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From the Civil War Pension File of Stephen S. Whitney
Company B, 14th Wisconsin Infantry
Minerva W. Whitney, Widow
Invalid Application #415275, Certificate #852931
Widow’s Application #681062, Certificate #472920
The National Archives Building, Washington, D.C.

On 25 March 1890 from Waupaca Co., Wisconsin Stephen S. Whitney signed a Declaration for an Original Invalid Pension. He was enrolled a Private on 7 September 1861 in Company B, 14th Regiment of Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry commanded by Asa Worden, Captain. He was honorably discharged at Shiloh, Tennessee on 1 May 1862. His personal description is: 56 years old; height 5 feet 7 inches; dark complexion; brown hair; hazel eyes. While in the service and in the line of duty at Fond du Lac, Wisconsin on or about 15 February 1862 he contracted measles and had a severe sickness from said disease. It left him with a bad cough and weakened condition. He was exposed to wet weather for several days and nights just after the battle of Pittsburg Landing, Tennessee. He took a severe cold which settled in his lungs, causing his previous cough to increase. Also while in said service and line of duty at said Pittsburg Landing he incurred diarrhea on or about 10 April 1862. Said diarrhea continued to affect him until it became chronic. Since his service he has continuously suffered and is now suffering from disease of the lungs and occasionally with chronic diarrhea, and at present also with piles. He was treated at the Regimental Hospital at Fond du Lac, Wisconsin for measles and at the Regimental Hospital at Pittsburg Landing, Tennessee for disease of the lungs and diarrhea. Since leaving the service he has resided in Waupaca Co., Wisconsin where is occupation is carpenter. Prior to his service he was a farmer. He is now 3/4 disabled. His first application had been rejected.

In a declaration in 1898 under a new Pension Act of 27 June 1890, Stephen is now severely deaf in both ears and is totally disabled. In another declaration that year, he remains a resident of Waupaca, Waupaca Co., Wisconsin. On 9 April 1898 Stephen replies to an inquiry from the Bureau of Pensions. He is married to Minerva W. (Gleason) Whitney. They were married 27 January 1859 in Dayton, Waupaca Co., Wisconsin by S. W. Hoyt, J.P. The marriage is recorded in the office of the County Register at Waupaca. Neither had been previously married. They have two living children: Willis W. Whitney, b. 14 December 1859; and Herbert L. Whitney, b. 11 April 1864.

On 4 August 1898 from Waupaca Co., Wisconsin Minerva W. Whitney signed an Application for Accrued Pension (Widows). All information is consistent with previous declarations. She is the widow of Stephen S. Whitney, who died on 29 July 1898.

Minerva subsequently applied for and received a widow’s pension. No further new information is gleaned from her applications. On 8 July 1929 from Tarpon Springs, Florida, Webster Little wrote to the Bureau of Pensions requesting reimbursement for the expenses entailed in the closure of the estate of Minerva W. Whitney. He advises that Minerva died at 1:30 PM 0n 1 July 1929. Mr. H. L. Whitney of Tampa, Florida is the executor of her estate. He is willing to allow the accrued pension benefit be paid to Mr. Little for reimbursement of the expenses.

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