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Consistory Court of Hereford

Wills and Admons., W Surnames [1540-1574], FHL Film #91,675

Will of John Whitney of Kinnersley, dated 1566.

Page 1:

Will of John Whitney, 1566, page 1.jpg

Page 2:

Will of John Whitney, 1566, page 2.jpg

Page 3:

Will of John Whitney, 1566, page 3.jpg

Page 4:

Will of John Whitney, 1566, page 4.jpg

Transcription attempted by Robert L. Ward:

Page 1:

"In the name of god Amen this xxiijth daie of Januarie ytte here of or.
lord god 1566 John Whitney of Kinsley the countie of Hereford Sicke
in bodye yet notwithstandinge ... in mynde and of perfitee remembraunce
thanks be to god do make my laste wille and testament in manr. and
forme foloynge First and prinmcipally I bequethe my sowle to allmightie
god and to Jesus christe my creator and redeemer and my body to
Xian buriall Itm I geqithe to Dorotie whitney my wiffe my
beste preserved my best cordynge and blancket and coffer one lytl
potte and payer of flaxen sheets and one payer of .urden ..otes
Itm my wille is that the saide Doritie shall have delyvred unto her
yerely Duringe her naturall life at the howse of my son hughe
whitnie xls in good and Lawfull money of England and viij
bs. of wheate towards her fyndage as it is agreed upon betwene
me and her fryndes And my wille is that she shall save & occupie
the chamber that she liveth in wth. woolle to make ... and
the occupyenge of the cowbert in the same chamber and the occupyenge
of all suche vyselles and household stuffe as is not bequithed
at her pleasure so longe as it shall please her to occupye them
at Lyusher Itm my will is that my saide wiffe and my doughter
Margery shall take the five pownds of flaxen yorne ...
spane in the howse and cawse hit to be woven and geven to
my sonnes Richard and Thomas ..ithe a shoute of the ...
and devyde the reste betwene them .... Itm I geve all
the hempe - - - - - - - - - in the howse to my wiffe (if she
stay here) and to Margery Itm I beqithe to my son hughe
Whitney the lease of my farme for the and terme
of fyve yeres to begyne at the feaste of Saynte michael
the archangell nexte after the date hereof and after the
said terme of v yeres I will that Thomas whitnie my
son shall have and enioye to his owne use the halffe
of my saide farme duringe the reste of the yeres ...
in the saide least beinge halffe charge and payenge to my
wiffe Doritie yearlie duringe his naturall liffe xxs & fower
busshelles of wheate Itm I geve to my son hughe whitney
my beste cote and my or melinge payenge to Davyd mathewe
xls at the feaste of the in...on of the holly crosse wch.
shalbe in teh yere of ow.... lord 1568 Itm I geve to the
saide hughe whitney my son and to my Daughter Margery
all the hempe seede and lyne seede one .... of lyne seede"

Page 2:

"seede resarved to be sowen to the use of my wiffe if she tary
there Itm I geve and bequethe to my sons Richard whitneyie
and Thomas whitnie in recompencte of suche goodes as I
gave of theirs in my ...sbadye and in full satisfaccon for there
childe parte of goodes x li. to be made of my goodes & cattell
that is to witte other of them syxe ounds to be Delyvrd
at the feaste of the nativitie of Saunte John bapptyste nexte
- - - - - ensuynge the Date hereof and if it chaunce
that ether of my saide sones shall die before the saide
feaste of Saynte John baptist that then the other that
shall happen to lyve shall hand the sole tene pownds
and the bothe fortune to Die then my wille is that
the hole tene pownds shalbe Devyded equally amongeste
the reste of my childrene that is to saye hughe Whitney
Johan mathewe, Elisabethe Parcks and margery whitney
Itm I geve to Richard my son one Russett cote my beste
Dublet and my beste hatte and one sythe Itm I geve to
Thomas whitney my son my beste chaffinge dishe Itm
I bequethe to margery whitney my Doughter x li in
lawfull money of England my second best fother bedd
wth. two comynge to one Duble canvas .. one bolster one
pillowe ij payres of flaxen sheets iij payres of h..den sheets
iij table clothes and towells my beste brasse pan my second
best potte my beste candelsticke ..or my beste beste pieces of
pewter two sawcers and salte seller wth. one graite potte
two cwoshinges and carpett one litle coffer ij beste
cabbers the bested treene pessell the beste trynde
ij stondes one beer barrell one Dryoppe pay and the
beste ofyen pay Itm I bequethe to the saide Margery
all the hurden gowne and hurles Roufoone to make
for John the son of Roger whitney ij shurtte and for
Thomas the son of Richard whitney one shurtte and for
lewys whitney two shurtte Provided that if hit
happen or chance the seyde mgery to Dye before
she be maryed then my wille is that all this pewter
as money and gades shalbe equally distrybuted amonge my"

