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Volume 94, page 38

Mrs. Mabel Benham Mays.
DAR ID Number: 93112
Born in Ann Arbor, Mich.
Wife of Vernon G. Mays.
Descendant of Samuel Dodge, as follows:
1. Samuel G. Benham (1829-91) m. 1854 Elozia Clough (1828-1912).
2. Lemuel Whitney Clough (1806-83) m. 1827 Caroline Clock (1808-76).
3. Abraham Clock (1783-1857) m. 1807 Margaret Dodge (1787-1814).
4 Samuel Dodge m. 1769 Deborah North.
Samuel Dodge (1740-1800) served with Gates in the Burgoyne campaign. His home in Ulster County was destroyed by the Tories, 1779. He was born in Cow Neck, L. I.; died in New York City.
Also No. 45405.

Volume 94, page 128

[p.128] Mrs. Estella Sargent Mccarty.
DAR ID Number: 93420
Born in Rindge, N. H.
Wife of Andrew J. McCarty.
Descendant of Israel Woodbury, as follows:
1. Daniel H. Sargent (1831-1908) m. 1858 Clarinda A. Woodbury (1834-1902).
2. Nathan Woodbury (1794-1877) m. 1817 Clarinda Whitney (1797-1891).
3. Israel Woodbury m. 1781 Anna Morgan.
Israel Woodbury (1756-1847) served as a private in Capt. Billy Porter's company, Col. Benjamin Tupper's regiment, Continental Army, 1777-80. He was born in Beverly Parish; died in Bolton, Mass.

Volume 94, page 180

Mrs. Mary Herring Ross.
DAR ID Number: 93587
Born in Durand, Ill.
Wife of C. M. Ross.
Descendant of Benjamin Herring, Benjamin Herring, Jr., and Sergt. Samuel Haskell, as follows:
1. Benjamin Herring (1825-96) m. 1850 Honor Pengra (1825-1912).
2. John Herring (1788-1878) m. 1813 Mercy Haskell (1784-1866).
3. Benjamin Herring, Jr., m. 1783 Ester Robinson (1765-1844); Samuel Haskell m. 1770 Ruth Safford.
4. Benjamin Herring m. 1753 Experience Annis (1731-1817).
[p.180] Benjamin Herring served as sailing master on board an American privateer, which was lost in a storm off Cape Sable, 1781. He was born, 1727, in Gloucester, Mass.
Benjamin Herring, Jr. (1761-1845), enlisted, 1780, in Capt. Isaac Parson's company, Col. Joseph Prime's regiment, Wadsworth's brigade, serving to the eastward. He was born in Gloucester, Mass.; died in Norway, Me.
Also No. 64054.
Samuel Haskell (1749-1825) served as private and sergeant under Captains Joseph Elliot, Hezekiah Whitney and Colonels William Turner and Josiah Whitney, 1777-81, Massachusetts troops. He was born in Harvard, Mass.; died in Waterford, Me.

