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From the Civil War Pension File of William E. Whitney

Mary Whitney, Widow

Invalid’s Application #73815, Certificate #49692

Widow’s Application #311264, Certificate #252665

The National Archives Building,

Washington, D.C.

Note: When a soldier receives a pension and subsequent to his death a relative receives one also, then the two pension files are usually merged into one file envelope. This is reflected on the index card in the soldier’s name in the Organizational Pension Index. It is then shelved under the certificate number of the surviving relative. That did not happen in this case. The envelope containing the widow’s application does not contain the application of the soldier. And, there is no individual envelope for the soldier’s application. I know not what happened to his application.

On 6 November 1883 from Ingham County, Michigan, Mary Whitney signed a deposition in support of her application for benefits from her deceased husband’s military pension. She is 68 years old and a resident of Leslie, Ingham Co., Michigan. She is the widow of William E. Whitney, who was a private in Company I, 21st Regiment of Michigan Infantry, commanded by Captain Wemer (sic). Her husband was a pensioner at the time of his death, holding certificate #49692. He died at Leslie, MI on 17 September 1883 from injuries received in battle in the war. She has not remarried since his death. She was married to him on 13 October 1832.

The U.S. Army supplied a Certificate of Disability for Discharge for William in Detroit, MI. He served in Capt. Wyman’s 21st Michigan Infantry since 29 July 1864. He had enlisted from Ingham Co., MI for 3 years. He was born in New York, is 45 years old, 5 feet 6 1/2 inches tall with a fair complexion and blue eyes. By occupation he was a mechanic. He was discharged because of amputation of the left thigh at the lower third from a gun shot wound of the knee joint. He received this wound while in the line of duty at the Siege of Savannah, GA on 13 December 1864. He is totally disabled. He was discharged from the General Hospital at Detroit, MI on 16 June 1865. The Surgeon General’s Office provided a summary of all of the hospitals at which he was treated after being wounded.

Mary Whitney subsequently signed another affidavit concerning her marriage to William. She was married to William E. Whitney on 13 October 1832 at Niagara, Niagara Co., NY. She has no certificate of marriage, nor does she know where to find a person who was present at the marriage. She relies on the testimony of living neighbors and the family record in the family Bible. The file contains the testimony of her neighbors, and the following certified copy of the records from her family Bible:

William E. Whitney, b. 2 January 1812

Mary Whitney, b. 7 September 1815

July Ann Whitney, b. 5 September 1833

William W. Whitney, b. 25 March 1836

Marsha Whitney, b. 26 June 1838

Ferdinand Whitney, b. 2 March 1840

Mary Whitney, b. 30 April 1842; d. 17 October 1843

Hannah Whitney, b. 23 December 1846

James Whitney, b. 5 September 1844; d. 16 March 1850

Joanna Whitney, b. 22 July 1850

Deantha Whitney, b. 21 December 1853

Sarah Georgiana Whitney, b. 28 August 1856

William E. Whitney and Mary Scott was (sic) married 13 October 1832

On 5 April 1897, the Commissioner of Pensions was notified that Mary Whitney was last paid at $12.00 to 4 December 1896, and was dropped from the rolls due to her death on 24 February 1897.

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He is identified as William E.7 Whitney (Jeremiah E.6, Abijah5, Daniel4, Henry3, John2, Henry1).

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