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Ridlon, Rev. G. T., Early Settlers of Harrison, Maine, with an Historical Sketch of the Settlement, Progress, and Present Condition of the Town, (1877), pp. 134-138.

Moses WHITNEY Family

Moses WHITNEY, son of Nathaniel [and Hannah (DAY) WHITNEY --RLW] of York, ME, who "had brothers, Nathan, Amos, Nephtali, Isaac and David". [Note: This is erroneous. Nathaniel's brothers were Nathan, Abel, John, Isaac, and Amos. David was son of Nathan, and Nephtali was son of Amos. --RLW] These brothers "settled near each other in and near Gorham, Maine". Moses was born in Gorham, in 1739. His first [should be second. His first wife was Susanna CROCKETT. --RLW] wife was Molly PAGE, who was born in England, and whose father settled in Cape Elizabeth. Molly died in Gorham, date unknown. His second [should be third. --RLW] wife was Abigail ----- [she was Abigail (SKILLINGS) KIMBALL, widow of Caleb KIMBALL and dau. of Benjamin and Mary (-----) SKILLINGS, married 22 Jan 1792, Gorham, ME. --RLW], she died 8 Oct.1844, in Harrison. Moses had moved into Harrison about the year 1815, and settled with his son-in-law, Rev. Joseph Phinney. Moses died 12 April 1820, in Harrison. He was a Revolutionary War pensioner. Children of Moses and Molly, born in Gorham:

  1. Mary (also called Molly), b. 17 Aug. 1764, married Lemuel ROUNDS, and emigrated to Ohio, about 1800.
  2. Lucy, b. 30 Sep. 1768, married John GREENLAW, of Brownfield, ME.
  3. Enoch, b. 8 Apr. 1773 (see details of his family later in this document).
  4. Moses, b. 30 Aug. 1776.
  5. Betsey, b. 1 Nov. 1777, married Jonas CATES and emigrated to New York State.
  6. Richard, b. 20 July 1780.
  7. Susanna, b. 9 Apr. 1783, married Seth CARSLEY of Harrison.
  8. Samuel, b. 2 July 1785.

Child of Moses and Abigail, born in Gorham:

  1. Sally, b. 22 Oct.1793, married Rev. Joseph PHINNEY of Harrison.

3. Enoch WHITNEY, son of Moses, m.(1) Miss NEWCOMB of Buxton, who gave him 10 children before her death. He m.(2) Mrs. KENDALL. He m.(3) Mrs. DENNETT of Brownfield. He lived in Limington, Standish and Buxton, before settling in Harrison on the Joseph Phinney farm (see Moses above), in 1810. He died in Brownfield, May 1857, aged 84 years. Children of Enoch:

  1. Daniel, b. 22 Jan. 1793, in Limington; m. Susan HARMON (dau. of Napthali, 2nd, of Harrison) 19 Jan. 1815; d. 24 Mar. 1873; occupation farmer; child:
    1. Sally b.1 Mar. 1816.
  2. Mary, m. William DECKER of Casco.
  3. Freeman, b. 9 Mar. 1800 in Standish; (see details of his family later).
  4. Eunice, b. 30 May 1807 in Gorham; m. Simon NEWCOMB of Buxton, 4 Mar. 1824; had children(not listed); d. 29 Aug. 1856.
  5. Eleazer, b. ca 1809 in Gorham; d. 1829, at sea, unmarried.
  6. William, b. in Harrison(date unknown); m. Agnes SMITH of Lee [Penobscot Co., ME], where he lived till his death. He had three sons and one daughter [not listed].
  7. John, b. in Harrison and died young.
  8. Eli, no data on him other than that he was still living in Maine ca. 1875.

3iii. Freeman WHITNEY, son of Enoch, married Mary S. GRAY of Harrison, 18 Feb. 1821; farmer; d. 24 Mar. 1873, the same day as his brother Daniel, being buried in a double funeral. Children of Freeman:

  1. Stephen T., b. 15 May 1821; married Catherine BROWN of Waterford, 4 May 1845; settled in Harrison, occupied as farmer and veterinary surgeon. Children of Stephen:
    1. Mary, b. 10 Apr. 1846; d. as infant.
    2. Irene I., b. 10 June 1847; d. 23 June 1865.
    3. Ann E., b. 11 July 1848; unmarried.
    4. Frances D., b.19 Feb. 1851; m. Daniel WOODSUM.
    5. Charles S., b. 6 May 1853 [sic]; unmarried.
    6. William H., b. 12 May 1853 [sic]; unmarried
    7. Stephen H., b.24 Aug. 1857; unmarried.
    8. Fred A., b. 20 Nov. 1859; unmarried.
    9. Kate E., b. 20 Oct. 1861; unmarried.
  2. James G., b. 20 Dec. 1822; married Betsey H. CARSLEY (dau of Seth, 2nd, of Harrison), 3 Jan. 1846; farmer. Children of James:
    1. Charles F., b. 13 Oct. 1846; married [no data].
    2. Horace R., b. 3 Oct. 1847; unmarried.
    3. Eleazer P., b. 15 Feb. 1852; unmarried.
  3. Edward K., b. 9 Sep. 1824; m. Arvilla CASWELL of Harrison, 29 Oct. 1848; farmer. Children of Edward:
    1. Edward, b. 19 Aug. 1851; unmarried.
    2. Harrison, b. 15 Oct. 1858; unmarried.
    3. Fairfield, b. 20 Feb. 1862; unmarried.
    4. Mary F.,b. 28 Apr. 1866; unmarried.
  4. George F., b. 12 June 1826; m. Mary A. BAILEY of Harrison, 16 Nov. 1848; farmer on the same farm as his gggrandfather Moses settled, in Harrison. Children of George:
    1. George F., b. 24 Sep. 1850; married and resided in Harrison.
    2. Frank H., b. 30 May 1852; married and resided in Harrison.
    3. Mary E., b. 15 Aug. 1855. [no data on her]
  5. Eleazer K., b. 13 May 1828; m. Mrs. Olive GREEN (dau. of Stephen TIBBETTS of Harrison); shoemaker in Harrison. Child:
    1. Earnest F.,b. 17 July, 1867.
  6. William L., b. 12 June 1832; m. Maria SIMPSON of Cambridgeport, MA, 3 July 1854; resided in Cambridgeport, MA. Child:
    1. Lizzie E., b. 2 Aug. 1866 (also another child who died in infancy).
  7. Mary E., b. 25 Jan. 1836; m. John H. CASWELL of Bridgton, 10 Oct. 1866.
  8. Irene I., b. 29 July 1838, in Springfield (Penobscot Co.); d. 6 May 1846.

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