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Linda A. Strauss, transcr., Richard E. Spinney, ed., Vital Records of Dixmont, Maine, Maine Genealogical Society Special Publication No. 41 (Rockport, ME: Picton Press, 2003).

Whitney Entries

Page 52, Births;

Amos Whitney, born Newburgh 25 September 1819, Merchant
Elizabeth Whitney, born Dixmont 23 February 1822
Charles F. Whitney, born Dixmont 11 January 1861

Page 81, Births:

S. Otis and Agnes Whitney Hussy (sic)
31 July 1846 in Newburgh, S. Otis Hussey, Teacher. Father: Joaue (?) Hussey
23 November 1848 in Newburgh, Agnes M. Hussey, Father: John C. Whitney
Child: 12 September 1873 in Dixmont, Fred L. O. Hussey

Page 82, Births:

John C. and Mary S. Whitney
26 May 1816, John C. Whitney born Newburgh, Farmer
26 June 1822, Mary S. Whitney
Children, born in Newburgh:
3 November 1847, Benjamin R. Whitney
23 November 1848, Agnes M. Whitney
1 August 1851, Sarah H. Whitney
5 February 1853, Elsie E. Whitney

Page 199, Deaths: 17 May 1883, Charles F. Whitney, consumption, Dixmont

Page 148, Deaths:

Amos and Elizabeth Whitney
8 August 1890 Amos Whitney, 71, Augusta

Page 130, Marriages:

14 August 1873, Lewis H. Stevens and Elsie E. Whitney, both of Dixmont, 31 March 1874, Dixmont, by Charles Rigby, Minister of the Gospel, Cert. 21 February 1874.

Page 126, Marriages:

4 October 1865, Melvin B. Brann of Vasselboro and Harriet A. Whitney of Dixmont, October 9 Dixmont, by Rufus Day, Minister of the Gospel, Cert. January 28.

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