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Consistory Court of Hereford

Wills and Admons., W Surnames [1574-1601], FHL Film #91,676

Will of Richard Whitney, dated 20 Apr 1583.

Will of Richard Whitney, 1583 Page 1.jpg
Will of Richard Whitney, 1583 Page 2.jpg
Will of Richard Whitney, 1583 Page 3.jpg

This will is seriously damaged at the top of the leaf, and has been water-damaged along the right edge. The second page is obviously written on the back of the first page, so suffers similar damage.

Transcription attempted by Robert L. Ward:

Page 1:

"[In the name] of god Amen vicesimo die Apr.lis ...
...... of the dioc. of Hereff. being [sick in body but of perfect mind and remembrance]
[prai]se be unto god do make this my last will a[nd testament in form and manner following]
.... I bequeath my soule unto allmightie god ....
my bodie to be buried in the Parish church of ....
to ye Cath Churche of Hereff. xij d., Itm [I give and bequeath to the poor]
of this Parishe xij d. Ite. I do geve and ....
lands ... meados bas... Pastures and commons with the ....
are sett being ... being in ye hardwick or ye ..e of ...dwa....
lordshipp of clifford in y cony. of hereff. to have and to hold ye same ....
lands tenmts. & hereditamts wth. theaer apputenenauncs com... the say[d] ....
Immediatlie from and after my decese for and during the terme of ...
butt ye remainder thireof after her deceas to remaine to marie my daug[hter]
now wiffe of Thomas vaughan and to Isabeth my doughter now wife to ....
ap Pritchard & to the heiers of either of theeier bodies by theier sayd
husbands lawfullie begotten for ever this condicon is yt. ye said marie
& Isabeth or either of them doe alien or sett anie pt. or parcel of ye same
messougs lands tmts. and hereditamts. if fee or in fee of taile yt. h....
ye same to have agine his or theier frmor. estat & anie al...
wade to ye contrarie not wth.standing and as touching ye reste of all
my messuage lands ... wavemills and all other my hereditamts
besids ye messuages and lands before demised I doe geve devise
and bequethe ye same after my deceas unto ye said marie and Isabeth
my doughters and to the heiers of either of theier bodies lawfullie begoten
In like maner and forme and with. ye same condacon as before ....
and declared Ite I doe will geve & devise unto Richard Whitnie the
bastard sonne of James Whitnie my sonne deceased one annuitie or Yerely
rent of viii li. by ye yeres of lawfull monie of England Issuing and going
foorth out of all my forsaid messuage lands rents and hereditaments
medowes leasowes Pastures and all other the premises afforesaid wth.
theier appurtenancunces to have and to hold ye said amounts or yerely
rent of viii li. by ye yeres to the said Richard Whitnie the base
sonne of James Whitney my sone Immediatlie from and after
the decease of Anne my wiffe for and durring the terme
of his naturall lyfe The first paiment thereof to began at the fest
of St. Michael tharckangell or the annu.tion of or. ladie
first happen next after her deceas and to be paied at ....
termes in the yere yt. is to saie at ye feast of St. Michael tharkang[ell]
and ye annuntco. of or. blessed ladied ye virgin by every percons
during het said terme and Yf hit shall happen the said yerelie rent
or annuitie of viij li. to be behinde and unpaid by the space of a....
moneth next after anie of the said feaste of Saint ....
the said outght to be paide That then hit shalbe lawful for ye
Richd Whitnie"

Page 2:

".... .... .... .... .... Richard Whitnie .... .... .... ....
.... .... .... .... leasses Pastures and all other .... .... ....
.... .... .... .... d..ress thereof soe taken bea.... .... ....
.... .... .... .... .. him or them to deba... and k... .... .... ....
.... .... .... .... .... viij li. wth. the arreage of the farme yff ....
.... .... .... .... .... ..ared Item as buching all my goods coll...
.... .... .... .... .... .... .... .... doring and with my d..te legasies
.... .... .... expenses ..targes ...ld I devyse and bequethe
.... .... .... .. Anne my wyff .... to the end if she shall wth.
.... .... .... the sonne in all suche wants and neads as she shall want
.... .... and if at her deceasee she shalt leve geve bequeth or caus
.... .... muche as shalt thereof then remaine wth.out anie grale or
.... the said Richard Whitnee the base sonne of the said James
[Whit]nee my sonne and to Johan whitnie ye bse daughter of the said
[Ja]mes whitnee my said sonne to be equalie divided betwixt them
and of that my last will and test. I doe ordaine and
make ye same Anne my wiff and the said Richard whitnee ye base
sonne of the said James whitnee my sonne to be my executors and
James ap Parre esquier and Eustace whitnee gent. to be overseers
of the same To see this my said last will and test. trulie executed In
witness whereof I have hereunto put my seale These being witnesses
William ap Robart John P..elt Vaane, Thomas ap John, S...and gorg
Thomas ap Ricd. ap Parre Robert addames
Im/ Richd. Whitne

Abstract by Elwyn Ll. Evans:

Will of Richard Whitney, 1583: his wife Anne, his daughter Mary, wife of Thomas Vaughan, daughter Isabell, wife of ----- ap Pritcharde, Richard Whitney the bastard son of his deceased son James Whitney, Joan Whitney, bastard daughter of the said son James, and made his executors James ap Parrie, Esquire, and Eustace Whitney, gentleman.

Copyright © 2006, Robert L. Ward and the Whitney Research Group

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