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Volume 74, page 12

Mrs. Carrie E. Whitney Tilton.
DAR ID Number: 73023
Born in Mexico, N. Y.
Wife of W. G. Tilton.
Descendant of Corp. Cornelius Whitney.
Daughter of Henry Seymour Whitney and Harriet R. Gillett, his wife.
Granddaughter of Lyman E. Whitney and Lucy Ellsworth, his wife.
Gr-granddaughter of Cornelius Whitney and Martha Graves, his wife.
Cornelius Whitney (1749-1833) served as private in Capt. Isaac Bostwick's company, Col. Charles Webb's Connecticut regiment, 1775; was corporal, 1776, in Capt. David Cady's company, Connecticut troops. He was born in Killingly, Conn.; died in Mexico, N. Y.

Volume 74, page 56

Mrs. Georgia Joanna Bissell Paul.
DAR ID Number: 73142
Born in Hubbardton, Vt.
Wife of Edwin M. Paul.
Descendant of Abda De Wolph.
Daughter of Wilbur W. Bissell and Janet Dolph, his wife.
Granddaughter of Leonard Dolph and Mary Janet Ames, his 2nd wife.
Gr-granddaughter of Simeon Dolph and Abigail Walker, his wife.
Gr-gr-granddaughter of Abda De Wolph and Mary Coleman, his wife.
Abda De Wolph (1743-1833), who had served in the early wars, was a private in the 17th regiment, Albany County, New York militia, under Colonel Whitney. He was born in Middletown, Conn.; died in Andover, Ohio.
Also Nos. 65439, 68398.

Volume 74, page 97

Mrs. Harriet Holtman Chase.
DAR ID Number: 73254
Born in Evansville, Ind.
Wife of A. W. Chase.
Descendant of James Gaston.
Daughter of Louis Holtman (b. 1851) and May Murphy (1851-89), his 1st wife, m. 1871.
Granddaughter of Jefferson Murphy (1814-77) and Margaret Gaston (1819-90), his wife, m. 1835.
Gr-granddaughter of Robert Gaston (1792-1837) and Elizabeth Whitney (d. 1840), his wife, m. 1815.
Gr-gr-granddaughter of James Gaston and Catherine Creighton (d. 1848), his wife.
James Gaston (1747-1840), enlisted 1776, as a private in Col. William Thompson's 3rd South Carolina regiment. He was born in South Carolina; died in Fairfield, Ill.

Volume 74, page 102

Miss Flora Gill.
DAR ID Number: 73266
Born in Augusta, Me.
Descendant of Benjamin Whitney, of Maine.
Daughter of Samuel Gill (d. 1870) and Hannah Whitney (1825-98), his wife, m. 1846.
Granddaughter of Abiezer Holbrook Whitney (1794-1865) and Elizabeth White (1794-1841), his wife, m. 1816.
Gr-granddaughter of Nathan Whitney (1768-1847) and Sarah Godfrey (d. 1827), his wife.
Gr-gr-granddaughter of Benjamin Whitney and Mercy Hinkley (1734-1814), his wife.
Benjamin Whitney (1725-97) served as a soldier in the Revolutionary War, Massachusetts Line. He was born in York; died in Lisbon.

Volume 74, page 103

Mrs. Olive Gill Randall.
DAR ID Number: 73267
Born in Parkershead, Me.
Wife of Charles Phineas Randall.
Descendant of Samuel Gill, 1st, and of Benjamin Whitney.
Daughter of Samuel Gill, 3rd (d. 1870), and Hannah Whitney (1825-98), his wife, m. 1846.
Granddaughter of Samuel Gill, 2nd (1785-1855), and Eleanor McCormick (1795-1877), his wife.
See No. 73266.
[p.103] Gr-granddaughter of Samuel Gill, 1st, and Sarah Hatch (1745-86), his wife, m. 1761.
Samuel Gill, 1st (1740-84), responded to the Lexington Alarm as a private in Capt. Jonathan Loring's company, and as sergeant in Capt. Charles Cushing's company; re-enlisted 1776, and served until 1780. He was born in Hingham, Mass.; died in Augusta, Me.

Volume 74, page 259

Mrs. Marguerite W. Cummings Solano.
DAR ID Number: 73710
Born in Portland, Me.
Wife of J. Alberto Solano.
Descendant of Nathan Whitney.
Daughter of Clarence L. Cummings (b. 1854) and Evelyn L. Edwards (b. 1854), his wife, m. 1876.
Granddaughter of Silas A. Cummings (1820-83) and Ph£be Ann Whitney (1828-1905), his wife, m. 1846.
Gr-granddaughter of George W. Whitney (1792-1878) and Mary Whitney (1795-1853), his wife, m. 1817.
Gr-gr-granddaughter of Asa Whitney (1754-1806) and Ph£be Paine (Hopkins) Davis (1759-1853), his 2nd wife, m. 1785.
Gr-gr-gr-granddaughter of Nathan Whitney and Elizabeth Melcha, his 2nd wife, m. 1748.
[p.259] Nathan Whitney (1706-1804), a prominent and influential citizen of York, Me., was a member of Revolutionary committees. He died in Gorham, Me.

Volume 74, page 345

Miss Rena Delle George.
DAR ID Number: 73953
Born in Fairfield, Ill.
Descendant of Stephen Sandford and of Hezekiah Beecher.
Daughter of Gilbert Jasper George (b. 1838) and Emily A. Wilcox (b. 1843), his wife, m. 1866.
Granddaughter of Josiah Wilcox (1819-1909) and Mary Sandford Beecher (b. 1824), his wife, m. 1840.
Gr-granddaughter of Zina Beecher (1784-1865) and Lucretia Sandford (1789-1880), his wife, m. 1809; Hezekiah Beecher and Philena Johnson (b. 1761), his wife.
Gr-gr-granddaughter of Stephen Sandford and Sybil White (d. 1800), his wife.
[p.345] Stephen Sandford (1740-90) served, 1781, in Capt. William Moulton's company under Gen. David Whitney. He was born in Wilford; died in Hamden, Conn.
Hezekiah Beecher (1755-1828) served as a private in Capt. Benedict Arnold's company. He was born in Woodbridge, Conn.

Volume 74, page 348

Mrs. Frances M. Northrop Rawlins.
DAR ID Number: 73961
Born in Woodstock, Ill.
Wife of E. W. Rawlins.
Descendant of Cornelius Brink (or Brinck), of New York.
Daughter of Charles S. Northrop (b. 1856) and Mary H. Whitney (b. 1861), his wife, m. 1883.
Granddaughter of James Northrop (1825-96) and Rachel A. De Lemater (b. 1829), his wife, m. 1849.
Gr-granddaughter of Peter L. De Lamater (1793-1854) and Mary Brink (1794-1872), his wife, m. 1816.
Gr-gr-granddaughter of Cornelius C. Brink Jr. (1760-1824), and Catharine Cool (1758-1828), his wife, m. 1784.
Gr-gr-gr-granddaughter of Cornelius Brink and Marretjen Beatty (1721-60), his wife, m. 1743.
[p.348] Cornelius Brink (1722-91) served as a private in Capt. John L. De Witt's company, Colonel Snyder's 1st regiment, Ulster County militia. He was born in Hurley; died in Ulster County.

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