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Consistory Court of Hereford

Wills and Admons., W Surnames [1540-1574], FHL Film #91,675

Will of Robert Whitney of St. Oswald, Clifford, dated 5 Dec 1541.

Will of Robert Whitney, 1541.jpg

Transcription attempted by Robert L. Ward:

"In the name of god So be it ye vth day of December in the yere of or. lord god ye mcccccxlj I Ro. Whitney of Saint oswald the Lordship of Clyfford
[  sicke] in my body & hole in my mynde & remembraunce make this my laste will & testament In maner & forme folowyng Firste I bequeath my soule b[   ]
[chur]che of or. Lady of Clifford I will & bequeathe unto the p[ ]ment boxe there iiijd I will & bequeathe unto my gostly father for my tythyng & a[ ]ons forgoten
I will & bequeathe unto william my sonne all my Landes Lyinge & beinge the Lordship of Clifford in the counte of Hereford I will & bequeathe unto the sayd william
[?to stoffe] to him and his heyres and for lacke of heirs of his bodye all my landys & all my goods bequeathed to the said william sonne to remayne unto margret my
[  ]to the said margret my daughter xxvij shepe & iiij pence & in money the sm. of viij l. & if the sayd margret die wt.out heyrs before william my sonne that the
[ ]st to remayne soly to william my sonne I will that the said margret shall be at the guydyng & governing of madock ap Res and the sayd madocke ap [  ]
[     ]set of the sayd Margret I will & bequeathe unto Robt. awhytney my father the sm. of xls of money I will & bequeathe unto Elynora whitney my sister also [to     ]
whitney my sister a Golde ringe & [  ]enebe [           ] wt. howell ap rychard gohe untill the fest of all sayntes next comyng I will & bequeathe unto thoms. [   ]
[I will] & bequeathe unto my cosen Johan the daughter of George whitney ij hayffors I will & bequeathe unto madocke ap Rs oone calve? & a wt. clothe of [         ]
[       ]ls the wife of madake ap Rs. A violet frocke a redde peticote & a felt hatte. I will & bequeathe unto howell ap Richard gohe xx shepe wt. the hy[  ]e wiche [         ]
unto Johan ap Watkin A Cowe I will & bequeathe unto Willm. John Willms viij gotes. wt. iijs iiijd for the hyre of them I will & bequeathe to the da[     ]
[   ] ley I wille & bequeathe unto John ap richard mylles vij gotes [     ] xv gotes be in the bepyng of thoms. perot of the pyshe. of studdok in C[     ]
[     ] ty for the [?pocks?] & the hyre I will & bequeathe utno the sayd John ap rychard the sm. of xvs viijd for the wiche I had in pledge a brasse potte & a [     ]
the daughter of thoms. ap Rs a bullocke of iij yeres of age I will & bequeathe unto David phillips halfe an acre of whete & halfe an acre of rye I will that [     ]
my barne to fynde & to kepe my children And if it please god to take my children & they havyng none heyrs then I will myne executors to geve v[ ]t[ ]
of my brother george Suche pte. of my gooes as they shall thynk good & the residew of my goodes unbequeathed my body buryed * my dettis payd [     ]
at the distribucion of myne executors and they to geve & distrybit it amongs pore people to the hands of god & to the welthe of my soule
I will ordyn & make madocke ap Rese & howell ap Richard gohe myne executors and Robt a Whitney my father ovr.sear of this my will to be [   ]
these persons present & witnes of this [   ]
viz Andre marshall wiker of Clifford m[   ]
Rese ap howell ap madocke and willm. Jo[   ]
wt. dyvers other Psns.
[     ] ap Thomas. ap Eynon of the Pyshe. of bringwye in the Count. of Radnor
owethe unto me the sm. of tenne powndes wiche I have geven unto my father
Robt. awhetney xls and unto margret my doughter the sm. of viij pownds
the dettes that I owe
[     ]unto Willm. hughes of [&ndsp; ]rdister xlv s. viij d.

Abstract by Elwyn Ll. Evans says: "Robert Whitney, father; George Whitney brother & his daughter Joan; son William; sister Elinor Whitney."

Copyright © 2006, Robert L. Ward and the Whitney Research Group

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