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Volume 60, page 13

Mrs. Ella J. Dewey Edmunds.
DAR ID Number: 59033
Born in Plattville, Wis.
Wife of William H. Edmunds.
Descendant of John Dewey, James Webster, Capt. Jonathan Danforth, Jonathan Danforth, Jr., Lieut. Nathaniel Whitney, and John Wood.
Daughter of William Pitt Dewey (1833-1905) and Eleanor Maria Wood (b. 1836), his wife, m. 1860.
Granddaughter of Ebenezer Dewey (1788-1869) and Lucy Webster (1791-1866), his wife, m. 1812; John Danforth Wood (1806-87) and Jane Maria Merrill (1812-80), his wife, m. 1830.
Gr-granddaughter of Bazaleel Dewey (1764-92) and Sybel Metcalf (1770-1836), his wife; James Webster and Ann Marsh (b. 1758), his wife; Reuben Wood (1779-1827) and Phebe Maria Danforth (1785-1827), his wife, m. 1802; William Merrill (1785-1849) and Rhoda Whitney (1787-1848), his wife, m. 1807.
Gr-gr-granddaughter of John Dewey and Rhoda Gillett (1735-1819), his wife, m. 1756; John Wood and Hannah Richardson (1733-1811), his wife, m. 1757; Jonathan Danforth, Jr. (1761-1847), and Abigail Jonson, his wife; Nathaniel Whitney and Mary Houghton (1751-1844), his wife.
Gr-gr-gr-granddaughter of Jonathan Danforth and Lydia Reed, his wife.
John Dewey (1735-1830) served, 1776, as a private in Capt. David Miller's company, Lieut.-Col. Obediah Hosford's regiment. He was born and died in Lebanon, Conn.
James Webster (1752-1829) responded to the Lexington Alarm as a private in Capt. James Clark's company, which marched from Lebanon, Conn., where he was born.
Also No. 54344.
Jonathan Danforth (1736-1802) was a minute man at Bunker Hill and with him were his two sons, Joshua and Jonathan, Jr. He commanded a battalion at the battle of Bennington. He was born in Billerica; died in Williamstown, Mass.
Also No. 52752.
Nathaniel Whitney (1749-1829) was ensign, 1779, in Capt. Abel Dimick's company and, 1782, was lieutenant in Capt. Jonathan Warren's company of Vermont militia. He was born in Shrewsbury, Mass.
John Wood (1731-1810) enlisted, 1781, as a private in Capt. Abe Underhill's company, Col. Ira Allen's regiment, which served in defense of the frontiers of Vermont. He was born in Norwich, Conn.; died in Georgia, Vt.

Volume 60, page 28

[p.28] Mrs. Jessie Root Klein.
DAR ID Number: 59078
Born in Fort Atkinson, Wis.
Wife of George P. Klein.
Descendant of Abner Hubbard.
Daughter of Whitney Root and Margaret Hubbard, his wife.
Granddaughter of Hugh Hubbard and Abigail Jones, his wife.
Gr-granddaughter of Abner Hubbard and Catherine Webster, his wife, m. 1784.
Abner Hubbard (1759-1820) enlisted, 1775, as a private in Capt. Warham Park's Massachusetts company, Col. William Shepherd's regiment. Engaged in battles of Trenton, Princeton, Monmouth, and Stillwater. In 1818 he was placed on the pension roll of Jefferson County, N. Y. He died in Somerset, N. Y.
Also No. 50174.

Volume 60, page 29

[p.29] Mrs. Mabel G. Bjorkquist Mills.
DAR ID Number: 59081
Born in Milwaukee, Wis.
Wife of Clarence E. Mills.
Descendant of Joseph Teall.
Daughter of Otto A. Bjorkquist and Laura Whitney Goit, his 2nd wife.
Granddaughter of Clinton Goit and Martha M. Teall, his wife.
Gr-granddaughter of William Teall and Rhoda Conant, his 2nd wife.
Gr-gr-granddaughter of Joseph Teall and Annie Griswold, his wife.
Joseph Teall (1762-1837) when a boy, entered the army and died during the severe winter at Valley Forge. His father was a Tory, but his five sons fought for their country and all save Joseph served to the end of the war. He was born in Killingworth; died in Fairfield, Conn.
Also No. 2665.

