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Civil War Pension File of Warren L. Whitney
Invalid Applic. # 28752 Cert. # 21229
National Archives Building, Washington, D.C.

He is identified as Warren Lincoln7 Whitney (John6, Amos5, Amos4, Nathaniel3, Benjamin2, John1).

Major, Company A, 1st Maine Cavalry

Warren L. Whitney filed his original Declaration for and Invalid's Pension on 15 July 1863. His disability was due to a gunshot wound to the right hand, loss of the forefinger and impaired use of the other fingers of the hand. He enlisted in Company A, 1st Maine Cavalry on 23 September 1861, and was discharged 13 May 1863. He held the rank of Captain and Major: Captain from 19 October 1861, and Major from 24 March 1862 to discharge. He was pensioned 13 May 1863 at $10.00 per month. 3 April 1884 it was increased to $12.50 per month and $15.00 per month from 8 December 1886.

In his 10 July 1886 pension declaration, he declares he is 29 (sic) years old, and a resident of Newburg, Maine. He enlisted at Bangor, Maine on 25 September 1861 as a Captain in Company A, 1st Regiment of Maine Cavalry commanded by Colonel Goddard. He was honorably discharged on 13 May 1863. While in the service and in the line of duty, he was wounded while engaged in the retreat under General Pope on 18 August 1862. He received a shot from rebel guerillas, taking off the finger of his right hand and injuring the next two fingers so that they are permanently useless. He was at the time a Major of the said regiment. He has resided at Newburg, Penobscot Co., Maine since leaving the service. His occupation is Salesman, and his post office is North Newburg, Maine.

On 10 July 1863, James C. Weston, Examining Surgeon at Bangor, Maine certified Warren L. Whitney's disability. He declares Warren incapable of performing the duty of a Soldier by reason of a gun shot wound of the right hand. On or about 18 August 1862 he was engaged on the retreat from Rapidan River at or near Cedar Mountain, Virginia. He received wounds from buck shot fired probably by a guerilla, which shattered the index finger, broke the second phalange of the middle finger, and injured the bone of the ring finger near the joint between the second and third phalanx. He entered the Douglas Hospital, Washington, D.C. and the fore finger was amputated near the middle of the first phalanx. He remained in the hospital about 15 days and then went into a boarding house. He received a furlough of a month on 20 September 1862, and then returned to Washington and continued under treatment until 4 December 1862, when he returned to his regiment. On April 10, 1863 in consequence of chronic diarrhea, he entered a Cavalry Hospital, 3rd Division and was under medical treatment until he rendered his resignation and was discharged by reason of said diarrhea and injury of the hand. The diarrhea was terminated. The fractured bone of the 2nd finger has not united well and may need to be amputated. The finger is crooked, weak and diminished in size, and the joints are stiff. The joint near the end of the ring finger is also stiff. The second finger can only be closed to a right angle without the use of force. Disability is permanent. He was discharged at Acquia Creek, Virginia on 13 May 1863. He is declared one-half disabled from obtaining his subsistence from manual labor.

On 4 June 1898, Warren L. Whitney answered questions from the Bureau of Pensions in a Declaration for Increase in Invalid Pension. He is married to Vesta May Whitney nee Reed. They were married in Carmel, Maine 1 October 1890 by Asa Whiting. There is a record of the marriage in the Town Records of Carmel, Maine. He was previously married to Rachel Wilson Tompson, who died 20 April 1889 at Bangor, Maine. He answers that he has one living child, Actor W. Whitney, born 5 December 1893. He lists another child Maud L. Bridges nee Whitney, born May 12, 1868 (this may indicate that she is deceased).

In a physical examination on 4 May 1904, Warren is described as having been born in Newburg, Maine. He is 6 feet 1 ½ inches in height; 160 pounds in weight; light complexion; blue eyes. He is 70 years old.

On 17 January 1910, the U.S. Pension Agency was notified that Warren L. Whitney was last paid $25.00 to 4 December 1909, and died 14 January 1910.

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