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Seaman, U.S.S. Monadnock
Susan T. Dunn, Widow
Invalid Application #9798, Certificate #5875
Widow’s Application #21515, Certificate #15239
The National Archives Building,
Washington, D.C.

On 10 Sep 1884 from Sagadahoc Co., Maine William Dunn signed a Declaration for Original Invalid Pension. He is 47 years old, and a resident of Lisbon, Androscoggin Co., Maine. On 21 Sep 1864 he had entered the service on the Monitor “Monadnock”, USN commanded by Captain Parrett. In his line of duty at Philadelphia, PA in Jun 1865, he fell from the pilot house access, causing rupture of the left side. He was treated at Sailors Home, Philadelphia. Since leaving the service, he has resided at Lisbon and Bath, Maine. His occupation is shoemaker.

William Dunn’s service was confirmed by the U.S. Treasury Dept. He first served as a seaman on the “Ohio” from 24 Sep 1864 to 30 Sep 1864. He then served on the “Monadnock” from 11 Oct 1864 to 5 Oct 1865, then on the “Princeton” from 6 Oct 1865 to 6 Nov 1865, when he was discharged.

William received a pension due to disability from left varicocele, kidney disease, heart disease, and rheumatism. In 1898 he answered an inquiry from the Bureau of Pensions. He is married to Susan Trufant (Whitney) Dunn. They were married at Lisbon, Maine, on 25 Dec 1858, by Rev. Mr. Baird. Neither had been previously married. Their living children are:
John H. Dunn, b. 20 Sep 1859
William F. Dunn, b. 17 Dec 1866
Harriet F. Dunn, b. 12 Feb 1871

William’s death record provides the following data:
He died at Lisbon, Maine on 18 Mar 1902, age 67 years 10 months 20 days. He was born at Berwick, Scotland, then son of Thomas and Alice (Cook) Dunn, both of whom were born in Scotland. He was a shoemaker, and died of cardiac disease. (Note: Berwick is today known as North Berwick to distinguish it from Berwick-upon-Tweed in Northumberland Co., England. KLW)

On 25 Apr 1902 from Androscoggin Co., ME, Susan T. Dunn signed a Declaration for Widow’s Pension. She is 64 years old, and a resident of Lisbon, ME. She is the widow of William Dunn, who was Quartermaster on the U.S.S. “Monadnock”, Navy. She was married to William Dunn on 25 Dec 1858 at Lisbon, ME, by Rev. Nathaniel Bard. She has no living children under the age of sixteen, and has not remarried.

Susan Dunn received a widow’s pension, and was last paid $20.00 to 4 Sept 1917. She was dropped from the roll due to her death on 3 October 1917.

Medal of Honor

From Record Group #24
E372A, Records of Medal of Honor Awards, 1863-1928
The National Archives Building,
Washington, D.C.

William Dunn was a recipient of the Congressional Medal of Honor. The citation is as follows:

William Dunn, Quartermaster of U.S.S. Monadnock. In the several attacks upon Fort Fisher, Dec 25 & 25, 1864 and Jan 13-15, 1865, he was stationed at the lead. His attention to duty was constant; and his cheerful coolness and disdain of shelter attracted the notice of all on deck.

General Order No. 59, 22 Jun 1865.

Medal sent 1 Sep 1865.

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