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Consistory Court of Hereford

Wills and Admons., W Surnames [1540-1574], FHL Film #91,675

Will of Thomas Whitney of Cusop, dated 1558.

Will of Thomas Whitney, 1558.jpg

Transcription attempted by Robert L. Ward and Tim Doyle:

"In the Name of God Amen the xvjth Day of the month October in the yere of our lorde god a thousande fyve hundrith fyftie and eight I Thomas Whyttney of the Parish of Cussoppe within the Dyoces of hereford beynge of perfect Mynde and perfect Remembrannce Laude be unto all mighty god yet beynge Sicke in body Make and ordyne this my last will in manner and forme folwynge that is to siy First I comende my soule unto all myghtie god my macker & Redemer and my body to be burid in the parishe churche of our lady of Cussoppe I do geve and bequeve for my tythes ___________ forgoten and stere of of one yere olde Item I geve & bequeve to Annest vz Thomas my weded wyff tow oxen thre kyne tow capoles that is to say _ horsse mare xxix hede of shepe Item I do geve & bequeve to Johan vch thomas my eldest Doughter fyve pound in murgage upon the landes of Istaunce Whittney my brother tow styres of one yere old and one heyfer of ij yere olde x heddes of Sheppe & one brasen pott Item I do geve & bequeve to margarett my dughter fortie eight stelyngs & foure pence Dive vict my upon Joh~ Watkyns one Cow efor for blacke one sty? heyfer of one __ yere olde and x heddes of sheppe And if any of my sayd daughters Do Dye as god Defende without ysswe & ar unmaryd I will that the goodes & cattels so bequeved shall Remayne to the survivers of them bouth And if they bouth do dye as god defende without ysswe & unmaryd the goodes & cattells bequeaved unto them I do geve and bequeve unto John Wittney & watkinn whittney my brothers Item for all my casswalde stuff unbequeved I do geve & bequeve to Annest my wyff & to my sayd daughters to be devyded amungst theym at the discressyon of my executors Thomas gllm griffith and Istannc whittney my my brothers whom I do macke my executors to accomplyshe this my will & te welech of my soule in wittnes of watkyn ap ___ ap John Robertt John ap __ Sir David parson of Cussoppe thomas gllm & David ap Rossers with others An Inventorie of all the goodes catells and heusuall stuff of thomas whettney deceased proved by john watkins watkyn ap ____ & Richard _____ Item _____ ij oxen --------- xxvj s viij d Item iiij ____ ------------- xl s Item a horsse & a mare ----- xiij s iiii d Item xlix sheppe ----------- xlix s Item houssehold? stuff ----- xiij s iiij d   ____ totall ____ __ ____

Copyright © 2006, Robert L. Ward, Tim Doyle and the Whitney Research Group

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