Volume 60, page 96

Miss Miriam Frances Bagley.
DAR ID Number: 59286
Born in Leominster, Mass.
Descendant of Col. Theophilus Cotton.
Daughter of Thomas Bennett and Sarah Maria Whitney, his wife.
Granddaughter of Justice Whitney and Mary Cushing Cotton, his wife.
Gr-granddaughter of Josiah Cotton and Temperance Cotton, his wife.
Gr-gr-granddaughter of Theophilus Cotton and Martha Cotton, his wife, m. 1742.
Theophilus Cotton (1716-82) was colonel in the 1st Plymouth County regiment, 1779, in Brig.-Gen. Joseph Cushing's brigade. He was born and died in Plymouth, Mass.
Also No. 46246.

Volume 60, page 110

[p.110] **** Lucy Dewey Chilgren.
DAR ID Number: 59324
Born in Lancaster, Wis.
Wife of Gustave Arthur Chilgren, M. D.
Descendant of James Webster, Capt. Jonathan Danforth, Jonathan Danforth, Jr., John Dewey, Lieut. Nathaniel Whitney, and John Wood.
Daughter of William Pitt Dewey (1833-1905) and Eleanor Maria Wood (b. 1836), his wife, m. 1860.
See No. 59033.

Volume 60, page 140

[p.140] Mrs. Anna M. Dailey Hoffman.
DAR ID Number: 59412
Born in Avon, N. Y.
Wife of E. O. Hoffman.
Descendant of Sergt. William Markham, Jr.
Daughter of Hiram D. Dailey and Harriet E. Linville, his wife.
Granddaughter of Thomas Dailey and Lavinia Whitney, his wife.
Gr-granddaughter of Joshua Whitney and Huldah Markham, his wife.
Gr-gr-granddaughter of William Markham, Jr., and Phoebe Dexter (1765-1851), his wife, m. 1785.
William Markham, Jr. (1762-1826), served in the New Hampshire militia as sergeant at Saratoga and, 1780, was in Capt. Peter Page's company in the defense of West Point. He was born in East Haddam, Conn.; lived in New Hampshire during the Revolution; removed to Rush, N. Y., where he was colonel in 1812 and where he died.
Also No. 43177.

Volume 60, page 148

Mrs. Abbie L. Warfield Gracey.
DAR ID Number: 59438
Born in Rochester, N. Y.
Wife of William A. Gracey.
Descendant of Sergt. Whitney Hill, of Massachusetts.
Daughter of Richard Nelson Warfield and Rachael Elona Hill, his wife.
Granddaughter of Calvin Hill and Elona Wisewell, his wife.
Gr-granddaughter of Whitney Hill and Rachael Daniels, his wife.
Whitney Hill (1748-1800) responded to the Lexington Alarm as corporal in Capt. Benjamin Bullard's company of minute men, and as sergeant, 1776, in Capt. Samuel King's company, Colonel Whitney's regiment. He was born in Holliston; died in Sherborn.
Also No. 55501.

Volume 60, page 191

[p.191] Mrs. Anna Almira Oliver.
DAR ID Number: 59558
Born in Broome County, N. Y.
Wife of Alexander Starke Oliver.
Descendant of Lieut. Stephen Taft, of Massachusetts.
Daughter of Rollin A. Simmons and Maria Irene Barnes, his wife.
Granddaughter of Cyrus Seymour Barnes and Lucy Ann Taft, his wife.
Gr-granddaughter of Asa Taft, Jr., and Irene Day, his wife.
Gr-gr-granddaughter of Asa Taft and Sarah Whitney, his wife.
Gr-gr-gr-granddaughter of Silas Taft and Elizabeth Cruff, his wife.
Gr-gr-gr-gr-granddaughter of Stephen Taft and Mary Taft, his wife (cousins).
Stephen Taft (1710-1803) turned out at the Lexington Alarm in Capt. Joseph Chapin's company. He was born and died at Uxbridge, Mass.
Also No. 14566.

