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Civil War Pension File of Thomas B. Whitney
Widow: Emily Whitney
Guardian of Minor Children: John Smith
Widow Applic. # 117966 Cert. # 71097
Minor Applic. # 169556 Cert. # 130734
National Archives Building, Washington, D.C.

He is identified as Thomas B.8 Whitney (Abel7, Reuben6, Abel5, Nathan4, Nathaniel3, Benjamin2, John1).

Private, Company I. 2nd Maine Cavalry

On 15 December 1865 from Kennebec Co., Maine Emily Whitney signed a Widow's Application for an Army Pension. She is 24 years old and a resident of Gardiner, Kennebec Co., Maine. She is the widow of Thomas B. Whitney, who was a private in Company I commanded by Captain Haskell in the 2nd Cavalry Regiment of Maine Volunteers. He died at New York on or about 9 November 1865 from a disease he received while in the service and in the line of duty. He died of chronic diarrhea in DeCamp Hospital, Davids Island, New York Harbor. She was married to Thomas B. Whitney on 18 February 1860 at West Gardiner by Rev. Mr. Douglass. Her maiden name was Emily Crockett. She has not remarried since his death. She has three children: Franklin Thomas, born 12 November 1860; Bertha G., born 2 November 1862; and Nellie Emily, born 3 September 1864. The application is witnessed by Abel and Lydia Whitney, both of Gardiner, Maine. (Note: They are the parents of her late husband.)

The Adjutant General's Office reports that Thomas B. Whitney enrolled on 20 November 1863 at Gardiner, Maine in Company I, 2nd Maine Cavalry to serve three years. He was mustered in as a Private on 22 December 1863 at Augusta, Maine. He is reported as died in hospital, Davids Island, New York on 10 November 1865 of chronic diarrhea.

In the file is a certified copy of the marriage record of Thomas B. Whitney and Miss Emily Crockett, both of Gardiner, from the records of the City of Gardiner, Kennebec Co., Maine. R. M. Douglass, Minister of the Gospel, recorded their marriage as taking place on 18 February 1860 at West Gardiner. It is certified by C. P. Branch, City Clerk of Gardiner, Maine.

Emily Whitney was subsequently remarried to John Smith, who then petitioned for guardianship of her three minor children for the purpose of applying for pension benefits for them from their father's pension. Emily relinquished pension benefits upon her remarriage. John Smith was appointed guardian of the three children of his wife, Emily Whitney Smith, on 28 September 1868.

On 7 October 1868 from Kennebec Co., Maine John Smith filed a Guardian's Claim for Pension on behalf of the three minor children of Thomas B. Whitney. He is forty years old, and the guardian of the children. He testifies that Emily Whitney remained a widow until she was married to him. She had been receiving $8.00 per month, with additional pension for the children of $2.00 per month for each child. The children are living with him in Gardiner. The claim is witnessed by Mary F. Dyer of Perkins, Franklin Co. and Celestia O. Crockett of Chesterville, Franklin Co., Maine.

The file contains a certified copy of the marriage record from the City of Gardiner, Maine of Mr. John Smith and Mrs. Emily Whitney, both of Gardiner. A. J. Park, Minister of the Gospel, married them on 15 September 1868. The copy is certified by John Webb, Town Clerk.

Submitted in support of the application is a Certificate of Disability for Thomas B. Whitney written by Captain W. L. Richardson of the 2nd Maine Cavalry. He certifies that Thomas B. Whitney died in the hospital at Davids Island, New York from chronic diarrhea. It was contracted in the line of his duty by drinking bad water, exposure to the climate, and hard marching.

There is a statement in the file by William R. Fairclough, the Town Clerk of Richmond, Sagadahoc Co., Maine. He certifies that the Richmond town records contain a record of the death of John Smith at Richmond on 5 November 1909. The cause of death was senile pneumonia.

Subsequent to the death of John Smith, Emily Whitney Smith signed a Declaration of a Widow Who Has Remarried on 27 July 1910, seeking reinstitution of her benefits from the pension of Thomas B. Whitney. She has not remarried since the death of John Smith.

On 28 September 1916 from Richmond, Maine Emily W. Smith requests and increase in pension benefits. She states that she is 75 years old, having been born 18 April 1841 at Carthage, Maine. The postmaster at Richmond, Maine reported to the Bureau of Pensions on 13 December 1917 that from the Richmond Town Records, Emily W. Smith had died 17 September 1917.

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