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Volume 98, page 28

Mrs. Jennie Whitney Towle.
DAR ID Number: 97087
Born in Bellingham, Mass.
Wife of Charles H. Towle.
Descendant of Henry Holbrook, as follows:
1. Henry A. Whitney (b. 1842) m. 1868 Helen A. Holbrook (1840-1906).
2. Eliab Holbrook, Jr. (b. 1817), m. 1st 1839 Hannah Pickering (d. 1841).
3. Eliab Holbrook (b. 1784) m. 1809 Betsey Hyde.
4. Henry Holbrook m. 1780 Elizabeth Cook.
Henry Holbrook (1756-1833) served, 1775-76, as private in Capt. Samuel Cobb's company, Col. James Read's regiment; also, 1777, in Capt. Amos Ellis' company, Col. Benjamin Haw's regiment, Massachusetts service. In 1833 he was placed on the pension roll of Bellingham, Mass., where he was born and died.

Volume 98, page 31

Mrs. Ida Forbush Mcgarry.
DAR ID Number: 97099
Born in Grafton, Mass.
Wife of Francis M. McGarry.
Descendant of David Forbush, as follows:
1. Silas A. Forbush (1823-1901) m. 1845 Julia A. Bullard (1826-92).
2. Silas Forbush, Jr. (1795-1887), m. 1821 Clarissa Eames (1795-1840).
3. Silas Forbush (1766-1840) m. 1789 Rhoda Fisk (1767-1825).
4. David Forbush m. 1749 Annah Whitney (d. 1785).
David Forbush (1721-87) was a member of the committee of safety, and a minute man from Grafton, at the Lexington Alarm. He was born in Marlboro; died in Grafton, Mass.
Also No. 49819.

Volume 98, page 32

Mrs. Miriam E. Wheeler Parrin.
DAR ID Number: 97103
Born in Grafton, Mass.
Wife of Ivan Parrin.
Descendant of Lieut. William Fisk, as follows:
1. Willard Daniels Wheeler (1833-85) m. 1854 Sarah Whitney Forbush (1831-1901).
2. Calvin Whitney Forbush (1805-81) m. 1827 Elizabeth Fisk (1805-98).
3. Silas Forbush (1766-1840) m. 1789 Rhoda Fisk (1767-1825).
4. William Fisk m. 1757 Jemima Adams (d. 1813).
William Fisk (1733-1818) served as lieutenant in Capt. Robert Taft's company at the Lexington Alarm. He was born in Wareham; died in Upton, Mass.
Also No. 44943.

Volume 98, page 160

Mrs. Nancy Upton Oakes.
DAR ID Number: 97522
Born in Brooklyn, N. Y.
Wife of Charles Doane Oakes.
Descendant of Robert Upton and of Maj. Stephen Smith, as follows:
1. William Godfrey Upton (1836-87) m. 1860 Deborah Brown Strout (b. 1837).
2. Jonathan Upton (1790-1851) m. 1811 Nancy Woodworth (1794-1859); Leonard Strout (d. 1843) m. Hannah Brown.
3. Robert Upton m. Anna Wheelock (1759-1835); Jesse B. Brown (1790-1872) m. Deborah Wallace (1792-1883).
4. Joseph Wallace (1762-1844) m. Deborah Smith (1766-1847).
5. Stephen Smith m. 1762 Deborah Ellis (1740-1825).
Robert Upton (1758-1824) served as private and sergeant under Captains Sargent and Joslin, Colonels Whitney and Cushing, Massachusetts Line. He was born in Amherst, N. H.; died in Millbridge, Me.
Stephen Smith (1739-1806) commanded a company, 1775, for sea-coast defense; 1776, was chosen naval officer for the port of Machias and, 1777, was major in Col. Samuel McCall's regiment. He was born in Sandwich, Mass.; died in Machias, Me.
Also No. 76432.

Volume 98, page 194

Mrs. Angeline Jennett Warren Colegrove.
DAR ID Number: 97626
Born in Chagrin Falls, Ohio.
Wife of Edward Colegrove.
Descendant of William Warren, as follows:
1. Nathaniel Emmons Warren (1812-84) m. 1839 Angeline Jannett Earl (1818-44).
2. Samuel Byington Warren (1789-1818) m. Jemima Clark Whitney (1792-1843).
3. William Warren m. Abigail Emmons (1760-1835).
William Warren enlisted, 1776, in Capt. Jonathan Wells' company, Colonel Wolcott's Connecticut regiment. He was born, 1745, in Woodstock, Conn.; died in Cazenovia, N. Y.
Also No. 77971.

Volume 98, page 212

Mrs. Gertrude Adams Kinne.
DAR ID Number: 97682
Born in Racine, Wis.
Wife of J. B. Kinne.
Descendant of Lieut. Samuel Hurlbut, as follows:
1. Rush Smith Adams (b. 1854) m. 1876 Susan Sage (1857-1911).
2. Sidney A. Sage (1806-69) m. 1846 Susan Whitney (1818-57).
3. Joel Sage (d. 1840) m. Bethia Hurlbut (1785-1867).
4. Samuel Hurlbut m. Jerusha Higgins.
[p.212] Samuel Hurlbut (1748-1816) served, 1776, as corporal and lieutenant in the Connecticut militia, under Capt. Isaac Bostwick. He was born in Chatham, Conn.; died in Bridgeport, Vt.
Also No. 41385.

