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Volume 19, page 46

Mrs. Mary C. Franklin.
DAR ID Number: 18121
Born in New York, N. Y.
Wife of James R. Franklin
Descendant of Squire Dan, of Connecticut.
Daughter of John Frederick Kellers and Elizabeth Whitney James, his wife.
Granddaughter of John James and Mary Dan Nickerson, his wife.
Gr.-granddaughter of Edward Nickerson and Sarah Dan, his wife.
Gr.-gr.-granddaughter of Squire Dan and Rhoda Dan, his wife.
Squire Dan, (1755-1839), enlisted in the first call for troops, was in the Canadian campaign and gave two years' actual service. He was placed on the pension roll at seventy-six as private in the Connecticut Continental Line. He was born and died in Stamford, Conn.

Volume 19, page 70

Miss Jennie Davidson Scudder.
DAR ID Number: 18188
Born in Shelbyville, Tennessee.
Descendant of Col. Nathaniel Scudder, and Col. Philip Johnston.
Daughter of James Lockhart Scudder and Caroline Davidson, his wife.
Granddaughter of Philip Johnston Scudder and Harrfet Whitney, his second wife.
Gr.-granddaughter of Nathaniel Scudder and Marie Louise Johnston, his wife.
See No. 18186.

Volume 19, page 74

Mrs. Ellen Amelia Whitney Richmond.
DAR ID Number: 18200
Born in Woodstock, Vermont.
Wife of Dr. Deane Richmond.
Descendant of Capt. Samuel Warren, of Massachusetts.
[p.74] Daughter of George Frederick Whitney and Augusta Priscilla Eaton, his wife.
Granddaughter of Joel Eaton and Eunice Stearns, his wife.
Gr.-granddaughter of Abraham Stearns and Esther Warren (b. 1760), his wife (m. 1780).
Gr.-gr.-granddaughter of Samuel Warren and Eunice Chase, his wife.
Samuel Warren commanded a company in Read's Massachusetts' regiment, 1775, and was captain in the 13th Continental Infantry, 1776.
Also No. 17313.

Volume 19, page 211

Mrs. Sarah M. Whitney Brooks.
DAR ID Number: 18574
Born in Henniker, New Hampshire.
Wife of Eugene Denton Brooks.
Descendant of Alexander Whitney.
Daughter of Asa Whitney (1800-58) and Mary L. Childs, his second wife (m. 1850).
Granddaughter of Eleazer Whitney (1777-1838) and Alice Peabody (1779-1867), his wife (m. 1799).
Gr.-granddaughter of Alexander Whitney and Lois Carroll, his wife (m. 1776).
Alexander Whitney was a private in a company of militia. He was born in Watertown, Mass., 1751, and died in Henniker, N. H.

Volume 19, page 249

Mrs. Alice Sawyer Payne.
DAR ID Number: 18684
Born in Dover, New Hampshire.
Wife of Frederick W. Payne.
Descendant of Lieut. Israel Whitney, of Massachusetts.
Daughter of Jonathan Sawyer and Martha Perkins, his wife.
Granddaughter of Phineas Sawyer and Hannah Whitney, his wife.
Gr.-granddaughter of Israel Whitney and Hannah Mead, his wife.
Israel Whitney, (1751-1827), was a member of Capt. Isaac Gates' company at the Lexington Alarm, and lieutenant under Capt. Thaddeus Pollard, 1781. He was born and died in Harvard, Mass.
Also Nos. 16812, 17659.

Volume 19, page 251

Mrs. Helen Hoyt Whitney.
DAR ID Number: 18691
Born in Tunbridge, Vermont.
Wife of John Scott Whitney.
Descendant of Enoch Hoyt, of New Hampshire.
Daughter of Horace L. Hoyt and Abilene E. Austin, his wife.
Granddaughter of Moses Hoyt and Olive Presbury, his wife.
Gr.-granddaughter of Enoch Hoyt and Sarah Blaisdell, his wife.
Enoch Hoyt served as a private in the New Hampshire Line. He was born in Hopkinton, N. H., 1759.
Volume 19, page 295

