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Volume 87, page 49

Mrs. Daisy Hedges Whitney.
DAR ID Number: 86157
Born in Winchester, Va.
Wife of George Royal Whitney.
Descendant of Capt. Joseph Hedges, as follows:
1. Decatur Hedges (b. 1832) m., 1855, Mary Heugh Beall (1828-69).
2. Dr. John Rawlings Hedges (1779-1852) m. 2nd, 1821, Elizabeth Turner (1792-1855).
3. Joseph Hedges m., 1774, Elizabeth Rawlings (1755-1824).
Joseph Hedges (1740-1828) commanded a company of militia, 1776, from Berkeley County, Va., where he was born and died.
Also No. 55688.

Volume 87, page 105

Mrs. Harriet Slason Chamberlain.
DAR ID Number: 86335
Born in Bridgeport, Conn.
Wife of John C. Chamberlain.
Descendant of Capt. Nathaniel Slason, as follows:
1. Eugene P. Slason (1834-93) m., 1860, Margaret Eleanor Smith (b. 1840).
2. George Nelson Slason (1806-48) m., 1828, Eliza Turney (1806-87).
3. Nathaniel Slason m. 2nd, 1787, Hannah Whitney Smith (1760-1851).
Nathaniel Slason (1744-1855) received a pension as lieutenant and captain, Connecticut Continental Line. He was born in Stamford; died in Darien, Conn.
Also No. 42508.

Volume 87, page 118

[p.118] Mrs. Lena Whitney Howard Brooks.
DAR ID Number: 86368
Born in Natick, Mass.
Wife of Albert A. Brooks.
Descendant of Col. Josiah Whitney, as follows:
1. Henry Harrison Howard (1844-94) m., 1871, Laura Melvina Whitney (b. 1845).
2. Lemuel Whitney, Jr. (1818-92), m., 1842, Almira Griffin Pollard (1820-1904).
3. Lemuel Whitney (1784-1853) m., 1804, Elizabeth Hall (1788-1852).
4. Josiah Whitney m. 2nd, 1774, Sarah Dwelly (d. 1817).
Josiah Whitney (1731-1806) who had served in the early wars, commanded a regiment at the siege of Boston; was engaged in the expedition to Rhode Island and the Burgoyne campaign. He was born in Stow; died in Ashley, Mass.
Also No. 69545.

Volume 87, page 225

Miss Edith Whitney Shaw.
DAR ID Number: 86705
Born in Sinclairville, N. Y.
Descendant of Asa Whitney, as follows:
1. Frank Eugene Shaw (b. 1840) m., 1879, Ada Leaming Beardsley (b. 1855).
2. Robert Temple Shaw (1814-59) m., 1834, Martha Cleveland Whitney (1818-98).
3. Appleton Downer Whitney (1779-1851) m. 2nd Dolly Wyman (d. 1878).
4. Asa Whitney m. 2nd, 1776, Hepsibath Watrous (1745-1815).
[p.225] Asa Whitney (1743-1803) in 1775 served as armorer in the Northern Department. He was born in Preston, Conn.; died in Pittsfield, Mass.

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