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Stearns, Ezra S., A.M., Early Generations of the Founders of Old Dunstable. Thirty Families. (Boston, MA: George E. Littlefield, 1911).

[page 23]

2. DANIEL GALUSHA, son of Daniel, born in Chelmsford, March 31, 1686. He was a soldier in 1702 and 1706, and probably other dates during Queen Anne's War. Soon after the destruction of his home in Dunstable, he removed to the west precinct of Watertown, now Weston. He was a carpenter and a farmer and the owner of considerable land in Weston. In 1716 he removed to Colchester, Connecticut, and was there admitted an inhabitant, December 22, 1718. He married in Watertown, July 5, 1710, Sarah Warren, a daughter of Daniel and Elizabeth (Whitney) Warren of Watertown. Five children.
i. DANIEL, born in Weston, May 9, 1711; died young.
ii. DINAH, born in Weston, April, 1713.
iii. DANIEL, born in Weston, April 26, 1716.

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iv. ELIZABETH, born in Colchester, October 3, 1719.
4. v. JACOB, born in Colchester, about 1721.
. . .
4. JACOB GALUSHA, son of Daniel, was born in Colchester, Conn., about 1721. He lived in Norwich, Conn., until 1769, when he removed to Salisbury, Conn. From Salisbury, he removed to Shaftsbury, Vermont, in 1775 or 1776. The record of his time affords frequent evidence of his fortitude and ability. Several of his sons were officers in the Revolution and the name enlivens the annals of Vermont. He married in Norwich, September 10, 1745, Lydia Huntington, a daughter of Matthew and Lydia (Leonard) Huntington. She died in Norwich, May 6, 1764. He married, second, September 9, 1764, Thankful---. He married, third, Desire Andrus) Metcalf, who died in Salisbury, September 28, 1775. He married, fourth, Abigail Porter of Norwich. Nine children by first, one by second, and six by third wife.
i. MARY, born November 10, 1746.
ii. DAVID, born October 30, 1748; married January 31, 1773, Charity Luther. She died April 15, 1777. He married, second, November 21, 1779, Rhoda
iii. JACOB, born December 28, 1750; married February 13, 1765, Parthania Ward. He lived in Shaftsbury. He died July 25, 1834; his widow died August 13, 1846.

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iv. JONAS, born February 4, 1753. He lived in Shaftsbury and was constantly employed in public affairs. He was a sheriff, councillor, judge of the county court, presidential elector, and governor of Vermont 1809 to 1819, except 1813 and 1814. He married Mary Chittenden, a daughter of Gov. Thomas and Elizabeth (Meigs) Chittenden. She died April 20, 1794. He married, second, Martha Sammons, who died November 10, 1797; he married, third, [p.25] June 30, 1808, Abigail Ward, who died May 6, 1809; he married, fourth, Abigail (Atwater) Beach, Who died July 30, 1831. He died September 25, 1834.
v. AMOS, born April 1, 1755, died in Shaftsbury, October 16,1839. His wife, Mary, died July 3, 1819.
vi. ELIJAH, born October 23, 1757; married Beulah Chittenden, a daughter of Gov. Thomas and Elizabeth (Meigs) Chittenden. He died a few years later. His widow married, second, Col. Matthew Lyon, a native of.Ireland, who lived several years in Fairhaven, Vermont, and later in Kentucky and Arkansas. He was a member of Congress from Vermont and Kentucky, and a delegate from the territory of Arkansas. He died August 1, 1822. His widow died 1824, near Little Rock, Arkansas. The story of his career is one of romantic incident and of unusual interest. His sons were able and brilliant men.
vii. OLIVE, born December 4, 1759.
viii. LYDIA, born June 1, 1762; married in Salisbury, October 19,1786, Asa Hutchinson.
ix. ANNA born May 6, 1764; married in Salisbury, Ebenezer Wright, born April 10, 1765, son of Amaziah and Zerviah (Fitch) Wright of Mansfield, Conn.
x LUCY, born May 5, 1765.
xiii. EZRA.
xiv. DESIRE, born, Salisbury, December 31, 1771
xv. SARAH, born, Salisbury, June 30, 1774.
xvi. ELIAS, born, Salisbury, September 9, 1775. Susannah, daughter of Elias and Susannah Galusha, was born in Salisbury, October 25, 1797.

