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Genealogy of Frederick H. Waldron from the Time of the Settlement of New Amsterdam (New York) Through the Waldrons, Whitneys & Riggses (New Haven, CT: Morehouse & Taylor Co., 1909).

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Through his mother Frederick H. Waldron is descended from several families long held in the highest esteem in the state (Conn.).

HENRY WHITNEY, the earliest of this family whom we can trace in America, was born in England in 1620, came to America and was associated with others in buying lands in Southold, L. I., in 1649. He afterwards settled in Huntington, L. I., where he was selectman (Town Records of Southold, L. I., vol. I, p. 89). He went to Norwalk, Conn., about 1665, where he died about 1673.

JOHN WHITNEY, son of Henry, was born probably before his father went to Southold; as a fact he was full age before January 20, 1665-66. He settled with his father in Norwalk, Conn., following his business of millwright and miller, succeeding him in the possession of the mill and homestead, and there married, March 17, 1674-75, Elizabeth Smith, daughter of Richard Smith. He died in Norwalk in 1720, leaving issue as follows:

JOHN, born at Norwalk, Conn., March 12, 167677; married Elizabeth Finch March 4, 1700.
JOSEPH, born March 1, 1678-70; married Hannah Hoyt July 6, 1704.
HENRY, born at Norwalk, February 21, 1680-81; married Elizabeth Olmstead July 14, 1710.
ELIZABETH, born at Norwalk in 1684; married Joseph Keeler.
RICHARD, born at Norwalk, April 18, 1687; married Hannah Darling.
SAMUEL, born at Norwalk in 1688; married Anna Laboree January 18, 1721.
ANNE, born at Norwalk in 1691; married Martha St. John October 13, 1700.
ELENOR, born at Norwalk in 1693; married Johnathan Fairchild January 27, 1713.
NATHAN, date of birth not known.

SARAH, date of birth not known; married Samuel Smith June 13, 1717.
'*JOSIAH, born at Norwalk, date not known; married Eunice Hanford October 30, 1720.

'*JOSIAH WHITNEY, son of John and Elizabeth (Smith), was born at Norwalk, Conn., date unknown; married Eunice Hanford of Norwalk, Conn., October 30, 1729, daughter of Eleazur Hanford and Hannah his wife, and granddaughter of Rev. Thomas and Mary (Miles) Hanford of Norwalk. They settled in Norwalk, where he died early in 1750, leaving issue as follows:

JOSIAH, born at Norwalk, Conn., February 10, 1730.
STEPHEN, born at Norwalk, February 10, 1732; married Sarah Wheeler December 27, 1737.
'*HENRY, born at Norwalk, February 19, 1735; married Eunice Clark in 1761.
ELEAZUR, born at Norwalk, March 7, 1737.
ISAAC, born at Norwalk, March 27, 1741.

'*HENRY, son of Josiah and Eunice (Hanford), was born in Norwalk, Conn., February 19, 1735-36; married in 1761, at Derby, Conn., to Eunice Clark†, daughter of William and Hannah Clark of Derby, where she was born April 15, 1746. They settled in Derby and there owned the Covenant in the Church April 11, 1762. He died in Derby May 11, 1811, aged seventy-five years. An obituary notice of him quaintly says: "He was the founder of King Hiram Lodge, No.12, A. F. & A. M. (was its first treasurer, 1783). He squared his life by the rules of Masonry and directed by the invariable compass of rectitude, he entered the harbor of rest. His Masonic brethren honored his interment with the sprig of evergreen, emblem of

  † Her sister, Eliza Clark of Lyme Center, married Joseph Hull of Derby in 1749 and became the mother of General William Hull and grandmother of Commodore Isaac Hull. Their father, William Clark, father of Eunice (Clark) Whitney, is said (see Clark's "Descendants of Hull," p. 5) to have gone from Lyme to Derby in 1733 and to have been a descendant of Thomas Clark, who was thought to have been mate of the Mayflower in 1620. Hannah, wife of William Clark, died in 1801, aged ninety-one years, leaving descendants to the number of 333 ("Whitney's Genealogy," vol. 1, p. 42).


that eternal life, the donation of the Grand Architect, who will hail with the voice of brotherly love every free and well accepted Mason unto the Grand Lodge above. He was for many years an active and useful inhabitant of this town. He died much lamented and respected by his relations and acquaintances. He was a member and a communicant of the Episcopal Church and was buried according to the rites and ceremonies of that Church. He was a soldier of the Revolution and had the rank of captain." He left issue as follows:

WILLIAM CLARK, born at Derby, Conn. in 1762; married Mary Thomson.
'*JOSIAH, born at Derby in 1764; married Hannah Riggs.
ISAAC, born at Derby in 1767.
SHELDON, born at Derby in 1760.
HENRY, born at Derby in 1772; married Mary Suydam.
SUSAN, born at Derby in 1774.
STEPHEN, born at Derby in 1776.

