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Civil War Pension File of Nelson C. Bates
Widow: Annie C. Bates
Invalid Applic. # 66556 Cert. # 185972
Widow Applic. # 364223 Cert. # 261391
National Archives Building, Washington, D.C.

Nelson C. Bates was the husband of Annie C.7 Whitney [Josiah S.6, Jacob5, Benjamin4, John3, Benjamin2, John1].

Company K. 36th Wisconsin Infantry

On 13 Apr 1865 from Monroe Co., WI, Nelson C. Bates signed a Declaration for Invalid Pension. He is thirty-two years old and his post office is in Tunnel City, Monroe Co., WI. He was a corporal in Company K commanded by Captain Austin Cannon in the 36th Regiment of Wisconsin Infantry Volunteers commanded by Colonel F. S. Haskel. He volunteered at Chippewa Falls, Chippewa Co., WI, on 24 Feb 1864 for the term of three years, and was honorably discharged at DeCamp General Hospital on 22 Nov 1864. While in the service and in his line of duty at Cold Harbor, VA, on or about 5 Jun 1864 he was attacked with chronic diarrhea so severely as to render him unfit for duty as a soldier, and he has been unfit for such duty ever since. He was treated in the Post Hospital at Cold Harbor until 10 Jun 1864, when he was taken to White House Landing, VA, where he was treated for two days. He was then taken by transport to DeCamp General Hospital, David's Island, in New York Harbor. He arrived there on 16 Jun 1864, and he remained there until his discharge on 22 Nov 1864. He has since resided at Tunnel City, Monroe Co., WI, where he has had no occupation due to physical disability. This declaration was witnessed by Leonard F. Rich and John Knobloch, both residents of Monroe County.

Nelson's discharge certificate says he was discharged by reason of a surgeon's certificate of disability (which is in the pension file). It reports he was born in Marion County, OH; is 32 years old; is five feet eleven inches in height, has a fair complexion, blue eyes, and brown hair; and was by occupation a farmer when he enrolled in the service.

Nelson's application is supported by a General Affidavit signed by Josiah S. Whitney, a farmer age seventy years, and Charles A. Whitney, a carpenter age thirty-seven years, who both residents of Sheptek (sic, Chetek), Barron County, WI. They have known Nelson since 1854, and since his return from the army they have lived in the same house as him part of the time. He arrived home with chronic diarrhea and has been confined to his bed with it ever since. He is low spirited, careless and listless, and has not much appetite. He would bloat at times and be in great pain in his stomach. He is not capable of much work.

Nelson received a pension of four dollars per month commencing 23 Nov 1864.

On 28 March 1888 The Commissioner of Pensions was informed that Nelson C. Bates was last paid at fifty dollars per month to 4 September 1887, and has been dropped from the roll due to his death.

On 22 June 1888 from Olmsted County, MN, Annie C. Bates signed a Declaration for Original Pension of a Widow - Child or Children under Sixteen Years of Age Surviving. She is fifty-four years old and a resident of Oronoco, Olmsted Co., MN. Her husband had died 29 Oct 1887 at Oronoco. She was married under the name Annie C. Whitney to Nelson C. Bates on 13 Jan 1853 by Elijah Topping, J.P. at Dalton, WI. The children who were under sixteen years of age at the time of his death were:

  1. Martha E. Bates, born 11 March 1873
  2. Olive E. Bates (twin), born 11 March 1873

James Barnett, Town Clerk of Oronoco, provided a certified copy of the death record of Nelson Bates. It reports: Nelson C. Bates, married white male, died 29 October 1887 at age 55 years, 1 month, 8 days. He had no occupation, and died of chronic diarrhea and rheumatism. He was born in New York (sic), the son of Waterman and Caroline Bates, both of New York.

On 12 December 1887 Mrs. V. G. Rich, a resident of Osio, KS, testified concerning the births of the daughters of Nelson C. Bates. She was present at their births on 11 March 1873 at Lafayette, Chippewa Co., WI.

Annie C. Bates received a pension of twelve dollars per month, plus two dollars per month for each of her daughters, commencing 30 Oct 1887. On 7 May 1910 the Commissioner of Pensions was informed that Annie C. Bates was last paid at twelve dollars per month to 4 January 1910, and has been dropped from the rolls due to her death on 1 April 1910.

NOTE: Nelson and Annie Bates also had a son, Marcus W. Bates. The 1900 census of Oronoco, Minnesota is very revealing concerning him. It says he was born in Wisconsin in August 1853. His wife, Carrie M., was born Wisconsin in March 1871. Her father was born in Maine and her mother in Norway. A conjecture about her identity would make her Caroline M. Whitney, the daughter of Charles Ashley Whitney, born in Phillips, ME, and Christena Gilbertson, born in Norway. Charles Ashley Whitney is the brother of Annie C. Bates, making Marcus and Caroline not only husband and wife, but first cousins.

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