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Volume 65, page 111

Mrs. Mary E. Church.
DAR ID Number: 64324
Born in Ontario, Canada.
Wife of T. C. Church.
Descendant of Judge Samuel Safford, Benjamin Olds, and Col. William Williams.
Daughter of Chauncey J. Olds (1830-96) and Sarah M. Morgan (b. 1839), his 2nd wife, m. 1857.
Granddaughter of Ross Olds (1791-1861) and Barbara Pratt (1791-1854), his wife, m. 1813; Mason C. Morgan (1802-81) and Martha E. Safford (1808-94), his wife, m. 1826.
Gr-granddaughter of Joseph Olds (1769-1840) and Sally Whitney (1774-1840), his wife, m. 1790; Benjamin Morgan and Ph£be Williams, his wife, m. 1783; Samuel Safford, Jr., and Auretia Mather, his wife.
Gr-gr-granddaughter of Benjamin Olds and Via Smith (1730-1820), his wife; Samuel Safford and Mary Lawrence, his wife; William Williams and Zilpha Wilder, his wife, m. 1767.
[p.111] Samuel Safford (1737-1813) was major of Green Mountain Boys at Bennington and with him were his son, Samuel, and his brothers, David, Joseph, Solomon, and Jacob. He served twenty-six consecutive terms as Judge of Bennington County court. He was born in Norwich, Conn.; died in Bennington, Vt.
Also No. 38915.
Benjamin Olds (1732-1813) enlisted, 1776, in Capt. William Cooley's company, Col. John Moseley's Hampshire County, regiment, and, 1777, was a minute man at the Bennington Alarm. He was born in Suffield, Conn.; died in Marlboro, Vt.
William Williams (1736-1822) commanded a regiment at the battle of Bennington. He was born in Northboro, Mass.; died in Canada.

Volume 65, page 173

Miss Berenice Judah Scoville.
DAR ID Number: 64497
Born in San Francisco, Cal.
Descendant of Sergt. Samuel Scovil, Charles Close, and Benjamin Grant.
Daughter of John Jay Scoville (1843-1902) and Nelly L. Trask (b. 1844), his wife.
Granddaughter of Charles Whitney Scoville (1810-94) and Deborah Taylor (1810-96), his wife, m. 1840; John Trask and Anne Rhodes Grant, his wife.
Gr-granddaughter of Miles Scoville (b. 1785) and Mary Close, his wife; Benjamin Grant, Jr., and Sally Rhodes, his wife.
Gr-gr-granddaughter of Samuel Scovil and Lydia Hitchcock, his wife, m. 1780; Charles Close and Hannah Whitney (d. 1842), his wife, m. 1784; Benjamin Grant and Esther Brown, his wife.
Samuel Scovil (1754-1824) enlisted, 1777, as a private in Capt. Jarius Wilcox's company, Col. Jeduthan Baldwin's Connecticut regiment of artillery Artificers. In 1778 he was promoted sergeant and served until 1781. He was placed on the pension roll, 1818, of Canadaigua, N. Y. He was born in Massachusetts; died in Monroe County, N. Y.
[p.173] Charles Close (1756-1838) enlisted, 1775, in Captain Lansdale's company, Col. Samuel Smith's Maryland regiment; also in Capt. Nathaniel Smith's company, same regiment, and was at the battles of Monmouth, Cowpens, Guilford Court House, and Yorktown. He was a pensioner in 1818. He was born in Belfast, Ireland; died in Monroe County, N. Y.
Benjamin Grant (1750-1839) was placed on the pension roll of Bristol County, 1832, for service as private in the Rhode Island militia. He was born in Barrington, R. I.; is buried in Swansea, Mass., and upon his tombstone is: ôA patriot of the Revolution.ö
Also No. 36039.

Volume 65, page 210

Miss Lelia H. Hunnewell.
DAR ID Number: 64604
Born in Moscow, Me.
Descendant of Thomas Hunnewell, Corp. Edmund Entwishill, and Thomas Whitcomb.
Daughter of Abel J. Hunnewell (b. 1843) and Lelia S. Hill (b. 1854), his wife, m. 1873.
Granddaughter of Heman Hunnewell and Melinda Smith, his wife; Jabez Dorman Hill (1815-93) and Lucetta Whitcomb (1818-97), his wife, m. 1834.
Gr-granddaughter of Thomas Hunnewell and ù Dean, his wife; Edmund Entwis Hill, Jr. (1786-1862), and Lucy Dorman (1789-1864), his wife, m. 1814; Nathaniel Whitcomb (b. 1781) and Sophia White (b. 1788), his wife.
Gr-gr-granddaughter of Edmund Entwishill and Mindwell Bathrick (1757-89), his wife, m. 1783; Thomas Whitcomb and Anna Whitney (1741-1823), his wife, m. 1756.
Thomas Hunnewell (1756-1829) was placed on the pension roll of Somerset County, Me., 1818, for service as private, Massachusetts Line. He was born in Solon; died in Wiscasset, Me.
Also No. 64999.
Edmund Entwishill (1746-1821) was a private in Capt. Edmund Brigham's company of minute men, which marched on the Lexington Alarm. He was born in Manchester, England; died in Haverhill, Mass.
Thomas Whitcomb (1736-1824) enlisted, 1776, in Capt. Daniel Carlisle's company, Colonel Bedel's regiment, and in 1777 marched to the relief of the garrison at Ticonderoga in Capt. Oliver Coolidge's company, Colonel Ashley's regiment. He was born in Littleton, Mass.; died in Norridgewock, Me.

Volume 65, page 309

Mrs. Florence M. Eull Glascock.
DAR ID Number: 64877
Born in Chicago, Ill.
Wife of Terrill Hammond Glascock.
Descendant of Jesse Hanford.
Daughter of Francis Philip Eull and Florence Isabell Cady, his wife.
Granddaughter of Otis Hiram Cady and Mary Ellen Hanford, his wife.
Gr-granddaughter of William Harlow Hanford and Sarah Leonard, his wife.
Gr-gr-granddaughter of Jesse Hanford, Jr. (1777-1864), and Eunice Murdock, his wife, m. 1798.
Gr-gr-gr-granddaughter of Jesse Hanford and Mary Whitney (d. 1843), his wife.
Jesse Hanford (1746-77) served in Capt. Jonathan Bell's company, 9th regiment of Connecticut militia, under Lieut.-Col. John Mead, 1776. He was born in Norwalk, Conn.
Also No. 55134.

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