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Volume 110, page 65

Mrs. Florence Whitney Barnard.
DAR ID Number: 109215
Born in Bellingham, Mass.
Wife of Clinton L. Barnard.
Descendant of Lieut. Jesse Whitney, as follows:
1. Elbridge Whitney (b. 1842) m. 1867 Emeline Barney (1847-99).
2. Nelson Whitney (1811-82) m. 1836 Ruth Guild (1813-93).
3. Ethan Whitney (1788-1823) m. 1810 Betsey Green (1792-1871).
4. Hachaliah Whitney (1762-1848) m. 1786 Abigail Nelson (b. 1765).
5. Jesse Whitney m. 1757 Mary Cheney (1736-77).
Jesse Whitney (1730-1815) served as lieutenant in Captain Andrews' company, Lieutenant-Colonel Prime's regiment, Massachusetts Line. He was born and died in Milford, Mass.
Also No. 103787.

Volume 110, page 72

Mrs. Josephine Wing Jackson.
DAR ID Number: 109234
Born in Athens, Mich.
Wife of Herbert Clair Jackson.
Descendant of Rev. William Hobart, Israel Hobart, Allen Wing, Shadrach Pierce, Jr., Capt. Nathan Watkins, and Thomas Slayton, as follows:
1. Spencer Jeduthan Wing (b. 1840) m. 1876 L. Carrie Hobart (b. 1851).
2. Jeduthan Wing (1784-1862) m. 3rd 1835 Margaret Cross Hubbard (1807-94); Malin Wilkinson Hobart (1819-1900) m. 1843 Eunice L. Pierce (1821-87).
3. Allen Wing m. 1772 Persis Allen (b. 1747); Baxter Hobart (1790-1879) m. 1813 Eliza Potter (1785-1829); Jairus Pierce (1799-1892) m. 1820 Rachel Watkins (1802-63).
[p.72] 4. William Hobart m. 2nd 1787 Dolly Smith (1762-1851); Eber Pierce (1770-1863) m. 1794 Judith Slayton (1775-1814); Isaac Watkins (1769-1839) m. 1795 Rachel Hooker (1777-1809).
5. Israel Hobart m. 1748 Anna Lawrence (1728-91); Shadrach Pierce, Jr., m. 1769 Anna Bridges; Nathan Watkins m. 1761 Sarah Whitney (1739-1816); Thomas Slayton m. 1758 Judith White (1739-1822).
William Hobart (1751-1801) served as chaplain in Col. Aaron Willard's Massachusetts regiment. He was born in Groton, Mass.; died in Potter, N. Y.
Also No. 82673.
Israel Hobart (1722-96) was a delegate to the Provincial Congress, 1775. He was born in Groton; died in Conway, Mass.
Nathan Watkins (1736-1815) commanded a company from Partridgefield, Mass., at the Lexington Alarm.
Thomas Slayton (1732-1822) served as private in a company from Brookfield, Mass. He was born in Weston, Mass.
Allen Wing (1745-87) served as private on an alarm at Bedford, 1778, in Capt. Benjamin Bang's company. He was born in Harwich; died in Northampton, Mass.
Shadrach Pierce, Jr. (1750-1832), served as private and corporal in Capt. Josiah White's company, Colonel Cushing's regiment, 1777. He was born in Middleborough; died in Spencer, Mass.

Volume 110, page 216

[p.216] Mrs. Rilla Akin Southard.
DAR ID Number: 109693
Born in Cascade, Wis.
Wife of Rev. Harry D. Southard.
Descendant of Lieut. Ebenezer Whitney, as follows:
1. Miles R. Akin (b. 1850) m. 1872 Mary E. Hatch (1848-99).
2. William E. Akin (1816-1907) m. 1840 Angeline E. Root (1820-1908).
3. Miles Root m. Hannah Hoyt Whitney (b. 1796).
4. Ebenezer Whitney m. 1771 Ruth Raymond (b. 1756).
Ebenezer Whitney (1742-1808) served as gunner at Horseneck and as lieutenant of a company of artillery, 1779-81. He was born in Norwalk; died in New Canaan, Conn.
Also No. 88210.

Volume 110, page 230

Mrs. Nancy Johnson Whitney.
DAR ID Number: 109738
Born in Washington County, N. Y.
Wife of William M. Whitney.
Descendant of Jacob Johnson, as follows:
1. Timothy D. Johnson (1824-98) m. Olive Rogers (1840-73).
2. Jacob Johnson, Jr., m. Sarah Jewett.
3. Jacob Johnson m. Esther Hotchkiss.
Jacob Johnson (1742-1816) enlisted as a private, 1777, in Captain Bradley's company, Colonel Brook's regiment of Massachusetts militia. His widow received a pension. He was born in Wallingford, Conn.; died in Kingston, N. Y.
Also No. 57974.

Volume 110, page 232

Mrs. Harriet E. Whitney Garran.
DAR ID Number: 109745
Born in Northfield, Vt.
Wife of Frank Garran.
Descendant of Sergt. Joshua Whitney, as follows:
1. Fred Norris Whitney (1859-1912) m. 1892 Minerva Eval McIlvain (b. 1870).
2. Bela Butler Whitney (1819-97) m. 1st Sarah Burleigh.
3. Silas Whitney (b. 1791) m. Sally Butler (b. 1788).
4. Joshua Whitney m. 1777 Betty Wood.
Joshua Whitney (1754-1835) served as private, corporal and sergeant under Captains Wheelock, Emery and Bowman, Colonels Ward, Baldwin and Kelley, New Hampshire Line. He was born in Westboro, Mass.; died in Henniker, N. H.

Volume 110, page 278

Mrs. Lillie Westcott Mckinney.
DAR ID Number: 109877
Born in North Hoosick, N. Y.
Wife of Roy T. McKinney.
Descendant of Jacob Staples 3d, as follows:
[p.278] 1. Amos Martin Westcott (1828-1911) m. 2nd 1869 Mary Robinson Wilkie (b. 1840).
2. William Robinson m. 1838 Edith Staples (1811-86).
3. Cyrus Staples (1775-1865) m. Orpha Whitney.
4. Jacob Staples m. 1765 Lois Exson (b. 1746).
Jacob Staples (1730-1818) served as private in Capt. Daniel Carlisle's company, Col. T. Bedell's regiment, New Hampshire troops, 1776. He was born in Taunton, Mass.; died in Westmoreland, N. H.

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