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Civil War Pension File of Warren Proctor
Widow: Jane Proctor
Invalid Applic. # 115253 Cert. # 77859
Widow Applic. # 609732 Cert. # 422408
National Archives Building, Washington, D.C.

Warren Proctor was the husband of Olive Jane Whitney, who was born 7 September 1847 in Topsham, Lincoln Co., ME. She was the daughter of Stover and Susan (Trufant) Whitney of Bowdoin, Topsham, and Brunswick, ME.

Company K, 19th Maine Infantry

On 25 Aug 1866 from Cumberland Co., ME, Warren Proctor signed a Declaration for Invalid's Pension. He had enlisted at Bath, ME, on 5 Aug 1862 as a private in Company K commanded by Captain Bunker in the 19th Regiment of Maine Volunteers. He was honorably discharged on 26 June 1865. While in the service and in his line of duty he received a gunshot wound in the right hip at Gettysburg in action on 2 Jul 1863. He was unable to do duty with his regiment afterward, but did hospital duty after he recovered until his discharge. The wound troubles him very much, and he is unable to pursue the business in which he was engaged before he entered the service. He had been a seaman, and he is unable to go aloft, the muscle of his leg being injured. Since leaving the service he has resided at Brunswick, ME, and he has been unable to do anything except a little light labor on a farm. His Post Office address is Brunswick, ME. The declaration was witnessed by Dunham Whitney and Henry B. Coffin, both residents of Brunswick.

Warren received a pension of four dollars per month commencing 1 Sep 1866. On 15 May 1895 the Commissioner of Pensions was informed that Warren Proctor was last paid at ten dollars per month to 4 Dec 1894, and was dropped from the roll because of his death on 15 Feb 1895 at Brunswick, ME.

On 10 Apr 1895 Jane Proctor signed an Application for Accrued Pension (Widows). She is the widow of Warren Proctor, who died on 15 Feb 1895. She was married to Warren Proctor on 17 Aug 1871 at Topsham, Cumberland Co., ME, and her maiden name was Jane Whitney. Neither party had been previously married. Her address is Maine Street, Brunswick, ME. The application was witnessed by Cordelia Carlton and Nathan Whitney, both residents of Brunswick.

On 20 Feb 1895 from Cumberland Co., ME, Jane Proctor signed a Declaration for an Original Pension of a Widow. She is about forty years old. The soldier left no children under the age of sixteen years.

Jane provided an affidavit in support of her declaration. Her name is Olive Jane Proctor, and she was married to Warren Proctor under the name Olive J. Whitney. She signs her name Jane Proctor. She has no property of any kind, either personal or real estate, and she is without any means of support other than by her own daily labor.

Charles E. White, Town Clerk of Brunswick, ME, supplied a certified copy of her marriage record. They were married by J. W. H. Baker, Minister of the Gospel as previously described.

Jane received a pension of eight dollars per month commencing 25 Feb 1895. On 10 Apr 1905 she applied for a new copy of her pension certificate. She lives at 50 Harpswell Street in Brunswick, ME. Her original certificate had been destroyed in a fire in Berlin, NH, on 23 Feb 1905.

On 3 Jul 1915 the Commissioner of Pensions was informed that Jane Proctor was last paid at twelve dollars per month to 4 Mar 1915, and was dropped from the roll because of her death on 31 Mar 1915. Her address at the time of her death was 32 Chestnut Street, Gardner, MA.

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