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Mackenzie, George Norbury, ed., Colonial Families of the United States, orig. pub. 1907, reprint GPC 1966, R929.2 M, Vol. 1 - 7, MD Room, Wicomico Co. Library, Salisbury, MD, Vol. VI, pp 495 - 498.

Transcribed by Allan E. Green

WHITNEY JOSEPH CUTLER WHITNEY, A. B., of Boston, Massachusetts; b. 7th December, 1856; m. 9th November, 1882, Georgina HAYWARD, m. dau. of George and Anne (UPTON) Hayward, M.D. Dr. Hayward was of Harvard University, 1842, and was gd. son of Lemuel HAYWARD, A.M., Harvard University, 1768; M.D. 1808, Surgeon of the Massachusetts Colony Army, 1775. ISSUE I. Henry Lawrence, b. 13th January, 1886. II. George Hayward, b. 31st January, 1892. III. Robert Upton, b. 6th November, 1895. JOSEPH CUTLER WHITNEY graduated at Harvard University, A.B., 1878; Trustee of the Milton Public Library; Selectman of the Town of Milton; Surveyor of Highways; Overseer of the Poor, 1894-96 LINEAGE The ancestor of this family was John WHITNEY of Isleworth, County Middlesex b. 1592; bapt. at St. Margaret's Westminster, 20th July, 1592; d. 1st June, 1673; son of Thomas WHITNEY of Lambeth Marsh, who was possibly a descendant of the family of WHITNEY County Hereford; member of the Merchant Taylor's Company, London; emigrated to America, April 1635, and settled in Watertown, Massachusetts; Town Clerk, 1655; m. (firstly) Elinor, surname not given, d. 11th May, 1659; m. (secondly) 29th September, 1659, Judah CLEMENT, who d.s.p. prior to 1673. ISSUE I. Mary, b. 23d May, 1619; d. in infancy. II. John, b. 1621; d. 12th October, 1662; m. 1642, Ruth REYNOLDS, leaving issue, from whom descended Eli WHITNEY, b. 1765, d. 1825, the inventor of the Cotton Gin. III. Richard, b. 1624; m. 1651, Martha COLDHAM, and had issue, from whom descended the Hon. William Collins WHITNEY, Secretary of the Navy, 1885, and the Professors Dwight WHITNEY of Yale College. IV. Nathaniel, b. 1627; d. in infancy. V. Thomas, b. 1629, of whom later. VI. Jonathan, b. 1634, m. 1656, Lydia JONES, d. of Lewis JONES, d. 1702; had issue. VII. Joshua, b. 15th July, 1635; d. 7th August, 1719; m. (firstly) Lydia, surname not given; m. (secondly) Mary, surname not given; m. (thirdly) Abigail TARBALL; left issue. VIII. Caleb, d. 1640. IX. Benjamin, b. 6th June, 1643; d. 1723; m. (firstly) Jane, surname not given; m. (secondly) Mary Poor; had issue. THOMAS WHITNEY of Watertown, Massachusetts; b. 1629; d. 20th September 1719; m. 11th January, 1655, Mary KENDALL. ISSUE I. THOMAS, b. 14th August, 1656, of whom later. II. John, b. 9th May, 1659; d. in infancy. III. John, d. in infancy. IV. Eleazer (twin), b. 7th April, 1662; m. 11th April, 1687, Dorothy ROSS; dau. of James ROSS; had issue. V. Elnathan (twin), b. 7th April, 1662, d.s.p. VI. Mary, b. 22d December, 1663, d. in infancy. VII. Bezaleel, b. 16th September, 1665. VIII. Sarah, b. 23d March, 1667; m. Charles CHADWICK IX. Isaiah, b. 16th September, 1671; d. 1711; m. Sarah WOODWARD, dau. of George WOODWARD. X. Mary, d. in infancy. XI. Martha, b. 30th January, 1674; d. unmarried. THOMAS WHITNEY of Watertown, Massachusetts, b. 24th August, 1656; d. 12th April, 1742; m. 29th January, 1679, Elizabeth LAWRENCE, d. 8th February, 1742. ISSUE I. Thomas, b. 17th September, 1681; m. 26th July, 1704, Mary BAKER, had issue. II. Elizabeth, b. 16th February, 1683. III. Mary, b. 13th January, 1686. IV. BENJAMIN, b. 7th October, 1687, of whom later. V. Nathan, m. 18th November, 1719, Mary HOLMAN, dau. of Jeremiah HOLMAN, had issue. VI. Susanna. VII. Abigail, m. 1724, John RAND. BENJAMIN WHITNEY of Marlborough and Boston, Massachusetts; b. 7th October 1687; d. 24th October, 1737; m. (firstly) 7th February, 1710, Sarah BARRETT, d. 15th February, 1730, dau. of John BARRETT; m. (secondly) 1730 Abigail BRIDGE, d. 1st August, 1767, dau. of Matthew BRIDGE. ISSUE I. Deborah, b. 7th November, 1711; m. Joseph WHEELER, had issue. II. Barrett, b. 22d September, 1715; m. 1737 Elizabeth ADAMS. III. David, b. 21st January, 1717; m. Mercy, surname not given. IV. Persis, b. 10th January, 1719; m. Nathan GOODALE; had issue. V. Solomon, b. 20th January, 1721; d. 1758; m. 5th October, 1749, Elizabeth SMITH; had issue. VI. Sarah, b. 13th July, 1723; m. Abraham JOSLIN; had issue. VII. Timothy, b. 6th July, 1725; d. in infancy. VIII. Dinah, b. 12th July, 1727; m. 1756, Elijah LIVERMORE; had issue. IX. Job, b. 22d October, 1729; graduated