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Civil War Pension File of Sylvanus Otis Hussey
Minor Child: Fred L. O. Hussey
Minor's Applic. # 619907, abandoned
National Archives Building, Washington, D.C.

Sylvanus Otis Hussey was the husband of Agnes M. Whitney of Newburgh, Penobscot Co., Maine. She is identified as Agnes M.8 Whitney, born 23 November 1848, Newburgh, the daughter of John Chadbourn7 and Mary A. (-----) Whitney (Robinson6, Amos5, Amos4, Nathaniel3, Benjamin2, John1). If anyone can supply Mary A. Whitney's maiden name, I would appreciate knowing it.

Private, Company A, 15th Maine Veteran Volunteer Infantry

Fred L. O. Hussey, a legitimate child of S. Otis Hussey, signed a Declaration for Pension of Children under the Age of Sixteen on 19 August 1895 from Waldo County, Maine. He is twenty-two years old, and a resident of Jackson, Waldo Co., Maine. His father, S. Otis Hussey, enlisted at Bangor, Maine on 18 March 1865 in Company A, 15th Maine Veteran Volunteer Infantry. (War department records show that he was discharged 18 March 1866.) He died in Newburgh, Maine on 21 December 1873 of disease contracted while in the service and line of duty. He left a widow surviving who died 24 April 1875. Fred L. O. Hussey was born 12 September 1873 to the soldier and Agnes Hussey. The mother was married under the name Agnes Whitney to S. Otis Hussey. The declaration is witnessed by N. A. and R. S. Tasker.

William E. Durgin, Town Clerk of Dixmont, Penobscot Co., Maine provided certified copies from the Dixmont records:

"Dixmont, 12 July 1871. This certifies that notice of the intention of marriage between Mr. S. Otis Hussey and Miss A. H. O. Whitney, both of Dixmont, has been entered by me this day and recorded. P. White, Town Clerk"
Dixmont, 17 July 1871. I have this day issued a certificate to S. Otis Hussey in due form of law. P. White, Town Clerk"

A marriage certificate appears in the file, but the name of the person performing the marriage was cut off upon photocopying. It says: "This certifies that I joined in marriage at my residence, Newport, Maine, 2 August 1871 Mr. S.O. Hussey and Miss A. H. Whitney, both of Dixmont."

William E. Durgin also provided the following testimony concerning the entries in the records of Dixmont, Maine. "Fred L. O. Hussey, only child of S. Otis and Agnes M. Hussey was born at Dixmont in the County of Penobscot and State of Maine 12 September 1873. Agnes M., wife of S. Otis Hussey, died at Dixmont in the County of Penobscot and State of Maine 24 April 1875."

John F. Hussey, age 64, a resident of Winterport, Waldo Co., Maine and Mrs. J. F. Hussey signed a Neighbor's Affidavit on 13 August 1898 in the matter of the pension application of Sulvanus (sic) Otis Hussey. They testify that they were personally acquainted with said Otis Hussey for 29 and 14 years respectively. His home was with them from the age of 14 years until he died, which was at South Newburgh, Penobscot Co., Maine. He died at their house of consumption caused by chronic diarrhea on 21 December 1873. S. O. Hussey was the brother of John F. Hussey.

Edgar C. Carley provided testimony on 28 April 1900 from Cortland, Cortland Co., New York. He testifies that he was a clerk in the Assistant Adjutant General's Office at Hilton Head, South Carolina during the time that S. Otis Hussey was employed therein as clerk for a period extending from June 1865 until April 1866. He was cognizant of the disability of said Hussey, in that he was severely afflicted with chronic diarrhea, becoming much emaciated and weakened thereby; so much so that the deponent at various times assisted him in his clerical work in consequence thereof.

The application for pension benefits was rejected on the ground that the evidence fails to satisfactorily show the soldier's death from consumption, as alleged, was due to his military service. There is no record of such disease. No medical evidence in the service, nor until 1871, and the claimant is unable to furnish the required proof. The claim was abandoned.

Note: Agnes Whitney is variously referred to in quoted records as Agnes H., A. H., A. H. O., and Agnes M. Whitney. The record of her birth is found in the Dixmont Records. There, she is called Agnes M. Whitney.

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