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Volume 61, page 57

Mrs. Laura Whitney Potter.
DAR ID Number: 60169
Born in Amsterdam, Wis.
Wife of William J. Potter.
Descendant of Joseph Teall.
Daughter of Clinton Goit and Martha Teall, his wife.
Granddaughter of William Teall and Rhoda Conant, his 2nd wife.
Gr-granddaughter of Joseph Teall and Annie Griswold, his wife.
Joseph Teall (1762-1837), when a boy, entered the army and died during the severe winter at Valley Forge. His father was a Tory, but his five sons fought for their country, and all save Joseph served to the end of the war. He was born in Killingsworth; died in Fairfield, Conn.
Also No. 59081.

Volume 61, page 124

Mrs. Mabel Nelson Blake.
DAR ID Number: 60386
Born in Lowell, Mass.
Wife of William J. Blake.
Descendant of Sergt. Nathaniel Parkhurst and of Lieut. Josiah Nelson, of Massachusetts.
Daughter of Charles Nelson and Martha Whitney, his wife.
Granddaughter of Edwin Nelson and Mary E. Fifield, his wife.
Gr-granddaughter of Arba Nelson and Abigail Parkhurst, his wife.
Gr-gr-granddaughter of Nathaniel Parkhurst and Sarah Brown, his wife; Josiah Nelson and Elizabeth Thayer, his wife.
Nathaniel Parkhurst (1746-1818) served as sergeant at the Lexington Alarm in Capt. Gershom Nelson's company. He was born and died in Milford.
Also No. 20249.
Josiah Nelson (1732-1807) responded to the Lexington Alarm as lieutenant in Capt. Gershom Nelson's company. He was born in Mendon; died in Milford, Mass.

Volume 61, page 138

Mrs. Emily A. Sargent Bierman.
DAR ID Number: 60424
Born in Chaska, Minn.
Wife of Charles A. Bierman.
[p.137] Descendant of Frederick Ware, Benjamin Thompson, Lieut. John Griffin, Levi Hoyt, John Sargent, Capt. William Manning, William Gerrish, John Flower, and Richard Sanborn.
Daughter of Joseph Augustus Sargent (1820-84) and Prudence Elizabeth Thompson (1842-1906), his 2nd wife, m. 1865.
Granddaughter of Joseph Smith Sargent (1798-1870) and Ann Hoyt Griffin (1801-82), his wife, m. 1820; Benjamin F. Thompson and Prudence E. (Thompson) (1816-1904), his wife, m. 1837.
Gr-granddaughter of John Sargent (1770-1838) and Polly Sanborn (1768-1849), his wife, m. 1791; Joel Thompson (b. 1792) and Mary Ware (1795-1890), his wife, m. 1815 (parents of Prudence); William Griffin (1774-1848) and Nancy Hoyt (b. 1778), his wife, m. 1798; Whitney Thompson (b. 1790) and Mary Flower (1795-1860), his wife, m. 1811 (parents of Benjamin).
Gr-gr-granddaughter of John Sargent and Mehitabel Smith, his wife, m. 1770; Benjamin Thompson and Abigail Whitney, his wife; Frederick Ware and Jermima Manning (b. 1761), his 2nd wife, m. 1785; John Griffin and Hannah Gerrish (1746-1830), his wife, m. 1767; Levi Hoyt and Ann Currier, his wife, m. 1772; Ahira Flower and Margaret Boyce or Du Boise, his wife, m. 1794; Richard Sanborn and Abigail Kelly (1739-1821), his wife, m. 1760.
Gr-gr-gr-granddaughter of William Manning and Mrs. Mary Payson (1736-1812), his wife, m. 1759; William Gerrish and Mary Morrell (b. 1717), his 2nd wife, m. 1738; John Flower and Susanna Hooker (bapt. 1736), his wife, m. 1752.
Frederick Ware (1760-1832) was placed on the pension roll of Windsor County, Vt., 1818, for service as private, Massachusetts Continental Line. He was born in Wrentham, Mass.; died in Pomfret, Vt.
Benjamin Thompson (1751-1845) served as a volunteer from Croydon, N. H., and was stationed at Saratoga when Burgoyne surrendered. He was born in Northbridge, Mass.; died in Royalton, Vt.
John Griffin (1740-87) was lieutenant in the 2nd New Hampshire regiment, 1775. He was born in Gloucester, Mass.; died in Durham, N. H.
Levi Hoyt served as a private in Capt. Timothy Barnard's company, Amesbury, Mass., which marched on the Lexington Alarm. He was born, 1746, in Amesbury; died in Maine.
John Sargent (1750-90) signed the Association Test at Louden, N. H., 1776.
William Manning (1733-1807) commanded a company under Col. Charles Webb, 2nd Connecticut regiment. He was born and died in Woodstock, Conn.
William Gerrish (1710-94) was a private in Col. Pierce Long's regiment, [p.138] Capt. Ebenezer Dearing's company. He was born and died in Berwick, Maine.
John Flower (1718-1803) served in Capt. Seth Pierce's company of Hampshire County, massachusetts troops. He was born in Hartford, Conn.; died in Hartland, Vt.
Richard Sanborn (1736-80) was a private in Capt. Joseph Sweeny's company, Col. Benjamin Foster's Lincoln County, Maine regiment. He was born in Greenland, N. H.; died in Sanbornton.