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10. GEN. NOAH LOVEWELL, son of Col. Zaccheus and Esther (Hassell) Lovewell, was born in Dunstable, April 1, 1742. He married December 17, 1767, Mary Farwell, born January 10, 1745, daughter of Oliver and Abigail (Hubbard) Farwell. He was one of the most prominent and useful men who have lived in Dunstable. At the beginning of the Revolution he was a captain of the Dunstable company and in the reorganization of the fifth regiment he was commissioned lieutenant colonel of Col. Moses Nichols' regiment. In raising men and as one of the paymasters of the state he proved an efficient officer and in mean time he was one of the commissioners for Hillsborough county, having charge and conducting the sale of the confiscated estates of the loyalists. He was appointed colonel of the regiment, succeeding Col. Nichols, March 30, 1781, and in the reorganization of the militia under the constitution, he was commissioned colonel of the fifth regiment, December 21, 1784, and promoted to brigadier general November 7, 1788. He was the first postmaster of Dunstable, a selectman many years and a delegate to the fourth provincial congress and a representative from December, 1778, to December, 1779. Under the state constitution of 1784, he was a representative several years and maintained a foremost position among able colleagues. He died May 29, 1820. His widow, Mary, died November 24, 1835.
. . .
ii. ABIGAIL, born June 19, 1770; married February 27, 1786, Israel Whitney Cummings, born in Hudson, N.H., August 23, 1762, son of Eleazer and Hannah (Whitney) Cummings. Lived in Woodstock and Thetford, Vt. He died February 19, 1836. She died March 13, 1845. Three children.

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11. JOSEPH LOVEWELL, son of Joseph and Deborah (Morse)
[page 46]
Lovewell, born in Weston, October 27, 1729. He was [p.46] a soldier in the French and Indian War and was captured by the enemy. After a fortunate excape from captivity, he suffered extreme hardship while returning to his home. He married November 2, 1761, Hannah Warren, born November 1, 1741, daughter of Daniel and Deborah (Phillips) Warren of Concord, Massachusetts. He lived in Weston. He is the ancestor of all the descendants in male lines of Joseph Lovewell of Dunstable and Weston. Hannah, his wife, died October 8, 1782. He married, second, March 10, 1794, Ruth (Child) Walker, widow of John Walker. He died 1801; Ruth, his widow, died 1809. Ten children.
. . .

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vi. SAMUEL, born 1772; baptized April 26, 1772. He lived in Weston, where he died August 3, 1851. He married August 4, 1796, Abigail Bartlett, born Newton, Mass., June 26, 1766, daughter of Ebenezer and Anna (Ball) Bartlett. She died the mother of three children, May 13, 1811. He married, second, February 11, 1812, Chloe Rice, born November 25, 1776, daughter of Isaac and Sarah (Lamb) Rice of East Sudbury, Mass. She died, leaving one son, May 15, 1825. He married, third, January 9, 1826, Asenath Goodnow, born Framingham, Mass., January 3, 1794, daughter of Ephraim and Nelly (Rice) Goodnow. She was the mother [p.47] of two children. She died February 26, 1836. He married, fourth, March 27, 1838, Widow Jane Whitney. She died1839. Prof. Samuel Harrison Lovewell, a cultured musician, and now president and director of the Conservatory of Music, Quincy, Illinois, has made an exhaustive study of the Joseph Lovewell family. He is a son of Charles and Martha Jane (Morse) Lovewell, and a grandson of Samuel and Asenath (Goodnow) Lovewell.

