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Civil War Pension File of Stephen Hadley
Widow: Euphemia Hadley
Invalid Applic. # 1085344 Cert. # 861545
Widow Applic. # 861598 Cert. # 626996
National Archives Building, Washington, D.C.

Stephen Hadley was the husband of Euphemia D.8 Whitney, daughter of Nathan7 and Rebecca Weston (Whitney) Whitney of Machias, Washington Co., ME (Nathan6, Nathan5, Nathan4, Nathaniel3, Benjamin2, John1).

Company C, 20th Maine Infantry, Company C, 1st Maine Sharp Shooters; Company C, 6th Maine Infantry, Company F, 3rd V.R.C.

On 11 January 1892 from Washington County, ME, Stephen Hadley signed a Declaration for and Original Disability Pension. He had been enrolled on 15 Jul 1861 in Company C of the 6th Maine Infantry Volunteers, and was honorably discharged at New Haven, CT, on 15 July 186. He is fifty-two years old; 5 feet 10 ½ inches in height; with a light complexion, light hair and blue eyes. He is now suffering from muscular rheumatism, disease of the liver, the results of chronic diarrhea, piles, and hydrocele, which partially incapacitate him from earning his support. He also served as a sergeant in Co. C of the 1st Maine Sharpe Shooters from 29 Nov 1864 until about 11 Jul 1865. He was with the Invalid Corps from 15 July 1864 until 29 November 1864. From 11 July until 15 July 1864 he served in Co. C of the 20th Maine Infantry. He is now a farmer and resides in Machias, Washington Co., ME. The declaration was witnessed by Stephen E. Wood and S. L. Bridgham.

In another declaration of 26 Feb 1894, Stephen clarified his disability claim. While in the service and in his line of duty at Camp Stump, VA, he became ill with chronic diarrhea and jaundice. He was treated by the regimental surgeon, and then again at Newport News in the field hospital on 25 Mar 1862. On 8 May 1862 he was treated at Williamsburg, and then was sent to Yorktown, VA, where he was treated at a hospital. In Apr and May 1865 he was treated by the regimental surgeon of the 20th Maine Regiment. He was eventually sent to the hospital at Portsmouth Grove, RI, where he was transferred to the reserve corps. He subsequently reenlisted as previously described. He is now wholly disabled by his disability. Witnessing the declaration are Arthur F. Mattatall and Abbie M. Bridgham.

Stephen received a pension. On 20 March 1898 he replied to an inquiry from the Bureau of Pensions. He is married to Euphemia Hadley, formerly Whitney. They were married at Jonesboro on 2 Sep 1865. He had not been previously married. His living children are:

  1. Fred M. Hadley, born 25 Jun 1866
  2. Lucy B. Hadley, born 9 Feb 1868
  3. Frank O. Hadley, born 3 Dec 1872
  4. Austin D. Hadley, born 24 Oct 1874
  5. George R. Hadley, born 4 Feb 1878
  6. Grace L. Hadley, born 4 Aug 1880
  7. Edith M. Hadley, born 8 Apr 1882
  8. Florence R. Hadley, born 20 Nov 1884.

In a Surgeon's Certificate of 3 Oct 1906 it is stated that Stephen was born at Northfield, ME. He is now fifty-four years old. He remains a farmer, but his hair is now gray. He is down to 127 pounds, and is reported emaciated. He is entitled to a pension of twenty-four dollars per month. On 8 Jan 1907 the Commissioner of Pensions was informed that Stephen Hadley had last been paid at twenty-four dollars per month to 4 December 1906, and has been dropped from the roll because of his death on 26 Dec 1906.

On 10 January 1907 from Washington County, ME, Mrs. Euphemia Hadley signed a Declaration for Original Pension of a Widow. She is sixty-six years old and a resident of Machias, ME. She was married under the name of Euphemia Whitney to Stephen Hadley on 2 Sep 1865 by T. D. Watts, J. P. at Jonesboro, ME. Neither had been previously married, and all of their children are over the age of sixteen years, but all children under the age of twenty-one remain in her care and live at home with her. The declaration is witnessed by Florence Schoppee and Austin D. Hadley.

On 15 Apr 1907 Henry R. Taylor, Town Clerk of Machias, Washington Co., ME, provided certified copies from the town records. Stephen Hadley of Machias and Miss Euphemia Whitney of Jonesboro were legally married at Jonesboro on 2 Sep. Also, Stephen Hadley died at Machias on 26 Dec 1906, aged 69 years, 5 months, 26 days. Death caused by heart disease and dropsy.

Euphemia received a pension of twelve dollars per month commencing 27 Dec 1906. In testimony in 1916 supporting a claim for increased benefit, Euphemia states that she is seventy-six years old, having been born on 2 May 1840 at Machias, ME. She also states they were married 13 Sep 1864 (sic).

The Commissioner of Pensions was informed that Euphemia Hadley of Machias, ME, was last paid at twenty-five dollars per month to 4 Sep 1918, and was dropped from the roll because of her death on 9 Nov 1918. She died at the home of her daughter, Florence Hadley Schoppee.S

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