Volume 98, page 271

Miss Lois Irene Druse.
DAR ID Number: 97870
Born in Ableman, Wis.
Descendant of Henry Lott, Capt. John Schenck, Lieut. Joshua Whitney and Sergt. Eliphalet Clark, as follows:
1. Veder Green Druse (b. 1854) m. 1881 Hariet Cornelia Ball (b. 1855).
2. Marshal Cotton Ball (1818-91) m. 1844 Wealthy Ann Schenck (1819-1906).
3. Ebenezer Ball (1792-1882) m. Elizabeth Clark (1793-1836); John Schenck (war 1812) (1794-1869) m. 1819 Mary Ann Hyde (1794-1832).
4. Jacob Schenck (1773-1856) m. 1792 Mary Lott (1774-1841); Samuel Hyde (1768-1813) m. 1793 Anna Ashley Whitney (1774-1851); Eliphalet Clark m. 1785 Hepsabeth Fay (1763-1814).
[p.271] 5. John Schenck m. 1763 Mariah Van Doren (1749-1808); Henry Lott m. Anna Skinner (1756-1838); Joshua Whitney m. 1770 Anna Ashley (1748-1822).
Henry Lott served as a private in Capt. Morgan's company, 2nd New Jersey regiment of militia. His daughter, Mary, was born in Cranberry, N. J. He was born about 1755 in New Jersey, where he died.
John Schenck (1740-94) commanded a company in the 2nd regiment, Middlesex County, New Jersey militia, 1776. He was born and died in Middlesex County, N. J.
Also No. 62421.
John Whitney (1745-1808) enlisted as a private, 1775, in the 8th company, 3rd regiment, Connecticut troops; promoted ensign, 1777, and, 1780, served as lieutenant under Col. John Chandler, 8th regiment. He was born in Canaan, Conn.; died in Pittsfield, Mass.
Eliphalet Clark (1761-1840) served several enlistments as private and sergeant under different commands, 1779-81, Connecticut militia. He was born in Mansfield, Conn.; died in Agden, N. Y.

Volume 98, page 281

Mrs. Florence Baker Young.
DAR ID Number: 97900
Born in Lisle, N. Y.
Wife of Francis H. Young.
Descendant of Solomon Baker, as follows:
1. Leonard T. Baker (1834-1900) m. 1857 Nancy C. Borthwick (b. 1838).
2. Ira Baker (1794-1875) m. 1817 Jerusha Backus (1792-1855).
3. Solomon Baker m. 1st 1782 Sarah Whitney.
Solomon Baker (1752-1834) served several enlistments, 1775-82, under different commands, Massachusetts troops. His widow received a pension. He was born in Hancock, Mass.; died in Cortland County, N. Y.

Volume 98, page 310

Mrs. Elizabeth Durnett Shumway.
DAR ID Number: 97996
Born in Brooklyn, N. Y.
Wife of Warren Davis Shumway.
Descendant of Lieut. Abraham Doolittle, Isaac Doolittle, Sergt. Isaac Bennett, and Francis Whitmore, as follows:
1. William Augustus Durnett (b. 1839) m. 1865 Julia Elizabeth True (b. 1849).
2. William Robert Durnett (d. 1854) m. 1836 Emily Alvira Doolittle (1817-92); John Wesley True (1818-1901) m. 1841 Elizabeth Whitney (1818-1901).
3. Miles Doolittle (1779-1861) m. 1803 Esther Bennett (1780-1862); Jonathan Whitney (1788-1837) m. Sarah Whitmore (1794-1868).
4. Isaac Doolittle m. 1776 Phebe Cook (b. 1756); Isaac Bennett m. 1769 Catherine Dayton (b. 1748); William Whitmore (b. 1746) m. ù Davis.
5. Abraham Doolittle m. Sarah ù; Francis Whitmore m. 1739 Mary Hall.
Abraham Doolittle (1728-76) served as lieutenant under Capt. James Arnold, Continental Army, 1775; re-enlisted, 1776, in Colonel Douglass' regiment, taking part in the battles of Long Island and White Plains. He was born in Cheshire, Conn.
Isaac Doolittle (1755-93) enlisted at Lexington, 1775, in Captain Cook's company, engaged in battles of Long Island and White Plains, and served under General Schuyler at Lake George, Lake Champplain, and Montreal. He was born in Wallingford, Conn.
Isaac Bennett served as sergeant in Capt. Ezra Whittlesey's company, Col. John Brown's Berkshire, Massachusetts regiment, 1777, at the northward. He was born, 1747, in New Milford, Conn.
Francis Whitmore (1714-94) was a patriot who served in home defense. He was born in Medford, Mass.; died in Bowdoinham, Me.
Also No. 64314.

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