis, TN. He was treated at Gayosa Hospital, Ward C, by surgeon Hall, and was discharged from this hospital. He received the elbow injury after he was discharged. The seat of his wagon broke, and he fell out onto the frozen ground. He states that his name appears as Joseph B. Whitney on the rolls of the 133rd Illinois Infantry and the 11th Illinois Cavalry units to which he belonged. Witnesses to this affidavit are James A. Martin and J. I. Donohue.

In a physical examination of 11 February 1891, Joseph is described as being forty-seven years old; five feet 11 inches in height; and 145 pounds in weight. The medical board determined that he was entitled to 6/18 disability due to heart disease. He was awarded a pension of twelve dollars per month commencing 11 July 1890.

On 5 July 1898 Joseph answered an inquiry from the Bureau of Pensions. He is married to Anna S. Winslow. They were married 2 March 1876 in Maine Prairie, Minnesota by Rev. A. Shoemaker. Their marriage license was recorded in the Clerk of Court's Office, Stearns Co., MN. He had never been previously married. His living children are:

  • Eva, born 17 October 1877
  • Benjamin, born 17 February 1880
  • Estel, (Note: male KLW) born 20 July 1884
  • Ray, born 12 March 1890
  • Jessie, born 8 May 1894

In a Declaration for Pension seeking increased benefit of 23 May 1912, Joseph is 68 years old and resides in Kimball, Stearns Co., MN. His description at the time of his enlistment was: five feet eight inches in height; dark complexion; black eyes; brown hair; and his occupation was farmer. He was born 31 March 1844 in Brown County, IL. After discharge from the service he went from Illinois to Cherokee Co., KS, in 1868, where he remained for one year. He then went to Waldron Station, MO, for one year, and then moved to Adams County, IL. He came to Maine Prairie in 1875, where he has remained.

On 30 January 1918 the Commissioner of Pensions was informed that Joseph Whitney was last paid twenty dollars per month to 4 October 1917, and has been dropped from the rolls due to his death on 2 December 1917.

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