Volume 61, page 165

[p.165] Mrs. Evelyn Daniels Ronald.
DAR ID Number: 60501
Born in Norwich, Conn.
Wife of John H. Ronald.
Descendant of Brig.-Gen. Josiah Whitney, of Massachusetts.
Daughter of Joseph Daniels and Emily J. Towne, his wife.
Granddaughter of George W. Towne and Laura Lawrence, his wife.
Gr-granddaughter of Asa Lawrence and Lucy Whitney, his wife.
Gr-gr-granddaughter of Josiah Whitney and Anna N. Scollay, his wife.
Gr-gr-gr-granddaughter of Josiah Whitney and Sarah Farr, his wife.
Josiah Whitney (1731-1806), who had served in the early wars, commanded a company, 1775, and a regiment at the siege of Boston, the Burgoyne campaign, and the expedition to Rhode Island. He was promoted brigadier-general at the close of the war. He was born in Harvard, Mass.; died in Ashby.
Also No. 11627.

Volume 61, page 168

Mrs. Augusta Childs Fowler.
DAR ID Number: 60512
Born in Niagara Co., N. Y.
Wife of John Fowler.
Descendant of Capt. Jonathan Whitney.
Daughter of William H. Childs and Laura Amsden, his wife.
Granddaughter of Simeon Amsden and Abigail Whitney, his wife.
Gr-granddaughter of Jonathan Whitney and Esther Parkhurst, his wife.
Jonathan Whitney (1737-92) responded to the Lexington Alarm as sergeant in a company of minute men commanded by Capt. Robert Oliver, Col. Samuel Williams' regiment, and, 1780, rose to the rank of captain of the 7th company, 5th regiment. He was born in Conway, Mass.; died in Old Castle, N. Y.

Volume 61, page 181

Miss Dorothy Whitney Macarthur.
DAR ID Number: 60548
Born in Knox County, Tenn.
Descendant of Jacob Vorhees.
Daughter of Allan Campbell MacArthur and Teresa Whitney, his wife.
Granddaughter of William Glenny Whitney and Elcy F. M. Voorhees, his 2nd wife.
Gr-granddaughter of Isaac Voorhees and Isabelle McComac, his wife.
Gr-gr-granddaughter of Jacob Voorhees and Hannah Sickels, his wife.
Jacob Vorhees (1742-1827) was a private in Capt. Peter D. Vroom's company, 2nd battalion, Somerset County, New Jersey militia. He was born in Somerset County, N. J.; died in Jefferson County, Ohio.
Also No. 14313.

Volume 61, page 268

Mrs. Margaret Ballard Moore.
DAR ID Number: 60802
Born in Grand Rapids, Mich.
Wife of Malcolm H. Moore.
Descendant of Josiah Ballard, Eleazer Edgerton, and Jonathan Whitney.
Daughter of Rev. James Ballard (1805-81) and Emeline Hinsdill (d. 1867), his wife, m. 1831.
Granddaughter of William Ballard (b. 1764) and Elizabeth Whitney (b. 1776), his wife, m. 1787; Stephen Hinsdale and Hannah Edgerton (1785-1860), his wife.
Gr-granddaughter of Josiah Ballard and Sarah Carter (b. 1725), his wife, m. 1744; Eleazer Edgerton and Sarah Hyde (1754-1819), his wife; Jonathan Whitney and Mary Wyman (1744-78), his 1st wife, m. 1765.
Josiah Ballard (1721-99) was a member of war committee and selectman of Lancaster, Mass., where he died. He was born in Andover.
Eleazer Edgerton (1748-1819) served at the battle of Bennington under Captain Clark, General Stark's brigade. He was born in Norwich, Conn.; died in Bennington, Vt.
Jonathan Whitney (1736-1802) was a private in Capt. Joseph White's company of militia, Col. Asa Whitcomb's regiment, which marched on the Lexington Alarm. He was born in Bedford; died in Lancaster, Mass.

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