at Harvard, 1758; d. unmarried 13th June, 1761. ISSUE BY SECOND MARRIAGE I. Abigail, b. 13th May, 1731; d.s.p. May 1793; m. Samuel AUSTIN. II. Benjamin, b. 9th May, 1732; d. unmarried 22 March, 1751. III. George, b. 27th March, 1733; d. unmarried 26th December, 1751. IV. SAMUEL, b. 5th September, 1734, of whom later. V. Anna, b. 27th October, 1736; d.s.p. 2d January, 1762; m. 22d December, 1761, William BOWES. SAMUEL WHITNEY of Boston and Concord, Massachusetts, and Castine, Maine; b. 5th September, 1734; d. 29th May 1808; m. 20th October, 1757, Abigail CUTLER, d. 2d July, 1813, dau. of David CUTLER. ISSUE I. Samuel, b. 15th July, 1759; d. unmarried, 1783. II. David, b. 14th August, 1761; d. 17th September, 1818; m. (1) July, 1786, Betsy DERBY; left issue. III. Benjamin, b. 11th April, 1763; d. unmarried, 1784. IV. Anna, b. 30th July 1764; d. 1788; m. 13th September, 1787, James ADAMS. V. George, b. 22d September, 1765; d. 1805, leaving issue. VI. James, b. 1st December, 1766; d. unmarried, 1796. VII. Abigail, b. 22d April, 1768; d. unmarried 4th June, 1808. VIII. Samuel Austin (twin), b. 19th January, 1769; d. 15th October, 1846; m. 28th July, 1801, Ruth PERKINS, d. 15th September, 1849, dau. of John PERKINS; had issue. IX. Lydia (twin), b. 19th January, 1769; d. 1771. X. JOSEPH, b. 27th September, 1771, of whom later. XI. William, b. 13th November, 1772; d. unmarried, 1809. XII. John, b. 19th December, 1773; d. unmarried, 1803. XIII. Cyrus, b. 24th December, 1774; m. 28th December 1795, Mary BREWER; had issue. XIV. Sarah, b. 2d February, 1776; m. 5th May, 1808, David HOWE, had issue. XV. Polly, b. 14th September, 1777; d. in infancy. XVI. Eben. b. 17th March, 1780; m. 27th August, 1807, Bathsheba HESTON, dau. of Col. Thomas HESTON, had issue. XVII. Henry, b. 29th January, 1783; d. 27th April, 1837; m. Lucy PERKINS, dau. of John PERKINS; had issue. JOSEPH WHITNEY of Boston, Massachusetts; b. 27th September, 1771; m. 24th September, 1793, Sallie COLLINS, who d. 22d September, 1799, dau. of Elizah COLLINS. He d. in Boston 24th June, 1812. ISSUE I. JOSEPH, b. 11th June, 1796, of whom below. JOSEPH WHITNEY of Boston, Massachusetts, b. 11th June, 1796, d. 11th September, 1869; m. 23d July, 1822, Elizabeth PRATT, d. 5th January, 1890, dau. of John PRATT. ISSUE I. Caroline Elizabeth, b. 25th October, 1825; d. 24th April, 1908; m. 28th November, 1847, Hezron Ayers JOHNSON; had issue II. HENRY AUSTIN, b. 6th October, 1826, of whom later. III. Sarah Josephine, b. 18th January, 1837; d. 25th March, 1842. HENRY AUSTIN WHITNEY, A.M., of Boston, Massachusetts, b. there 6th October 1826; d. there 21st February, 1889; graduated A.M. Harvard, 1846; President Boston and Providence Railroad; m. 3d March, 1852, Fanny LAWRENCE, d. at Boston, 28th January, 1883, dau. of William LAWRENCE. I. Henry Lawrence, b. 27th October, 1853; d. young. II. JOSEPH CUTLER, b. 7th December, 1856, the subject of this memoir. III. Ellerton Pratt, b. 21st August, 1858; m. 5th June, 1901, Cushman SARGENT. IV. Elizabeth, b. 23d March, 1860; d. 19th February, 1903; m. 30th October, 1884, James Jackson MINOT, M.D.; had issue. V. Constance, b. 11th May, 1865; m. 11th September, 1890, Franz Edward ZORRAHN. Arms. -- Paly of six or and gules, a chief vert. Crest. -- A bull's head couped sable armred argent the points gules. Motto. -- Fortiter sustine. Residence. -- 232 Marlboro Street, Boston, Massachusetts, "The Elms," Milton, Massachusetts. Clubs. -- Tennis and Racquet, Hoosic-Whisick, Exchange, Ponkapog (of Providence) and Country. [This marks the end of the article on p. 498. I have tried to proofread this to catch any typos, but have probably missed some. Please contact me with any that you might catch or any date or fact that you might question, and I will recheck the photocopied pages to ensure that I did actually copy correctly what was printed. This Whitney biography and genealogy was printed in Volume Six. There are also numerous Whitney references in all of the seven volumes, most being the marriage of a Whitney woman into another family that is being featured. I did not photocopy these pages, but took notes, which I will begin transcribing soon for inclusion. In doing so, I will provide some minimal lineage of the family featured, and could, upon request, provide the full article for anyone descended from such a marriage. AEG]

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