Volume 60, page 283

Mrs. Sarah Estella Bean Crowell.
DAR ID Number: 59838
Born in Dedham, Mass.
Wife of Homer Cutler Crowell.
Descendant of Samuel Bean, William Bean, Francis Wheeler, Abraham Whitney, Isaiah Whitney, and Moses Quinby.
Daughter of James William Bean (b. 1834) and Ellen Frances Hardy (b 1845), his wife, m. 1866.
Granddaughter of Phineas Bachelder Bean (1810-80) and Rebecca Houghton Worcester (1816-53), his wife, m. 1834; Ephraim Carr Hardy (1811-71) and Mary Foster Quinby (1813-92), his wife, m. 1835.
Gr-granddaughter of Samuel Bean (b. 1776) and Dorothy Bachelder, his wife; Jonathan Worcester and Mary Whitney (1777-1831), his wife, m. 1798; David Quinby (1773-1840) and Elizabeth Kittredge, his wife, m. 1797.
Gr-gr-granddaughter of William Bean and Sarah Griffin, his wife; Isaiah Whitney and Mary Wheeler (b. 1756), his wife, m. 1776; Moses Quinby and Hester Hadley, his wife, m. 1754.
Gr-gr-gr-granddaughter of Samuel Bean and Mary Buzzell, his wife; Francis Wheeler and Mary Heywood, his wife; Abraham Whitney and Sarah Whitney (1716-1800), his wife, m. 1737.
Samuel Bean (1708-1800) was a signer of the Association Test. He was born in Sandown; died in Hopkinton, N. H.
[p.283] William Bean (1752-1833) served, 1777, as a private in Capt. Robert Collins' company of volunteers, which marched from Sandown, N. H. He was born in Sandown; died in Canada.
Francis Wheeler (1728-78) served, 1776, as a private at Ticonderoga, and, 1777, in Capt. Charles Miles' company, Col. Jonathan Reed's regiment. He was born and died in Concord, Mass.
Abraham Whitney (1710-84) was a member of Committee of Correspondence, 1776. He was born in Lexington; died in Harvard, Mass.
Isaiah Whitney (1751-1835) responded to the Lexington Alarm as a corporal in Capt. Joseph Fairbanks' company, Col. Asa Whitcomb's regiment. He was born in Harvard; died in Bolton, Mass.
Moses Quinby (1734-90) signed the Association Test, 1776. He was born in Salisbury, Mass.; died in Sandwich, N. H.

Volume 60, page 324

[p.324] Mrs. Louise Wilcox Bozovsky.
DAR ID Number: 59962
Born in Fredonia, N. Y.
Wife of V. D. Bozovsky.
Descendant of Martin Severance, of Massachusetts.
Daughter of Walter Rodney Wilcox and Julia Parker, his wife.
Granddaughter of Joel Richardson Parker and Levina Scott, his wife.
Gr-granddaughter of Rufus Scott and Olive Whitney, his wife.
Gr-gr-granddaughter of Eleazer Scott and Experience Severance, his wife.
Gr-gr-gr-granddaughter of Martin Severance and Patience Fairfield, his wife
Martin Severance (1718-1810), who had acted as a scout in the early wars and suffered imprisonment, served for the freedom of the colonies in the Revolution. He was born at Deerfield; died at Shelburne Falls, Mass.
Also No. 15589.

Volume 60, page 328

Miss Mildred Whitney Burtch.
DAR ID Number: 59974
Born in Jamestown, N. Y.
Descendant of Andrew Whitney, Daniel Havens, Sergt. Robert Kennedy, and Uriah Yale.
Daughter of Yale Whitney Burtch and Alice Havens, his wife.
Granddaughter of Chauncey Burtch and Sophia J. Davis, his wife; Eugene F. Havens and Caroline F. Brown, his wife.
Gr-granddaughter of Jonathan Burtch and Mariah Yale, his wife; Merrill Davis and Lucy Whitney, his wife; Cebalos D. P. Havens and Eleanor Frey, his wife.
Gr-gr-granddaughter of Uriah Yale and Eunice Merwin, his wife; Andrew Whitney and Lucy Miles, his wife; Paul Havens and Ann Kennedy, his wife.
Gr-gr-gr-granddaughter of Daniel Havens and Elizabeth Bostwick, his wife; Robert Kennedy and Jane Pratt, his wife.
Andrew Whitney (1754-1878) responded to the Lexington Alarm as a private in Capt. Jeremiah Wishwall's company and served several other enlistments under different commands. He was born and died in Newton, Mass.
[p.328] Daniel Havens (1750-89) served as a private in Colonel Clinton's New York regiment. He was born and died in Sag Harbor, N. Y.
Robert Kennedy (1748-1820) served as sergeant in the company commanded by Capt. Emanuel Degrass in the regiment of New York State militia under Col. Frederick Fisher. He was born in Tryon County, N. Y.; died in Otsego County.
Also No. 58762.
Uriah Yale (1761-1833) enlisted as a private in Capt. David Hicock's company, Col. John Fields' Dutchess County regiment of militia. He was born in Wallingford, Conn.; died in Guilford, N. Y.

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