'*JOSIAH WHITNEY, son of Henry and Eunice, born at Derby in 1764, a master mariner, was married in 1784 at Derby to Hannah Riggs, daughter of Captain Joseph and Rachel (Charfield) Riggs of Derby, where she was born March 6, 1767. He dwelt in Derby and was a member of the Congregational Church in the place. He was commander of a vessel in the South American trade and was cast away in 1794. He died in Demerara, South America, in August of that year in consequence of his sufferings and exposure in the shipwreck. His widow joined the Congregational Church in Derby November 18, 1808 ("Whitney Genealogy," vol. 1, p. 117, 118). He left issue as follows:

'*HANNAH, born at Derby, Conn., June 20, 1785; married Abram Remer August 20, 1805.
MARIA, born at Derby, March 14, 1787; married George Finley December 24, 1807.
JOSIAH CLARK, born at Derby in April, 1780; married Esther E. Mosher March 24, 1800.
MARTHA, born at Derby, March 26, 1792; married Jonathan Stone March 4, 1808.
STEPHEN M., born at Derby, February 17, 1794; married Charlotte Lewis September 22, 1822.


'*HANNAH WHITNEY, daughter of Josiah and Hannah, was born in Derby, Conn., June 20, 1785, married August 20, 1805, at Derby, to Abram Remer, who was born in Carlisle, Pa., June 7, 1783, a son of Lewis Remer (a Revolutionary soldier who served in Captain Jacob TenEyck's Company, First Battalion, Somerset County, New Jersey Militia), and Rebecca (Runion) Remer. They dwelt in Derby, where he carried on a large business, employing many men, in the manufacture of shoes, till May, 1827. They then removed to Seneca Falls, N. Y., and after ten years to Montezuma, N.Y., where he kept a tavern and grocery store for more than twenty years. They then dwelt with their son, Samuel Whitney Remer, at Davenport, Iowa, for three years and with their daughter, Mrs. Henrietta Downes, at Downey Station, Iowa, till 1863, when they returned to Bridgeport, Conn. She died there September 30, 1864. He died in the city of New York March 20, 1866. Both were buried in Mountain Grove Cemetery, Bridgeport ("Whitney Genealogy," vol. 1, p. 339). They left issue as follows:

JOSIAH LEWIS, born at Derby, Conn., July 22, 1806.
LUCILLE ANN, born at Derby, September 21, 1808.
LEWIS JOSIAH, born at New York City, March 23, 1810.
HENRIETTA, born at New York City, December 20, 1811.
REBECCA, born at New York City, September 20, 1813.
'*JENNETTE, born at Derby, June 11, 1815.
STEPHEN HENRY, born at Derby, April 2, 1817.
SUSAN, born at Derby, April 8, 1819.
WILLIAM JOSIAH, born at Derby, May 11, 1820.
SAMUEL WHITNEY, born at Derby, February 16, 1822.
SARAH ADELINE, born at Derby, February 22, 1826.
JULIA ANN, born at Seneca Falls, N. Y., October 20, 1828.

'*JENNETTE REMER, daughter of Abram and Hannah (Whitney), was born in Derby, Conn., June 11, 1815. She died at New Haven, Conn., August 23, 1853. She was married to Abram G. Waldron in Seneca Falls, N. Y., April 11, 1836. Five children blessed this union, of which the subject of this sketch is the eldest.


HENRY WHITNEY, born in England in 1620, came to America in 164-.
JOHN WHITNEY, son of Henry, born in England in 164-; married Elizabeth Smith of Norwalk, Conn., March 17, 1674.
JOSIAH WHITNEY, son of John and Elizabeth, born in Norwalk, Conn.; married Eunice Hanford October 30, 1729.
HENRY, son of Josiah and Eunice, born in Norwalk, Conn., in 1735; married Eunice Clark in 1761.
JOSIAH WHITNEY, son of Henry and Eunice, born in Derby, Conn., in 1764; married to Hannah Riggs in 1784.
HANNAH WHITNEY, daughter of Josiah and Hannah, born in Derby, Conn., in 1785; married to Abram Remer in 1805.
JENNETTE REMER, daughter of Hannah and Abram, born in Derby, Conn., in 1815; married to Abram G. Waldron in 1836.

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