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Volume 92, page 131

Mrs. Martha Eliza Tiffany Mcchesney.
DAR ID Number: 91403
Born in Buffalo, N. Y.
Descendant of Dr. Benjamin Tiffany and of Capt. Nathaniel Alexander, as follows:
1. Nelson Otis Tiffany (b. 1842) m. 1868 Julia Charlotte Chase (1843-91).
2. Nelson Arnold Tiffany (1813-94) m. 1837 Martha Eliza Whitney (1819-47); Wesley Chase (1808-85) m. 1827 Dolly Ann Bush (1808-95).
3. Benjamin Tiffany, Jr. (1768-1854), m. 1794 Achsah Manly (1776-1823); Reuben Chase (1782-1871) m. 1801 Eunice Alexander (1782-1862).
4. Dr. Benjamin Tiffany m. Sarah Carr (1743-1830); Nathaniel Alexander m. Eunice Hitchcock (d. 1832).
Benjamin Tiffany (1741-1825) served as private under Captains Isaac Hodge and Seth Smith, sergeant under Capt. Samuel Richards, and surgeon in Stark's brigade of volunteers. He was born in Attleboro, Mass.; died in Randolph, Vt.
Also No. 78333.
Nathaniel Alexander (1744-1829) was placed on the pension roll of Lewis County, N. Y., 1818, for service as captain, Massachusetts Line. He was born in Brattleboro, Vt.; died in West Martinsburg, N. Y.
Also No. 25680.

Volume 92, page 189

Mrs. Lucy J. Hutchins Newcomb.
DAR ID Number: 91580
Born in Berlin, Vt.
Wife of Leo. A. Newcomb.
Descendant of Sergt. James Bancroft, as follows:
1. William H. Hutchins m. 1st 1873 Martha Bradshaw (d. 1879).
2. James Bradshaw m. Betsey Beaman.
3. George G. Bradshaw (1790-1864) m. Mary Bancroft (1790-1880).
4. James Bancroft m. 1771 Lucy Whitney (1755-1840).
James Bancroft (1745-1832) served as sergeant under Capt. John Miller at Ticonderoga. He was born in Tyngsboro, Mass.; died in Rockingham, Vt.

Volume 92, page 211

Mrs. Kate J. Harrison Whitney.
DAR ID Number: 91650
Born in Cornwall, Conn.
Wife of Henry Douglass Whitney.
Descendant of Noah Harrison, as follows:
1. George Chandler Harrison (1840-1907) m. 1862 Rebecca A. Louisa Todd (1837-1902).
2. John Rogers Harrison (1807-80) m. 1833 Eleanor Bradford (1809-90).
3. Edmund Harrison (1768-1867) m. 1795 Ruth Hopkins (1769-1852).
4. Noah Harrison m. 1767 Hannah Rogers (1737-85).
Noah Harrison (1737-1823) served as private, 1777, in Captain Griswold's company, Colonel Enos' 3rd battalion. He was born in Branford; died in Cornwall, Conn.
Also No. 78975.

Volume 92, page 230

Mrs. Florence J. Galbreath Teachout Royse.
DAR ID Number: 91720
Born in Pierceton, Ind.
Descendant of John Whitney, as follows:
1. Nelson R. Galbreath (1845-91) m. 1868 Cynthia Royse (1849-89).
2. G. W. A. Royse (1801-59) m. 2nd 1835 Nancy Chaplin (1813-1911).
3. James Chaplin (1784-1865) m. 1807 Sarah Whitney (1787-1858).
4. John Whitney m. Hannah Atherton (d. 1795).
John Whitney (1745-99) served as a private in Captain Sawyer's company, Colonel Dike's regiment, which assisted, 1776, at the evacuation of Boston. He was born in Harvard, Mass.; died in Milledgeville, Ga.
Also No. 77066.

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