Page 3:

"my childerne hughe whitney Richard whitney Thomas
whitney Elisabethe parcks and Johan mathewe excepte
the sayde Margery shalbe Dryven by necessitie to pende
the same in her liffe tyme Itm I bequethe to Johan
mathewe my Daughter one flocke bedd one cumynge
one payre of huuden sheets and a peyre of wafre
yrons so that all her mothers childerne shall share
the occupyenge of them ofte as neede shall
require Itm I geve to william tompkines my
son in lawe xx s. in full recompense of all bargains
and Demaunds that he requirethe at my handes
Itm I bequeathe to Richard tompkines one acre
of Rye nexte to John Carpenters lande shotinge
uppe toward Ders quickesett and grasse for his cowe
the nexte farme after this Itm I bequethe to the
poore of the Parishe of Kinsley vi s. viij d. to be
bestowed at the Discreston of the hole Parishe
Itm I geve and bequethe to John Wen one redd
gylte and one busshell of Rie and one gotte Itm
I bequethe to Mawde brasser halffe one busshell
Rie Itm I bequethe to my systers Margaret
hughes and Maryen hobby ether one busshell
Rie Itm I geve to lewys whitney two Rdge of
Rie Itm I will that my son hughe whitney
shall ffynde suffycient apparell & vanyment to John
Whitney the son of Roger whitney untill he come
to his full and lawfull age / The reste of all
my goodes moveable & unmoveable my Debts payde
and my legacies & bequests wth. my f..dall expenses
Discharged I geve and bequethe to my son hughe to
the fulfillinge ofthis my laste will and to bestowe
at his Discrescon and to this my last wille & testament well"

Page 4:

"well and truly to be fulfilled I ordeyonstitute my
saide son hughe whitney to be my sole executor and
Sr. william Pyke Howell and James carpender my
mfans These beinge witnesses Sr. william Parks
Parsn. of Kynsley Richard mathewe James carpender
Randoll hill Jenckyn Dawen, John mathewe wth. others
Itm I geve to Margery whitney a hachell
Dettes that I Do owe
In prmis. in hureford to mr. gilber ...... xxxiij s. iiij d.
Itm to Sibill whitney .................... viij s.
Itm to John Carpender .................... vij li.
Itm to Myles partrige .. xxxj busshelles of whete
Itm to the same myles .. xxxj bushells of bud barlye
Itm -- Jenckyn Damyne hathe payde this yeres rente
for the leson.. in the Parishe ............xl s.
Dettes owinge to me
In prims. of mrs. Clunn .... xxs. to be paide to the hands of
Dd mathewe Itm of John Edward for my brother Roger
xiiij s. Itm of Roger Griffithe Thomas colcounes man
for the same Roger iij s. iiij d. to be payde to the same
David Itm John pychas ij s. viij d. Itm I geve to Margery
whitney vj d. wch. is in the hande of John Redwans for
his rente Itm my will is that my son Richard whitney
shall have the barlye closse benethe the same goynge
to mewechurche and the croffte lyenge by John wens
howse and three acres in a ffylde wch. all the medowe
plockes in the fyldes Itm my wille is that the
seyde Richard shall have two kynes grasse in the
olde parcke a fothe of hey in the brode medowe
and the gote of the howsinge that hughe whitney
hathe nowe in his occupacon payenge for the sayde
pastures and howsinge yerely xxvj s. viij d. of Rente
at the feaste of Saynte michaell tharcangell me
morand that ospey my --- son Thomas whitney
shall have halffe of my farme That they the
saide pastures & howses shall be Devyded equally
of Thomas his part as of hughes the seide Richard
whitney payenge to them the rente by even porcons
betwixte them /"


23 Jan 1566, John Whitney of Kinsley; wife Dorothy; daughters Johan Mathewe, Elisabethe Parcks, and Margery Whitney; sons Hugh, Richard, and Thomas; John the son of Roger Whitney; Thomas the son of Richard Whitney; Lewis Whitney; son in law John Tompkins; sisters Margaret Hughes and Maryen Hobby; brother Roger Whitney.

Kinnersley is 6 miles ENE of Whitney-on-Wye.

Copyright © 2006, Robert L. Ward and the Whitney Research Group

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