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Civil War Pension File of Joseph Whitney
Invalid's Applic. # 376790 Cert. # 371711
National Archives Building, Washington, D.C.

He is identified as Joseph7 Whitney of Ohio, Illinois, and Linn Co., Iowa (Ephraim Stinchfield6, Joseph5, Benjamin4, John3, Benjamin2, John1).

Company G, 24th Iowa Infantry.

On 1 May 1880 from Linn County, IA, Joseph Whitney signed a Declaration for an Original Invalid Pension. On 13 August 1862 he had enrolled in Company G of the 24th Regiment of Iowa Volunteers, and was honorably discharged at Jefferson Barracks, MO, on 17 July 1865. He is now fifty-three years old, and is five feet eleven inches in height, with a dark complexion, black hair, and dark eyes. While in the service and in his line of duty at Vicksburg, MS, on or about 24 July 1863 he was taken with affliction of the bowels, and was reported unfit for duty. He had been affected with chronic diarrhea from the battle of Champion Hills, MS, on 16 May 1863, and was left at Vicksburg when the regiment went to Jackson. He was attended by Dr. Leyon, assistant surgeon of his regiment, who was left in charge of the field hospital when the regiment went to Jackson. His affliction of the bowels culminated in a serious affliction of the right testicle, a hydrocele. He was first in the hospital at Vicksburg under Surgeon Leyon's care, and was then sent to Jefferson barracks in the latter part of July 1863. He remained there until transferred to the Veteran Reserve Corps, and he was Ward Master of Ward H. He served in Company 70, 2nd Battalion, Veteran Reserve Corps. Since leaving the service he has resided in Linn County, IA, where he is a farmer. He is very greatly disabled, and seeks a pension. He resides in Boulder Township, Linn Co., IA, and his post office is Prairieburg, Linn Co., IA. Witnessing the declaration are L. C. Brown and J. H. Hazelton. Joseph received a pension of two dollars per month commencing 18 July 1865.

On 29 November 1900 Joseph filed a declaration requesting an increase in benefit due to his age. He resides in Prairieburg, Iowa, and is 74 years, 11 months, and 18 days old. He testifies he was born 14 December 1825, and will be 75 years old next month.

On 5 January, and again on 14 November 1899 Joseph answered inquiries from the Bureau of Pensions. The following information is distilled from those inquiries. Joseph is married to Dorothy A. Whitney, maiden name Dorothy A. Peterson. They were married in Dixon, Lee Co., IL, on 29 December 1852 by Rev. William Clark. There is no record of the marriage except possibly in the court where they obtained the license. Joseph had been previously married to Martha A. Peterson, who died in Lee County, IL, on 25 April 1852. His living children are:

  • Joseph W. Whitney, born 15 September 1854
  • George P. Whitney, born 25 March 1857 (or 1855 in January testimony, but unlikely due to previous birth)
  • Martha L. Atkins, born 17 September 1858
  • Inez A. Wagner, born 1 May 1860
  • Carrie B. Coquilleth, born 6 November 1861
  • Elmo E. Whitney, born 19 June 1872

On 12 November 1906 the Commissioner of Pension was notified that Joseph Whitney was last paid twelve dollars to 4 October 1906, and was dropped from the rolls because of his death on 15 October 1906.

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