Mrs. Sophronia Ella Hoyt Stern.
DAR ID Number: 18820
Born in Weare, New Hampshire.
Wife of Daniel M. Stern.
Descendant of Benjamin Hoyt and of Nathan Cutter, of New Hampshire.
[p.295] Daughter of Randall F. Hoyt and Sophronia Gibson, his wife.
Granddaughter of Jacob Gibson and Sophronia Whitney, his wife; Joshua Hoyt and Olive Randall Gibson, his wife.
Gr.-granddaughter of Dr. Amos Whitney and Rhoda Cutter, his wife; Benjamin Hoyt (Hoit) and Jane French, his wife.
Gr.-gr.-granddaughter of Nathan Cutter and Hannah Hastings, his wife.
Benjamin Hoyt served from Hopkinton in the militia.
Nathan Cutter, (1733-1813), served in Capt. Josiah Brown's company, Col. Enoch Hale's regiment of militia at Ticonderoga. He was born in New Ipswich, N. H.

Volume 19, page 305

Mrs. Mary Kate Alden Shedden.
DAR ID Number: 18849
Born in Clintonville, New York.
Wife of Lucien Love Shedden.
Descendant of Jason Whitney and of David Haywood.
Daughter of Edwin Augustus Alden and Mary Elisabeth Haywood, his wife.
Granddaughter of Isaac Alden and Maria Stone, his wife; Ira Haywood and Sarah Olmstead, his wife.
Gr.-granddaughter of William Alden and Susannah Whitney, his wife; David Haywood and Abigail Bixby, his wife.
Gr.-gr.-granddaughter of Jason Whitney and Elizabeth Beal, his wife.
Jason Whitney, (1729-1807), although lamed in the early wars, served several enlistments in the Revolution. He was born in Hopkinton and died in Natick, Mass.
Also No. 17210.
David Haywood, (1755-1826), was a private at the Bennington Alarm in Capt. Jesse Stone's company, and served under different commands in the Massachusetts militia. He was born in Holden, Mass., and died in Weathersfield, Vt.

Volume 19, page 320

Mrs. Luella Davis Hildreth.
DAR ID Number: 18887
Born in Boonville, New York.
Wife of Melvin A. Hildreth.
Descendant of Capt. William Whitney, of Connecticut.
Daughter of George Davis and Charlotte Waterbury, his wife.
Granddaughter of David Waterbury and Ann Whitney, his wife.
Gr.-granddaughter of William Whitney and Katherine Hall, his wife.
William Whitney, (1753-1820), entered the army as sergeant, 1775, and commanded a company, 1778. He was born in Connecticut and died in Steuben, N. Y.

Volume 19, page 321

Mrs. Hattie A. Draper.
DAR ID Number: 18888
Born in Fairmont, Minnesota.
Wife of C. E. V. Draper.
Descendant of Michael Lounsberry, of Connecticut.
Daughter of Clement A. Lounsberry and Lucretia V. Hoskins, his wife.
Granddaughter of Rufus Rodman Lounsberry and Sarah Weeks, his wife.
Gr.-granddaughter of Joseph Lounsberry and Polly Whitney, his wife.
Gr.-gr.-granddaughter of Michael Lounsberry and Abigail Hillman, his wife.
[p.321] Michael Lounsberry served as a private in Capt. Nathaniel Webb's company, 9th regiment, of Connecticut militia. He was born in Stamford, 1744.

Volume 19, page 326

Mrs. Alice Delia Bierce Lyman.
DAR ID Number: 18905
Born in Tallmadge, Ohio.
Wife of Alfred Lyman.
Descendant of Sergt. William Bierce, of Connecticut.
Daughter of Lucius Verus Bierce, Jr., and Delia Robinson, his first wife.
Granddaughter of William Whitney Bierce and Harriet Hindman, his wife.
Gr.-granddaughter of William Bierce and Abigail Bell, his wife.
William Bierce, (1753-1835), enlisted in 1775 and served through the war. He was in many battles and suffered the privations of Valley Forge. He was placed on the pension roll of Portage Co., Ohio at the age of eighty for service of sergeant in the Connecticut Continental Line.
Also No. 12430.

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