Volume 94, page 188

Miss Orena Josephine Linscott.
DAR ID Number: 93605
Born in Farmington, Me.
Descendant of Corp. Samuel Linscott, Andrew Dunning, Abijah Hemenway, Lieut. Abraham Coburn, Samuel Dadmun, Elijah Dadmun, Major Joshua Sprague, Frederick Sprague, David Hitchcock, Moses Chandler, Jacob Keen, William Parmenter, Lieut. Nathan Smith, Isaac Whitney, Solomon Adams, Ebenezer Butterfield, Samuel Butterfield, Ephraim Richardson and Josiah Blake, as follows:
1. George S. Linscott (b. 1868) m. 1891 Minnie Blake Linscott (b. 1871).
2. Shepard Keen Linscott (1837-1906) m. 2nd 1866 Josephine Mallett (b. 1845); John J. Linscott (b. 1846) m. 1868 Rena C. Hemenway (1846-1901).
3. Shepard Linscott (1800-55) m. 2nd 1835 Esther L. Keen (1806-55); Gordon T. Mallett (1806-55) m. 1842 Lydia Minerva Hitchcock (1807-61); Joseph A. Linscott (1812-95) m. 1839 Sarah Adams Blake (1818-70); Martin D. Hemenway (1816-82) m. 1844 Cynthia Coburn (1813-82).
4. Rev. Josiah Keen (1768-1854) m. 2nd Ph£be Gould; Edmund Mallett m. Nancy Sprague (b. 1784); David Hitchcock, Jr. (1773-1849), m. 1799 Sarah Swan (1780-1866); Jacob Linscott (1792-1817) m. Betsy Whitney (1795-1853) (parents of Joseph); Joseph Blake (b. 1793) m. 1815 Sarah Adams (1793-1818); Abijah Hemenway, Jr. (b. 1787) m. Lucinda Dadmun (1786-1826); Abraham Coburn, Jr. (b. 1775), m. 1801 Miriam Richardson (b. 1779).
See No. 93604.

6. Joshua Sprague m. Abigail Wilbur (1731-1825); Isaac Whitney m. 1761 Hannah Payne; Samuel Butterfield m. 1761 Hannah Chandler; William Parmenter m. 1740 Mary Pepper (b. 1717); Nathan Smith m. Susanna Livermore (b. 1743); Samuel Dadmun m. Lois Pratt (1726-1808).
7. Moses Chandler m. Dorothy Marble (1719-60); Ebenezer Butterfield m. Sarah ù.
Abijah Hemenway (1755-1824) enlisted, 1777, as a private in Capt. Joseph Winch's company, Col. Samuel Bullard's regiment, and, 1780, in Capt. Lawson Buckminister's company, Col. Abner Parry's regiment on the Rhode Island Alarm. He was born and died in Framingham, Mass.
Abraham Coburn (1729-97) was lieutenant, 1775, in Capt. Stephen Russell's company, Colonel Green's regiment. He was born and died in Dracut, Mass.
[p.187] Samuel Dadmun (1722-94) served as a private in Capt. Nathan Drury's 6th company, Col. Abner Parry's regiment. He was born and died in Framingham, Mass.
Elijah Dadmun served as private in Capt. Simon Edgell's company, which marched on the Lexington Alarm. He was baptized, 1755, in Framingham, Mass.
Also No. 49440.
Joshua Sprague (1727-1816) served as major in Col. Joab Stafford's company of Independent Volunteers of Lanesboro, Mass. He was born in Smithfield, R. I.; died in Washington County, Ohio.
Frederick Sprague (1762-1839) was placed on the pension roll of Ohio, 1818, for service as private, Connecticut Continental Line. He died in Franklin County, Ohio.
David Hitchcock served as private in Major Eli Leavenworth's company, Col. Return Jonathan Meigs' 6th Connecticut regiment. He was born, 1745, in Milford, Conn.; died, about 1784, in Connecticut.
Also No. 68500.
Moses Chandler (1720-1800), who had served in the French and Indian wars, was a member of the Committee of Inspection and Safety, 1780. He was born in Westford, Mass.; died in East Wilton, Me.
Jacob Keen (1731-88) served as a private in Capt. Philip Ulmer's company, 1779, in the Penobscot expedition. He was born in Pembroke, Mass.; died in Rockland, Me.
Also No. 42924.
William Parmenter was a patriot during the Revolutionary War. He was born, 1719, in Sudbury, Mass.
Nathan Smith (1741-80) served as corporal in Capt. Joseph Smith's company, Col. James Barrett's regiment which marched on the Lexington Alarm and as lieutenant, 1776, in Col. Ezekiel Hew's 4th Middlesex County regiment, Massachusetts militia. He was born in Watertown; died in Framingham, Mass.
Isaac Whitney (1720-1800) served, 1775, as private in Capt. John Elden's company from Buxton County, Me. He was born in York; died in Freeport, Me.
Solomon Adams (1758-1833) served as private, 1777, in Capt. James Varnum's company, Col. Michael Jackson's Massachusetts regiment. He was born in Chelmsford, Mass.; died in Vienna, Me.
Ebenezer Butterfield (1706-95) was a patriot during the Revolution. He was born in Chelmsford; died in Dunstable, Mass.
Samuel Butterfield (1738-1808) enlisted, 1777, as a private in the Revolution. He was born in Dunstable, Mass.; died in Farmington, Me.
[p.188] Ephraim Richardson (1745-1815) served, 1777, as private in Capt. Joseph Bradley Varnum's company, Col. Simeon Spaulding's regiment. He was born in Dracut, Mass.
Josiah Blake (1759-1840) responded to the Lexington Alarm from Rehoboth in Capt. Phanuel Bishop's company, and, 1777, in Capt. Loring Lincoln's company, Lieut. Col. Flagg's regiment. He was born in Massachusetts; died in Phillips, Me.

