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  • Mary (Berkeley) (Perrot) (Jones) Whitney, widow of Sir Thomas Perrott, Sir Thomas Jones and Sir Robert Whitney of Whitney, Herefordshire. She was the daughter of Sir James Berkeley of Gloucester.
  • Rees ap William Price, of Llansawel Parish, Carmarthenshire, Wales.


The identification of Mary is based upon the matching signature in document "Edwinsford 1197", which lists Mary as the wife of Sir Robert Whitney of Whitney.


Be it knowen unto all men by [these presents tha]t I Dame Marye Whitneye of [Abe]rmarles, have revised released & for(ever) me myne heyres executors adm[inistrators &] assignes, perpetually quite[cla]ymed unto Rees ap William Price of the p(ar)ishe of llansawill in the cou(nty) [of Carmarth]en gent all and all_____________ as well reall as p(er)sonall suits _______ Debtes execucions trespasses & _____________ging I the sayed Dame [Ma]rye Whitneye myne heyres executors or administrators have hade right or [ought] to have, agaynste the sayed Rees ap William Price by any maner of carse or color from the begininge of the world untill the Daye of the Date of this present acquittannce In witnes whereof I the sayed Dame Marye Whittney unto this p(re)sent acquittannce have put my seale and subscribed my name the second daye of Julye A(nn)o Regni ___ ___ Elizabethe dei gracia Anglie Frauncie et hibernie Regine fidei Def(ensor) &c vicesimo secundo A(nn)o Dom(ini) 1580

Mary Whytney (signature)

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