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Volume 103, page 7

[p.7] Mrs. Malynda Curtice Holley Rosenheimer.
DAR ID Number: 102016
Born in Marshfield, Wis.
Wife of Newton Rosenheimer.
Descendant of Elias Babcock, as follows:
1. John Holley m. 1885 Mattie Leota Babcock (b. 1856).
2. Marvin Kinney Babcock (1809-81) m. 2nd 1851 Melinda C. Wright (1827-1902).
3. Peabody Babcock (1785-1873) m. 1806 Huldah Whitney (1788-1855).
4. Elias Babcock m. 1781 Huldah Kinney (d. 1856).
Elias Babcock (1757-1839) received a pension for service as private, Capt. Nathan Watkins' company, Col. Samuel Brewer's regiment. He was born in Voluntown, Conn.; died in West Berkshire, Vt.
Also No. 83991.

Volume 103, page 85

Miss Mary Isabelle Dewey.
DAR ID Number: 102273
Born in Guthrie County, Iowa.
Descendant of Sergt. Benjamin Whitney and of Ebenezer Dewey, as follows:
1. George W. Dewey (b. 1843) m. 1865 Henrietta Whitney (b. 1844).
2. Aaron Whitney, Jr. (1815-79), m. 1840 Phyrilla Durkee (1820-1908); Rodolphus Kinney Dewey (1806-64) m. 1831 Hannah Marks Parck (1803-64).
3. Rodolphus Dewey (1766-1839) m. 2nd Diana Wright; Aaron Whitney (1786-1860) m. 1814 Betsy Parker (1796-1867).
4. Benjamin Whitney m. 1761 Mary Turner (1741-78).
Benjamin Whitney (1741-1821) enlisted, 1775, and served as sergeant in the militia. He was born and died in Pepperell, Mass.
Also No. 82130.
Ebenezer Dewey (1740-1820) served as a militiaman in Capt. Elisha Mack's company, Col. John Ashley's regiment, New Hampshire troops. He was born in Hebron, Conn.; died in Royalton, Vt.
Also No. 78713.

Volume 103, page 152

Mrs. Irmel C. Orris Pedgham.
DAR ID Number: 102492
Born in Sloan, Iowa.
Wife of H. A. Pedgham.
Descendant of Corp. Cornelius Whitney, as follows:
1. William N. Orris (b. 1865) m. 1891 Mae Perkins (b. 1868).
2. Lyman H. Perkins (b. 1839) m. 2nd 1857 Loretta Perkins (b. 1840).
3. Silas Whitney (1809-91) m. 1835 Matilda Cross (1814-99).
4. Cornelius Whitney, Jr. (1782-1845) m. 1806 Rhoda Gould (1790-1840).
5. Cornelius Whitney m. Martha Graves.
Cornelius Whitney (1749-1833) served as private in Capt. Isaac Bostwick's company, Col. Charles Webb's Connecticut regiment, 1775, and was corporal, 1776, in Capt. David Cady's company, Connecticut troops. He was born in Killingly, Conn.; died in Mexico, N. Y.
Also No. 76341.

Volume 103, page 178

Mrs. Maude C. Whitney Hogan.
DAR ID Number: 102582
Born in Syracuse, N. Y.
Wife of George C. Hogan.
Descendant of Pelham Ripley, as follows:
1. J. D. Whitney m. Louise A. Church.
2. Lewis P. Church m. Huldah Adams.
3. William Adams m. Annie Ripley.
4. Pelham Ripley m. Huldah Ripley.
Pelham Ripley (1765-1841) was placed on the pension roll of Onondago County, N. Y., 1833, for service as private, Massachusetts militia. He was born in Duxbury, Mass.; died in De Witt, N. Y.
Also No. 63715.

Volume 103, page 268

Mrs. Adelaide Prouty Butler.
DAR ID Number: 102870
Born in Brooklyn, N. Y.
Wife of Thomas M. Butler.
Descendant of Capt. William McCune, as follows:
1. William Cune Prouty (1808-78) m. 1835 Adeline Wheelock (1812-94).
2. Elisha Prouty (1772-1852) m. 1807 Elizabeth Plummer (1791-1851).
3. Elijah Prouty (1741-1813) m. 1768 Lydia McCune (1748-1817).
4. William McCune m. 1747 Elizabeth Whitney (1731-1800).
William McCune (1729-1807) in 1776-78 served as captain in Col. Seth Warner's regiment. He was born in Scotland; died in West Brattleboro, Vt.
Also No. 55761.

Volume 103, page 299

Mrs. Ida Scott French.
DAR ID Number: 102964
Born in Valparaiso, Ind.
Wife of Henry Wallace French.
Descendant of Maj. Joseph Locke and of Samuel Whitney, as follows:
1. Hiram Thomas Scott (1833-1900) m. 1st 1856 Rebecca Ann Bowker (1838-92).
2. Thomas Scott (b. 1798) m. 1832 Eliza Bernice Hilliard (1815-1904).
3. John Hilliard (b. 1741) m. 1st 1814 Bernice Whitney (1795-1833).
4. Guilford Whitney (b. 1769) m. 1793 Anna Locke (1771-1843).
5. Samuel Whitney m. Phebe Harrington (1740-1812); Joseph Locke m. Mary Ayers (d. 1806).
Joseph Locke (1729-77) served as captain of Massachusetts militia and rose to the rank of major. He was born in Shutesbury, Mass.; died in Massachusetts.
Samuel Whitney (1739-1811) served, 1781, as a private in Capt. Jonathan White's company of Vermont troops. He was born in Weston, Mass.; died in Marlboro, Vt.
Also No. 96314.

Volume 103, page 299

Mrs. Ethel French Meacham.
DAR ID Number: 102965
Born in Chicago, Ill.
Wife of Asa Perl Meacham.
Descendant of Maj. Joseph Locke and of Samuel Whitney, as follows:
1. Henry Wallace French (b. 1865) m. 1884 Ida Scott (b. 1865).
See No. 102964.

Volume 103, page 301

Miss Louise L. Jenkins.
DAR ID Number: 102969
Born in Minneapolis, Minn.
Descendant of Reuben Libby, as follows:
1. William Sylvanus Jenkins (b. 1860) m. 1887 Lillian G. Jenkins (b. 1867).
2. Sylvanus Jenkins (1816-88) m. 1841 Eunice Whitney (1818-96).
3. Joseph Whitney m. 1803 Mary Libby (1783-1822).
4. Reuben Libby m. Rebecca Weston (d. 1819).
Reuben Libby (1745-1833) served, 1777-78, as private in Lieut. Joel Whitney's detachment of Colonel Foster's regiment, Massachusetts troops, called out to defend Machias, Maine. He was born in Scarboro; died in Jonesboro, Maine.

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