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"Mr Manoah Harriman and Miss Reliance S. Whitney on the eighteenth day of November AD 1827. April 25th 1827 [sic]   Robert Low, Justice of the peace   A true copy   Attest. Robert Low, Town Clerk" (Vol. 1, p. 52)

"Mr Annas S. Whitney and Miss Drusilla Wright on the 22nd day of March 1829   Robert Low, Justice of Peace   A true copy   Attest   Robert Low Town Clerk" (Vol. 1, p. 53)

"This certifies that Mr Josiah C Clark of Guilford in the County of Piscataquis and Mrs Jemima T Whitney NOTE of Guilford in the County of Piscataquis in Marriage at Guilford in said County on the 30th day of September AD 1855 by me A D Young, Minister of the Gospel   A true Copy   Attest S N Grove Town Clerk" (Vol. 2, p. 21)

August 17, 1912   Clinton Hall Herring of Guilford, Maine, age 18, white, farmer, born Bradford, Maine, first marriage, parents: Harvy W. Herring and Lottie P. Crafts, parents' occupations respectively farmer and housewife, parents born Guilford, Maine, couple married by H. M. Daniels, Clergyman, Guilford, Maine. Marriage to Pearl Gertrude Whitney NOTE of Guilford, Maine, age 16, white, domestic, born Topsham, Maine, first marriage, parents: George H. Whitney NOTE and Althea G. Scribner, Parents occupations respectively farmer and housewife, parents born Westbrook, Maine. (Vol. 4, p. 66)

Note: Guilford records show Clinton H. Herring was born February 11, 1894 (Vol. 4, p. 14) and his father Harvey W. Herring was born September 27, 1855 (Vol. 1, p. 147).

In contrast to the above marriage record of Clinton Herring that states his father's birthplace as Guilford, birth records of Clinton show his father's birthplace as Sangerville, Maine.

"This certifies that I joined the within named parties (viz: Winfield S. Whitney of Parkman and Miss Etta S. Cleaves of Sangerville) in marriage the 29th day of May A. D. 1873. Josiah Bean, Clergyman   A true record   Attest D. R. Shaw Jr Town Clerk" (Vol. 3, p. 110)

Family Records

"Aaron Whitney born in Lewiston September 10th 1774

Betsey his wife born in Lewiston Sept. 10 1774 (as recorded)


Abigail Merrill Whitney, born in Lisbon March 31st 1800
Robert Hildrith Whitney born in Lisbon December 18th 1801
Relianee Small Whitney, born in Lisbon September 23rd 1803
(later documented as Reliance)
Annas Spears Whitney, born in Lisbon September 23, 1805" (In addition to appearing in Vol. 1, p. 110, Annas also appears on p. 69)
Relief Guildsmith Whitney, born in Litchfield September 7th 1807
Sally Spears Whitney, born in Industry, October 11th 1809
Thomas Flint Whitney, born in Industry November 13th 1813
William Hildrith Whitney, born in Industry October 7th 1815
Betsey Whitney Junr , born in Guilford October 7th 1818

Widow Mary 2nd wife of Aaron Whitney born in Gorham June 1st 1781

Children by her first husband:

Hannah Doble born in Sumner February 3rd 1813
Solomon & Bernice Doble [twins] born in Sumner April 21st 1816

By her 2 husband Aaron Whitney:

Stillman F. Whitney born in Guilford June 11th 1823


Betsey wife of Aaron Whitney died August 17th 1819

Betsey Whitney Jr died December 29th 1819

Mary 2nd wife of Aaron Whitney died Jany 7th 1826" (Vol. 1, pp. 109, 110)

"Annas S. Whitney born [See page 110]

Drusilla his wife born [See page 134]

Children: David W. Whitney born in Guilford April 26th 1830" (Vol. 1, p. 69)

Note: Family record shows birth of Drusilla in Strong, Maine October 18, 1810, daughter of Josiah Wright, born in Lewiston, Maine April 11, 1778 and Mary his wife, born in Bowdoin, Maine June 19, 1783.

"Thomas F. Whitney born in Industry Novr 13th 1813"

Adaline his wife born in February 8th 1816

Children: Amelia C. L. Whitney born in Guilford March 19th 1841" (Vol. 1, p. 40)

"Stillman F. Whitney Born in Guilford June 11th 1823

Ellsbyra A S his wife born Parkman April 24 1833

Children: Aaron Chandler Whitney born in Guilford Nov 13 1853" (Vol. 2, p. 68)

"Stillman F. Whitney born in Guilford June 11th 1823

Ann S. Whitney born in Abbot Apr. 24 1833


Aaron C. Whitney born in Guilford Nov. 13, 1853
Stillman L. Whitney born in Guilford Nov. 19 1857
Daniel F. Whitney born in Guilford Sep. 6 1862
Mary P. Whitney born in Guilford Jan 13 1865
Stillman L. Whitney died Sep. 15th 1861" (Vol. 3, p. 139)

Stillman S.[sic] Whitney died in Guilford July 25 1884 Jos Hudson Town Clerk

Note: Apparently, Ellsbyra A. S. and Ann S. are one and the same person.


Sept. 10, 1927, Eda E. Whitney, died in Guilford, Maine, cause of death: "This person dropped dead while dancing contributory cause probably some disease of the heart", age 77 years, 3 months, birthplace Skowhegan, Maine, female, white, widowed, burial Sept. 16, 1927 in Caanan, Maine, housewife, father John Wyman, nothing known of mother, father born in U. S., father's occupation farmer, death reported by R. H. Marsh, M.D., Guilford, Maine. (Vol. 4, p. 138)

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