Volume 94, page 226

Mrs. Frances A. Lucas Thompson.
DAR ID Number: 93726
Born in Jefferson County, N. Y.
Wife of James M. Thompson.
Descendant of Sergt. Timothy Rawson, as follows:
1. George R. Lucas (1828-1902) m. 1849 Pamelia J. Wells (1828-97).
2. Isaac Wells (1793-1856) m. 1821 Maria Whitney (1795-1863).
3. Mason Whitney (b. 1765) m. Dolly Rawson (1765-1802).
4. Timothy Rawson m. 1767 Chloe Fish (b. 1748).
Timothy Rawson (1747-1825) served as sergeant under Captains Peters and Sibley, Colonels Read and Tyler, Massachusetts troops. He received a pension for his service. He was born in Massachusetts; died in Jefferson County, N. Y.
Also No. 89734.

Volume 94, page 244

Mrs. Ellen White Harrison.
DAR ID Number: 93786
Born in Harrison, Pa.
Wife of Fred L. Harrison.
Descendant of Amos Raymond, as follows:
1. Hamilton White (1822-95) m. 1854 Almira Blackman (1831-1904).
2. Lyman Blackman m. 1810 Maria Raymond.
3. William Greenleaf Raymond (1786-1874) m. Betsey Freeland (1787-1875).
4. Amos Raymond m. 1775 Alice Joslyn (1757-1828).
Amos Raymond (1757-1852) served as private under Captains Raymond, Boynton and Houghton, Colonels Sparhawk and Whitney, Massachusetts Line. He was born in Holden, Mass.; died in Raymond, Pa.
Also No. 92702.

Volume 94, page 258

Mrs. Matilda Raymond Heck.
DAR ID Number: 93834
Born in Potter County, Pa.
Wife of Albert S. Heck.
Descendant of Amos Raymond, as follows:
[p.258] 1. Asa Freeland Raymond (b. 1825) m. 1850 Juliet Grover (1829-1910).
2. Daniel Raymond (1793-1893) m. 1816 Amanda Freeland (d. 1879).
3. Amos Raymond m. 1779 Alice Joslyn (1757-1828).
Amos Raymond (1757-1852) served as private under Captains Raymond, Boynton and Houghton, Colonels Sparhawk and Whitney, Massachusetts Line. He was born in Holden, Mass.; died in Raymond, Pa.
Also No. 92702.

Volume 94, page 260

Mrs. Nina Raymond Whitney.
DAR ID Number: 93843
Born in Bingham, Pa.
Wife of Alvin M. Whitney.
Descendant of Amos Raymond, as follows:
1. John Lyman Raymond (b. 1854) m. 1879 Mary Clark (b. 1861).
2. Joel Lyman Raymond (b. 1816) m. 1840 Matilda Grover (1820-95).
See Nos. 93834, 93835.

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