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Volume 117, page 36

Mrs. Helen M. Sanders Whitney.
DAR ID Number: 116122
Born in Boston, Mass.
Wife of Frank Engs Whitney.
Descendant of Ensign Samuel Sweat, as follows:
1. Benj. F. Sanders (1838-1912) m. 1870 Elizabeth Sweat (1851-79).
2. Joseph Warren Sweat (1809-72) m. Louisa Graham (1809-94).
3. Mark R. Sweat (b. 1774) m. Abagail Wood Tower.
4. Samuel Sweat m. Mary Jones.
Samuel Sweat (1744-92) served as sergeant and ensign in Captain Gilman's company, Colonel Nixon's regiment, New Hampshire Line. He was born in Kingston, N. H.; died in Boston, Mass.

Volume 117, page 99

Mrs. Clara E. Wells Linnell.
DAR ID Number: 116319
Born in Lyme, N. Y.
Wife of William J. Linnell.
[p.99] Descendant of Sergt. Timothy Rawson, John Klock and Micah Whitney, as follows:
1. Gilbert Wells (1822-96) m. 2nd 1858 Nancy Klock Estes (1826-60).
2. Isaac Wells (1793-1856) m. 1825 Maria Whitney (1795-1863); Henry G. Klock m. Elizabeth (Klock).
3. George Klock (1766-1850) m. Barbara Bander (1765-1842) (parents of Henry G.); Mason Whitney (b. 1765) m. 1st Dolly Rawson (1768-1803).
4. John Klock m. Anna Margaret Schumacher (1738-1818); Timothy Rawson m. 1767 Chloe Fish (b. 1748); Micah Whitney m. 1747 Lydia Mason (b. 1727).
Timothy Rawson (1747-1835) was placed on the pension roll of Jefferson County, New York, 1834, for service as sergeant, Massachusetts Continental Line. He was born in Uxbridge, Mass.; died in Rutland, N. Y.
Micah Whitney (1725-91) responded to the Lexington Alarm in Capt. Wallis' company of minute men. He was born in Framingham; died in Douglas, Mass.
Also No. 107419.
John Klock (1730-1815) served as a private in Capt. Christopher William Fox's company, for the defense of the frontier. He was born and died in St. Johnsville, N. Y.
Also No. 37815.

Volume 117, page 171

Mrs. Blanche Whitney Preston Gould.
DAR ID Number: 116553
Born in Battle Creek, Mich.
Wife of Carl A. Gould.
Descendant of Sergt. Ezekiel Gardner, as follows:
1. Frank H. Preston (b. 1861) m. 1884 Eva L. Whitney (b. 1865).
2. Albert A. Whitney (1824-95) m. 1846 Lucena A. Davis (1826-1911).
3. Jonathan David m. Ruth Kempton Gardner.
4. Ezekiel Gardner m. 1775 Betsy Chubbuck (b. 1760).
Ezekiel Gardner (1753-1828) enlisted, 1775, as fifer and was promoted to sergeant, 1777; was engaged in the battles of Long Island, Harlem Heights and White Plains. He was born in Hingham, Mass.; died in Bedford, N. H.
Also No. 49045.

Volume 117, page 221

Mrs. Mary King Freeland.
DAR ID Number: 116711
Born in Portland, Maine.
Wife of Willard E. Freeland.
Descendant of Israel Dunham, as follows:
1. Ralph Butler King (1846-92) m. 1867 Mary Merrill (b. 1850).
2. Sylvanus Dunham Merrill (1824-84) m. 1845 Elizabeth Nott (b. 1828).
3. Joseph Merrill (d. 1868) m. 1820 Jane Dunham (1794-1863).
4. Eleazer Dunham (1761-99) m. Jane Bryant.
5. Israel Dunham m. 1760 Hannah Whitney.
Israel Dunham (1741-1828) served as private in Capt. John Bridgham's company, Col. Cotton's Massachusetts regiment. He was born in Carver; died in Plympton, Mass.

Volume 117, page 276

Mrs. Cora Helen Sherman Rohlfing.
DAR ID Number: 116882
Born in Chicago, Ill.
Wife of Albert Rohlfing.
Descendant of Lieut. Asaph Sherman, as follows:
1. George Leslie Sherman (1841-84) m. 1867 Helen Elizabeth (Sherman) (1845-68).
2. Nathaniel Sherman, Jr. (1818-52), m. 1840 Nancy Pettingill (1819-1901) (parents of George).
3. Nathaniel Sherman (1788-1869) m. 1810 Deborah Webster (1792-1837).
4. Jonathan Sherman (1763-1847) m. 1786 Thankful Smith (1771-1819).
5. Asaph Sherman m. 1762 Lucy Whitney (1744-1809).
Asaph Sherman (1741-1810) served as lieutenant in Capt. Luke Drury's company, Massachusetts militia. He was born in Grafton, Mass.; died in Rutland, Vt.
Also No. 84844.

Volume 117, page 289

Mrs. Harriet Keyt Spencer.
DAR ID Number: 116918
Born in Cincinnati, Ohio.
Wife of Ralph Gage Spencer.
Descendant of Capt. Eleazer Hamlin and of Europe Hamlin, as follows:
1. Marshall Hall Keyt (b. 1861) m. 1883 Harriet Bush (b. 1864).
2. Alonzo Thrasher Keyt (1827-85) m. 1848 Susannah Dorcas Hamlin (1827-1904).
3. Hannibal Gilman Hamlin (1800-64) m. 1825 Mary Tichnor Whitney (1803-80).
4. Europe Hamlin m. 1786 Dorcas Stowe (1759-1813).
5. Eleazer Hamlin m. 1st 1752 Lydia Bonney (1731-69).
Europe Hamlin (1759-1820) was pensioned for service as private, 1776, for one year under Capt. Eleazer Hamlin, Colonel Bailey, Massachusetts Line. He was born in Pembroke, Mass.; died in Hillsboro, N. H.
[p.289] Eleazer Hamlin (1732-1807) raised a company, 1776, and served in Col. John Bailey's regiment. He was born in Eastham, Mass.; died in Westford, Maine.
Also No. 110532.

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