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Farnsworth, Moses Franklin, Farnsworth Memorial. Being a record of Matthias Farnsworth and his descendants in America (Manti, UT: L. A. Lauber, 1897).

Elizabeth WHITNEY, b. 1686, dau. of Joshua WHITNEY and Abigail (TARBALL) WHITNEY of Watertown, MA, m. 1707, Ebenezer FARNSWORTH, b. 1684, at Groton, MA, son of Matthias FARNSWORTH, Jr., and Sarah NUTTING. Elizabeth and Ebenezer had eight FARNSWORTH children listed on pp. 43, 44, and 45.

Lydia WHITNEY, b. 1792, at Harvard, MA, dau. of Enoch WHITNEY and Hannah WHITNEY, m. 1810, Samuel FARNSWORTH, b. 1788, d. 1846, at Harvard, MA, son of Ebenezer FARNSWORTH and Martha (HALE) FARNSWORTH of Littleton, N.H.

Minnie A. WHITNEY, b. 1867, d. 1924, m. 1888, James N. WAITE, b. 1858, at Weston, Vt., son of Nelson Loren WAITE and Sarah (MILES) WAITE. They had four children listed p. 90 on request.

Charles WHITNEY, m. Lydia FARNSWORTH, b. 1838, at Groton, MA, dau. of Thomas FARNSWORTH and wife, Lucy Brigham RICE FARNSWORTH of Groton, MA.

Fred P. WHITNEY of Nashua, N.H., m. 1888, Flora FARNSWORTH McKEAN of Nashua, NH, dau. of Ezra FARNSWORTH and his 2d wife, Clorinda (STICKNEY) FARNSWORTH, of Brookline, N.H.

Mary WHITNEY, m. Ephraim PIERCE. Abigail PIERCE, their daughter, b. 1710, m. 1733, at Concord, MA, Ezra FARNSWORTH, b. 1703. She was his 2d wife. His 1st wife was Elizabeth LAKIN, b. 1705, dau. of Joseph LAKIN. Ezra FARNSWORTH was son of Benjamin FARNSWORTH and wife, Mary (PRESCOTT) of Groton, MA.

Abigail WHITNEY, b. 1740, dau. of Joseph WHITNEY and Abigail (NUTTING) of Groton, MA, m. 1759, at Pepperell, MA, Zaccheus FARNSWORTH, b. 1729, at Groton, MA, son of Aaron FARNSWORTH and Hannah (BARRON) FARNSWORTH of Groton, MA. Their children are listed p. 229 and p. 230.

Relief WHITNEY, b. 1773, m. 1803, Asa TARBALL, b. 1772, at Watertown, MA, son of John TARBALL and Hannah (FARNSWORTH) of Watertown, MA.

Benjamin WHITNEY, b. (see Barry's Framingham), m.(1) Mary TURNER, m.(2) Anna _____, m.(3) Olive FARNSWORTH, b. 1753, at Pepperell, MA, dau. of Deacon Isaac FARNSWORTH and Anna GREEN of Groton, MA.

____ WHITNEY of Pepperell, MA, m. Lydia TARBALL, dau. of Thomas TARBALL and Molly (FARNSWORTH) of Groton, MA.

Lydia WHITNEY, m. 1813, James LOCKE, Jr., b. 1790, son of James LOCKE and Susanna (KIMBALL) LOCKE of Thetford, VT. They moved to Wellsboro, PA, and had twelve children not listed.

Ellen Jane WHITNEY, b. 1853, at Jonesboro, ME, m. 1871, Levi FARNSWORTH, b. 1847, at Jonesboro, son of Daniel FARNSWORTH and Rebecca (NORTON) NOYES of Jonesboro, ME. 1. Harriet FARNSWORTH, b. 1877, at Bangor, ME, m. Albert ALLEN (two other children unnamed).

Charles WHITNEY, m. 1901, Minnie FARNSWORTH, b. 1882, dau. of Lorenzo FARNSWORTH and Eliza (HOLMSTEAD) of New Hartford, Iowa.

John WHITNEY, b. 1891, at Traverse City, MI, m. 1889, Zelpha MARTIN, b. 1866, at Williams Center, Ohio, dau. of Jason MARTIN and Eliza (FARNSWORTH) of Williams Center, Ohio.

Geraldine WHITNEY, dau. of Leo WHITNEY and Sofia (BOND), m. 1952, at Santa Barbara, CA, Milo TAYLOR, b. 1926, at Martin, MI, son of Milo TAYLOR and Zelpha MARTIN.

Sir Robert WHITNEY, b. ca. 1440, m. Constance TOUCHET
James WHITNEY, b. ca. 1465, m. Blanche MELBOURNE
Robert WHITNEY, b. ca. 1491, m. Margaret WYE
Sir Robert WHITNEY, b. ca 1517, m. Sybil BASKERVILLE
Robert WHITNEY, b. ca. 1543, m. Elizabeth GUILLIMS
Thomas WHITNEY, b. ca. 1563, m. Mary BRAY
John WHITNEY, b. 1589, m. Ellen ___
John WHITNEY, b. 1620, m. Ruth REYNOLDS
Ruth WHITNEY, b. 1645, m. John SHATTUCK, MA.
Ruth SHATTUCK, b. 1668, m. Jonathan FARNSWORTH of Groton, MA.

Phineas WHITNEY, b. 1747 (descended from John WHITNEY, p.416), m. Keziah FARNSWORTH, b. 1742, dau. of Phineas FARNSWORTH and Azubah (BURT) of Harvard, MA Their children:
1. Mary WHITNEY, b. 1766, at Waterford, MA, m. Richard BRYANT.
2. Esther WHITNEY, bp. 1768, m. Edmund WENTWORTH.
3. Sarah WHITNEY, bp. 1770.
4. Child, b. 1772, d. 1776.
5. Jonathan WHITNEY, bp. 1774.
6. Relief WHITNEY, bp. 1780.
7. Oliver WHITNEY, bp. 1781.

Moses WHITNEY, m. Charlotte FARNSWORTH, b. 1820, at South Carolina, dau. of Horatio FARNSWORTH and Ruth (WOODRUFF) of S.C.

Frank E. WHITNEY, b. 1913, m. 1948, Athalia V. Burns, b. 1920, at Sevier, Utah, dau. of Robert Baxter BURNS, b.1888, at Cinncinnati, Ohio, and wife Florence (SHELTON) of Joseph City, Utah.

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