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5. CAPT. JONATHAN LUND, son of Thomas and Elizabeih Taylor) Lund, was born in Dunstable, October 12, 1717. He was a leading citizen of the town, a captain in the militia and a selectman. He married at Dunstable, April 9, 1741, Jean Varnum, born at Dracut, April 13, 1713, daughter of Thomas and Joanna (Jewett) Varnum. She died September 14, 1764. He married, second, October 22, 1765, Olive Sargent, a daughter of / Dr. Nathaniel and Ruth (Jackson) Sargent of New Castle and Portsmouth. He died November 29, 1801. Six children of the first and five of the second wife.
. . .
ix. OLIVE, married 1800, Aaron Whitney, born 1772, son of Levi Whitney of Townsend. He lived in Amherst and in Calais, Maine.


8. WILLIAM LUND, son of William and Rachel (Holden) Lund, was born in Dunstable, July 18, 1717. He was a farmer and a respected townsman. He married Sarah. He died March 20, 1782. Nine children.
. . .
iii. SARAH, born April 4, 1747; married James Whitney; married, second, Isaac Pike.


10. THOMAS LUND, son of Thomas, Jr., born March 12, 1740. He married Sarah Whitney. Eight children were born in Dunstable. He died February, 1821. His widow died December, 1831.
i. BETTY, born October 15, 1766.
ii. DOLLY, born July 8, 1768; married September 15, 1794, John Read.
iii. HANNAH, born October 5, 1769.
iv. JOHN, born 1772.
vi. ISAAC.
vii. OLIVER, born April 8, 1779; married March 18, 1815, Orpah Danforth, born January 2, 1789, daughter of Capt. William and Lucy (Pollard) Danforth. He died December 21, 1866; she died March 2, 1867.
viii. SARAH.
ix. NOAH.

[page 63]

1. LIEUT. JONATHAN ROBBINS, son of George and Alice Robbins, was born in Chelmsford, November 19, 1686. He was a brother of Lieut. Eleazer Robbins of Groton and Harvard. He came from Chelmsford to Dunstable about 1708, and soon purchased land and settled at Long Hill. He was one of the petitioners for leave to organize an independent company to scout against the Indians and was commissioned a lieutenant. He served under Capt. Lovewell in the three memorable expeditions. Early in the engagement May 8, 1725, he was mortally wounded and died on the field of battle. Lieut. Jonathan Robbins married at Concord, January 16, 1711-12, Margaret Lund, a daughter of Thomas Lund of Dunstable. In the record of marriage they are styled "of Dunstable." The same day at Concord, Thomas Lund of Dunstable, a brother of Margaret, married Elizabeth Taylor of Concord. See Lund family. Margaret (Lund) Robbins married. second, 1729, William Shattuck, born 1689, son of William and Hannah [p.63] (Underwood) Shattuck. They lived at Groton, where he died in August, 1754. She died June 13, 1764. Five children of Lieut. Jonathan and Margaret Robbins, born at Dunstable. Three children of William and Margaret Shattuck born in 63
. . .
iv. ELEANOR, born June 8, 1721; married James Whitney, born 1714, son of Joseph and Rebecca (Burge) Whitney. They lived in Dunstable where he died, 1755. A daughter, Eleanor, born July 23, 1740, married Frances Pollard; a son, James, born November 4, 1742, married Sarah Lund.

[page 71]

JOHN SWALLOW, son of John, born Groton, February 22, 1729-30. He lived in Mason, N.H., where he died November 23, 1815. He married November 19, 1755, Sarah Lawrence, who died December 28, 1763. He married, second, December 11, 1765, Mary Hall, born March 9, 1746, daughter of Nathan and Mary (Chapman) Ha11 of Mason. She died August 14, 1822. Four children of first and eleven of second wife, born in Mason.
. . .
iv. SUSANNAH, born March 4, 1756; married Phineas Whitney.

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