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Volume 164, page 5

[p.5] Mrs. Jane Augusta Eldredge Von Tresckow.
DAR ID Number: 163014
Born in Detroit, Mich.
Wife of Egmont von Tresckow.
Descendant of Christopher Eldredge, 2d, as follows:
1. Charles Eldredge (1814-66) m. 1841 Pamela Janet Waterman (1819-92).
2. Christopher Eldredge, 3d (1785-1864), m. 1809 Olive Whitney (1786-1859).
3. Christopher Eldredge, 2d, m. Sally Satterlee (1758-1841).
Christopher Eldredge, 2d (1756-85), was a privateersman, Connecticut. He was born and died in Old Mystic, Conn.
Also No. 139351.

Volume 164, page 124

Mrs. Grace G. French Weymouth.
DAR ID Number: 163395
Born in Orange, Mass.
Wife of Fred S. Weymouth.
Descendant of Nathaniel French, Lieut. Nathaniel Whitney, Joseph Pierce, Benjamin Pierce, Josiah Arms, Susannah (Willard) Arms, Amos Rice and Sergt. William Avery, as follows:
1. Stephen French, Jr. (1823-1905), m. 1852 Ann Ross Whitney (1830-93).
2. Stephen French (1788-1858) m. 1809 Polly Pierce (1790-1891); Solomon Whitney (1781-1856) m. 2d 1829 Sibil (Arms) Goodnow (1788-1873).
3. Asa French (1760-1839) m. 1783 Mary (Mercy) Rice. (1760-1847); Nathaniel Whitney m. 1771 Mary Houghton (1751-1844); Benjamin Pierce m. 1787 Lucinda Sargeant (d. 1841); Josiah Arms m. Cynthia Avery (b. 1759).
4. Nathaniel French m. 1st 1744 Elizabeth Frost (1723-77); Joseph Pierce m. Margaret Allen (d. 1806); John Arms (1722-70) m. 1743 Susannah Willard; Amos Rice m. 1750 Martha Hagar (1727-1808); William Avery m. Abigail (Avery) Williams (b. 1726).
Nathaniel French (1721-1801) was a patriot and member of the Committee of Correspondence of Vermont. He was born in Billerica, Mass.; died in Brattleboro, Vt.
Nathaniel Whitney (1749-1829) served as ensign, 1779, in Capt. Abel Dimick's company, and, 1782, was lieutenant in Capt. Jonathan Warren's company of Vermont militia. He was born in Shrewsbury, Mass.; died in Marlboro, Vt.
Joseph Pierce (1741-1827) served as private in the Vermont troops under Colonel Williams. He was born in England; died in Halifax, Vt.
Benjamin Pierce (1762-1842) served as private, 1781, in the Vermont Line under Capt. Josiah Fish and Col. Samuel Fletcher, He was born in East Greenwich, R. I.; died in Dummerston, Vt.
Also No. 161559.
Josiah Arms (1750-1803) was a Selectman of Brattleboro, Vt., 1782-83. He was born in Deerfield, Mass.; died in Brattleboro, Vt.
Susannah (Willard) Arms (1720-93) was keeper of the ôOld Arms Tavernö in Brattleboro, Vt., headquarters of Ethan Allen and rendezvous of the Green Mountain Boys. She was born in Lunenburg, Mass.; died in Brattleboro, Vt.
[p.124] Amos Rice (1727-1807) served as private in Capt. Jonathan Holman's company, Col. Ephriam Doolittle's regiment, Massachusetts troops. He was born in Worcester, Mass.; died in Dummerston, Vt.
William Avery served as sergeant in Captain Rogers' company, Colonel Gay's regiment, Connecticut troops. He was born and died in Stonington, Conn.
Also No. 161559.

Volume 164, page 181

Mrs. Vivien Heslop Hankey.
DAR ID Number: 163567
Born in Butternuts, N. Y.
Wife of William Hankey.
Descendant of William Miller, as follows:
1. John Frank Heslop (b. 1859) m. 2d 1890 Phila Estella Babcock (b. 1868).
2. Henry Worden Babcock (1837-1914) m. 1856 Letetia Sheldon (1836-1907).
3. Worden Babcock (1806-72) m. 1829 Fanny Whitney (1803-53).
4. Henry Whitney (1779-1853) m. 1800 Fanny Miller (1783-1861).
5. William Miller m. 1782 Hannah Worden (1761-1823).
William Miller (1761-1802) served as private in the defense of the frontier under Capt. Thomas Sawyer. He rose to prominence and was buried with military honors at Dummerston, Vt., where he was born and died.
Also No. 153726.

Volume 164, page 194

Mrs. Hattie A. Lounsberry Draper.
DAR ID Number: 163602
Born in Fairmont, Minn.
Wife of Charles E. V. Draper.
Descendant of Micheal Lounsberry, as follows:
1. Clement A. Lounsberry (b. 1843) m. 1864 Lucretia V. Hoskins (1845-1912).
2. Rufus Lounsberry (1811-49) m. 1832 Sarah Weeks (1809-48).
3. Joseph Lounsberry (1776-1828) m. 1801 Mary (Polly) Whitney (1781-1814).
4. Micheal Lounsberry m. 1769 Abigail Hillman.
Micheal Lounsberry served as private, 1776, in Capt. Nathaniel Webb's company, Connecticut militia. He was born, 1744, in Stamford, Conn.

Volume 164, page 277

Mrs. Effie Palmer Ritchie.
DAR ID Number: 163843
Born in Marine City, Mich.
Wife of Mossom G. Ritchie.
Descendant of Ensign Elias Palmer, as follows:
1. Charles Palmer (1831-1916) m. 1864 Effie Westbrooke (b. 1845).
2. Ashbel Palmer (1792-1885) m. Betsey Candee.
3. Elias Palmer m. 1st 1777 Huldah Whitney (1756-98).
Elias Palmer (1755-1838) was placed on the pension roll of Saratoga County, 1831, for service as private and ensign, New York militia. He was born in Stonington, Conn.; died in Stillwater, N. Y.
Also No. 127475.

Volume 164, page 281

Mrs. Marguerite Merrill Richardson.
DAR ID Number: 163855
Born in San Leandro, Calif.
Wife of Elmer C. Richardson.
Descendant of Martin Severance and Martin Severance, Jr., as follows:
1. John A. Merrill (b. 1849) m. 1876 Maria Durham (1851-1917).
2. David Merrill (1812-1906) m. Agnes Fonda (d. 1878).
[p.281] 3. Thaddeus Merrill m. 1801 Achsah Severance (b 1784).
4. Martin Severance, Jr., m. 1781 Lucy Whitney (1762-1844).
5. Martin Severance m. 1746 Patience Fairfield (1724-1809).
Martin Severance (1718-1810) a patriot who acted as scout in the early wars and suffered imprisonment, served for the freedom of the colonies in the Revolution. He was born in Deerfield; died at Shelburn Falls, Mass.
Also No. 159987.
Martin Severance, Jr. (1755-1843), served as private under Capt. John Wells and Col. David Wells in the Hampshire County, Massachusetts troops. He was born in New Hampshire; died in Shelburne, Mass.

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