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Civil War Pension File of Robert Whitney
Invalid Applic. # 568583 Cert. # 478696
National Archives Building, Washington, D.C.

I do not know how he fits into the family. If anyone can help, please let me know.

Robert Whitney enrolled at Chesterville, Maine in Company A of the 28th Regiment of the Maine Volunteer Infantry commanded by Seth M. Hutchins on 10 September 1862. His enrollment was for a period of 9 months. He was honorably discharged at Augusta, Maine on 31 August 1863. He signed a Declaration for an Original Invalid Pension 25 January 1886. He was then living in Lincoln, Penobscot Co., Maine.

At the time of his declaration, Robert is described as 67 years old; height 5 feet, 9 inches; dark complexion; dark hair; gray eyes. In various physical examinations between 1886 and 1892, he weighed between 145 and 161 pounds. He declares that while in the line of duty at Memphis, Tennessee in the summer of 1863, he contracted fever, ague, and rheumatism caused by climate and exposure. Levi Pleurrier, a soldier in Robert's company, testifies that Robert was often excused from duty because of the symptoms of his illness, and he was doctored by the regimental surgeon for the symptoms. He was eventually diagnosed with malarial poisoning and resulting heart disease. On the return trip to Maine, Robert first went to Boston to be treated, and than he returned to Chesterville before being discharged at Augusta, Maine. He is now totally disabled. His occupation is farmer, and since leaving the service he has resided in the towns of Chesterville, Lowell, and Lincoln, Maine. Testimony reveals that he was a farmer after the war, and worked in the woods when able.

Robert Whitney received a pension. A communication to Hon. D.L. Murphy, Commissioner of Pensions, reveals that Robert was last paid $14.00 to 4 March 1896, and was dropped from the pension roll because of death on 12 May 1896. The advice of his death was received 28 August 1896, and the commissioner was advised 2 September 1896.


The following cemetery records are contributed by Larry Tracy of Kennebunkport, Maine:


  • Robert Whitney, Company A, 20th Maine Infantry (no dates on stone),
  • Mary E., his wife died June 3, 1887, age 60 years, 4 months, 1 day, section F, row 20. (town clerk death compilation states 60 years, 3 months, 1 day)

Source: Lincoln Maine Historical Society, burial records.

Robert Ward contributed this:

The 1880 Census, Maine, Penobscot County, Lowell, Film Number T9-0486, Page 431A, lists his family as follows:

Robert WHITNEY   Self M Male   W 68 ME  Farmer        ME  ME
Mary E. WHITNEY  Wife M Female W 54 ME  Keeping House ME  ME
Edward WHITNEY   Son  S Male   W 18 ME  Laborer       ME  ME

Tim Doyle contributed this:

I find Robert Whitney enumerated in Lincoln in 1870 as follows:

Robert Whitney, age 48, Farmer, b. Maine
Wife Mary E., age 45, b. Maine
Children (all b. ME): Louisa, 21; Horace, 19; Alfred, 18; Granville, 16; Augusta, 14; Flora, 12; Edward, 9

In 1860, the family is in Chesterville, Franklin Co., ME as follows:

Robert Whitney, 39, Farmer, b. Maine
Wife Mary E, 33, b. Maine
Children (all b. ME): Alice, 12; Louisa, 11; Horace, 9; Alford, 8; Grandvill, 6; Augusta, 4; Flora V., 3; L. Adelia, 11 months.

In 1850, the family is in Falmouth, Cumberland Co., ME as follows:

Robert Whitney, 27, Farmer, b. Maine
Wife Mary E, 23, b. Maine
Children (all b. ME): Alice, 3; Louisa, 1
Also in the house: Mercy Bennett, age 54, b. Maine

Two doors away was:

John Whitney, age 53, Farmer, b. Maine
Mary, age 49, b. Maine
Children: Edward Whitney Jr, 26; Charles W., 23; Nancy E., 21; Jerusha J., 16.
Also in the house: Edward Whitney, 93; John Grant, 75; Dorcas Savage, 61

In 1830, John and Edward Whitney were enumerated next door to each other in Falmouth.

In 1820, John and Edward 'Whitten' were enumerated next door to each other in Falmouth.

In 1810, Edward Whitney was enumerated in Falmouth.

In 1800, Abel, Edward, and Samuel Whitney were enumerated in Falmouth:

Samuel Whitney 10110-30010, making Samuel b. 1755-1774

In 1790, Samuel Whitney is enumerated in Falmouth with 1 male over 16, 4 males under 16, and 1 female.

My guess as to Robert Whitney's lineage:

Edward Whitney, b. ca. 1757
..John Whitney, b. ca. 1797
....Robert Whitney, b. ca. 1823

Edward possibly had a brother Samuel Whitney of Falmouth, b. 1755-1774

Can anyone verify this tentative lineage and place this Edward Whitney?

Robert Ward also contributed the following:

Edward Whitney married Martha Moody, -- Nov 1788, Portland, Maine, by Samuel Freeman, Esq., according to Cumberland County, Maine, Marriage Returns.

I think he may be identical to Edward, son of Joseph Whitney of Newton and Warwick, MA. If so, his age was exaggerated in the 1850 census. That would make the soldier Robert8 Whitney (John7, Edward6, (?)Joseph5, Timothy4, John3, John2, John 1).

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