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Copied from CT Genweb, Fairfield County, Probate.

Abstract of Probate Records at Fairfield, County of Fairfield, and State of Connecticut., by Spencer P. Mead, L. L. B.

Volume 1, 1648 - 1656.


Volume 2, 1665 - 1675, Page 26

WHITNE, Henry, late of Norwalk, will dated June 5, 1672, probated Nov. 6/8, 1673, mentioned his wife _____, and son John, overseers Thomas Benedict, Sr., Walter Hoit, and Thomas Fitch, Sr. Witnesses Richard Olmstead and Thomas Fitch Sr., page 69.

Inventory taken Oct 8, 1673, by Mark Sention, John Plat, and John Bouton, and filed Nov. 6, 1673. page 70.

Volume 3, 1675 - 1690


Volume 4, 1690 - 1702


Volume 5, 1702 - 1750

WHITNEY, Henry, of Norwalk, Aug. 1, 1750, made choice of Phineas Hanford of Norwalk to be his guardian, page 358.
WHITNEY, John, Jr., late of Norwalk, Mch. 4, 1712/3, letters of administration on his estate granted to his widow Elizabeth Whitnee, page 381.
Inventory taken Mch. 12, 1712/13, by John Betts, Jr., Joseph Whitne, and John Copp, mentioned 1/2 of the home lot that was his father's and filed May 6, 1713. page 255. July 9, 1719, account filed, and estate ordered distributed to his widow, and only son John, page 288.

Volume 6, 1717 - 1735

WHITNEY, John, Sr., late of Norwalk, Oct 11, 1720, letters of administration on his estate granted to Joseph Keeler of Ridgefield, a son of decedent, (probably son in law) of decedent, page 43.

Volume 7, 1721- 1750, page 105

WHITNE, Elijah, late of Norwalk, Dec. 15, 1741, Richard Whitne of Stratfield, appointed guardian of Hannah Whitne, a daughter of decedent, page 232.
WHITNEY, John, of Norwalk, Mch. 20, 1729, made choice of his uncle Joseph Whitney of Norwalk, to be his guardian, page 62.
WHITNEY, Joseph, late of Norwalk, June 22, 1741, Abraham a son of decedent, made choice of John Bartlit of Norwalk, to be his guardian, page 231.
WHITNEY, Josiah, late of Norwalk, Aug. 1, 1749, Stephen, a son of decedent, made choice of Jonathan Fairchild of Norwalk, to be his guardian, page 386.

Volume 8, 1725 - 1750


Volume 9, 1741 - 1748

LABORIE, James, Dr., late of Stratford, inventory taken June 4, 1741, by Thomas Salmon and Samuel Whitne, verified by Abigail Laborie, administratrix, and filed July 7, 1741, page 50.
LEES, William, late of Norwalk, will dated Feb. 8, 1739/40, probated Apl. 1, 1741, mentioned his wife Phebe, and children Enos, William, Noah, Phebe, Lees, eldest son Joseph of Reading all the right of my wife Mehitabell, deceased, his mother, in ye estate of his grandfather John Rusco, late of Norwalk, deceased, daughters Rebeckah French, Deborah Scrivner and Mehitabell. Executors his wife Phebe and Jonathan Fairchild. Witnesses John Williams, Josiah Whitne and Samuel Olmsted, page 77.
WHITNE [WHITNEY], Joseph, mill wright, late of Norwalk, will dated Mch. 21, 1740/1, probated June 2, 1741, mentioned his wife Hannah, and children Hezekiah, Joseph, David, Abraham, Elizabeth wife of Miles Riggs, Hannah wife of Daniel Keeler, and Thankful wife of Ebenezer Benedict. Executors Samuel Fitch and Samuel Jarvis. Witnesses Ebenezer Gregory, Richard Pitters, and John Copp, page 14. Inventory taken May 1741, by John Bartlett, Samuel Cluxstone, and Elnathan Hanford, and filed June 2, 1741, page 17. Additional inventory , page 375.
HARVAY, Thomas, late of Fairfield, will dated July 24, 1747, probated Aug. 17, 1747, mentioned his sisters Mary, Martha, and Abigail Peet and her daughter Abigail wife of Samuel Deforest. Executor Rev. John Goodsell. Witnesses Samuel Whitney, Joseph Rowland and David Tharp, page 413.

Volume 10, 1748 - 1756

MOREHOUSE, Noah, late of Stratfield, will dated Feb. 7, 1749/50, probated Feb. 28, 1745/50, mentioned his wife Martha, and children James, Keziah wife of George Merret, Margaret wife of Samuel Patchen, Sarah wife of Deliverance Wakelee, Jemia wife of Ebenezer Waklee, Martha Morehouse and Naomi Morehouse. Executors his wife Martha and son James. Witnesses Richard Whitney, Samuel Hall, Jr and Hannah Whitney, page 95.
COYTE, Hercules, Marnier, late of ye Parish of New York, will dated Nov. 20, 1747, probated Aug. 17, 1750, all to his sister Mary wife of Joseph Whitney of ye Parish of Norwalk, marnier, and appointed her his executrix. Witnesses Jonathan Ketchum and Daniel Ketchum, page 133.
WELLS, Samuel, late of Stratford, will dated Nov. 13, 1744, probated Apl. 26, 1751, mentioned his wife Mary and children Sarah Blackman, Abigail Thomas, Mary Hubbel, Prudence Wells, Hester Wells, David, eldest son, Jedediah, youngest son, and Samuel. Executor theophilus Nickolls. Witnesses Theophilus Nickolls, Abner Wakelee and Hannah Whitne, page 374. Inventory taken by Joseph Booth and Robert Fairchild, and filed May 2, 1751, page 376.
WHITNEY, Elijah and Samuel WHITNEY, of Norwalk, Nov. 30, 1752, made choice of John Seymor of Norwalk to be their guardian, page 336.
WHITNEY, Samuel, late of Stratford, Jan. 8, 1754, letters of administration on his estate granted to Samuel Whitney of Stratford, page 503. Inventory taken Feb. 21, 1754, by Elnathan Peat and Josiah Walker, and filed Mch. 23, 1754, page 559.

Volume 11, 1754 - 1757

Partially transcribed.

BEARDSLEY, John, late of Stratfield, will dated Apl. 15, 1752, probated Nov. 6, 1753, mentioned his wife Deborah, and children John, Obediah, Samuel, Andrew, James, Deborah wife of Josiah Trendwell, Abigail wife of Andrew Patterson, Experience wife of Richard Whitney, Martha wife of Abel Hubbel, and Hannah Wife of Hezekiah Seeley. Executors his wife Deborah, and my brother Samuel Hall. Witnesses Ebenezer Silliman, Samuel Sherwood, and Amelia Silliman, page 5.

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