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Davis, William T., Genealogical Register of Plymouth Families (Boston, MA: Damrell & Upham, 1899).


page 9
BACON, JACOB, probably great-grandson of Jacob of Newton, 1677, born in Wrentham, m. Mary Wood of Boxford, 1749, and had Mary, 1750, m. David Thurston of Rowley; Jacob, 1751, m. Mrs. Mary Whitney of Dorchester; Thomas, 1753; David, 1754; Oliver, 1755, Samuel, 1758; Charles, 1759.

page 154
HOWLAND, HENRY JENKINS, son of Southworth, m., 1832, Ellen Maria Smith, d. of Phineas Bow of Boston, and had Harriet Louisa, 1833, m. David Whitney of Artburn; . . .

page 190
MORTON, HENRY, son of 6th Ephraim, m., 1823, Rebecca Whitney, and had Almira T., 1827; Henry, 1829; Ephraim S., 1837; Lucy T., 1840.

Appendix, Part II

page 303
BRADFORD, SAMUEL, Duxbury, 1st in the text; son Gershom m. Priscilla Wiswell; son Perez m. Abigail Balch, not Belch, and d. Elizabeth, m. Charles Whitney, not William.

page 313
COTTON, WARD, son of 3d John in the text, m., 1800, Rebecca, d. of Thomas Jackson, and had John Thomas, 1801; Mary Atwood, 1802; Ward Mather, 1804; Lydia Jackson, 1806, m. Josiah Pope; Sally May, 1808, m. Charles Robinson; Hanuah Sophia Phillips, 1810, m. Daniel S. Whitney.

page 334
MORTON, HENRY, in the text, m. Rebecca Whiting, not Whitney; son Ephraim S. m. Ellen Cushman.

page 354
WINSLOW, KENELM, son of 2d Samuel, m. Elizabeth Clapp, and had Kenelm, 1735; Elizabeth, 1737; Anna, 1739, m. a Dalrymple; Mary, 1741, m. a Whitney; Susanna, 1743, m. a Peckham; Kenelm, 1746, removed to Cortland County, N.Y.; Ebenezer, 1749; John Clapp, 1752; Rhoda, 1754, m. a Whitney; Dorcas, 1756; Dorcas again, 1758.

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