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Ballou, Adin, History of the town of Milford, Worcester County, Massachusetts : from its first settlement to 1881, Part II, Biographico-Genealogical Register (Boston: Franklin Press, Rand, Avery, & Co., 1882), pp. 1112-1121.

[p. 1112]

WHITNEY. The Whitneys, though not among our very oldest inhabitants, came in early from Holl., and set. on our eastern, or rather north-eastern, border. With the aid of Savage, Bond, Barry, and Morse, in addition to original documents and records. I have traced the lineage of our Whitneys to the original immigrants, and can give a tolerably accurate statement of their descent. In doing so I have been obliged to clear up some obscurities, and correct certain errors which had got into print. The original immigrants were English, and comprised a family of seven. These were John Whitney, his wife Elinor, and their sons John, Richard, Nathaniel, Thomas, and Jonathan. The fr. was 35 yrs. of age, the mr. 30, John 11, Richard 9, Nathaniel 8, Thomas 6, and Jona. 1. They sailed from London in April. 1635, landed in Boston, and set. at Watertown. There another son, Benjamin, was born. The fr. was made a freeman, and soon became a prominent citizen, honored with various official trusts. From this family all, or nearly all, the Whitneys of this country have descended. They are very numerous and wide-spread.

Jonathan, the fifth son of John and Elinor, m. at Wat., Oct. 30, 1656, Lydia, only dr. of Lewis Jones. Their chn. were Lydia, Jonathan, Anna, John, Josiah, Elinor, James, Isaac, Joseph. Abigail, and Benjamin. Jonathan, jun., b. Oct. 20, 1659, is said to have m. Sarah, dr. of Shadrach Hapgood. But none of the genealogists give the date of this marriage, and there is some confusion in respect to the names and births of his chn. He is said to have had seven in Wat., and one in Sherborn, near Chestnut Brook, now Holl., but to have d. in Concord, -- his will being proved in 1735. I at first took for granted that this Jonathan, who was of Sherborn but d. in Concord, must be in the direct line of our Mil. Whitneys. But I at length became convinced that this could not be, for the conclusive reason, that his son Jonathan was not old enough by some 20 yrs. to be the father of the chn. known to be those of Jonathan and Susanna Whitney. All the probabilities are, that the Jonathan of Holliston, hus-

[p. 1113]

band of Susanna, father of our Jonathan, Elias, etc., was the son of Benjamin, an early settler in Sherborn. No explicit records exist to prove this, but many concurrent circumstances. This Benjamin was the youngest son of Jonathan, the 5th son of John and Elinor, the original immigrants. This makes the best linked lineage of our first Whitneys that the case admits of, and I shall assume it to be correct. I commence my tabulations with that Jonathan and Susanna Whitney whose homestead was on Chestnut Brook in the edge of Medway now, formerly Holliston. originally Sherborn, about a mile and a half eastward from Bear Hill; being the same farm some years ago owned and occupied by Jonathan Pond.

WHITNEY, Jonathan4 (Benjamin3, Jonathan2, John1), b. prob. about 1680; m. Susanna (maiden name and parentage not found), b. prob. about 1681 or 1682. Their marriage prob. took place about 1700 or 1701 (no particulars found). I see that Barry and Morse include among their chn. two not mentioned in the father's will of 1753; viz., Jesse and Hannah. There must be some mistake about this, as no records appear to warrant their assumption that there were such chn. in the family. I suspect these genealogists to have taken the said Jesse and Hannah for chn. when only gd.-chn. Though not certain of this, I have concluded to omit their names from the list of chn., who were, --

Susanna, b. Jan. 20, 1702-3; m. Gershom Eames, Holl.
Jonathan, b. Oct. 17, 1704; set. in now Mil., and m. Lydia Jones, dr. of Eld. John.
Keziah, b. July 31, 1706; m. Abraham Jones, son of Eld. John.
Dorothy, b. Aug. 28, 1708; m. Ebenezer Hunt of Holl., next. Mil., and finally Paxton.
Mary, b. May 28, 1710; m. Joseph Jones, another son of Eld. John.
Lydia, b. March 3, 1712; m. Isaac Hill of Holl.
Elias, b. Nov. 14, 1716; set. ultimately in Bear-hill district.
Mehetabel, b. Dec. 27, 1719; m. David Cutler, who set. in now Mil.
George, b. Aug. 12, 1721; m. Sarah Cozzens, Holl.; had 4 chn., and d. before his fr.

I get no report of any other chn. The fr. d. prob. toward the close of 1753. He made his will Feb 2 of that yr., provided judiciously for his family, and appointed his wf. Susanna, with his eldest son Jonathan, co-executors. It was proved in Middlesex Co., Feb. 11, 1754. He owned some meadow-lands, etc., in now Milford.

WHITNEY, Jonathan5 (Jonathan4, Benjamin3, Jonathan2, John1), b. in now Med., as above, Oct. 17, 1704; located in the north-easterly part of now Mil., near Deer Brook, on what was long known as the Whitney place; and m. Lydia, dr. of John and Sarah Jones, Jan. 26, 1727. Their chn. were, --

Susanna, b. Feb. 12, 1728; m., 1st, Isaac Tenney; and, 2d, Noah Wiswall.
Jonathan, b. Oct. 18, 1729; d. young, only 1 day old.
Jesse, b. Nov. 24, 1730; set., lived, and d. on the homestead.
Lydia, b. Nov. 18, 1732; in. Samuel Bowker of Hop.
Jonathan, b. July 26, 1734; m. Esther Parkhurst.
Sarah, b. not found; m. Wales Cheney, son of Willam, jun., Mil.
Ruth, bap. April 11, 1742. Found on the baptismal record; prob. d. young.
David, bap. Sept. 21, 1746.

The fr. came into possession of his first landed est. by purchase from an

[p. 1114]

earlier owner, whose name I have not ascertained. To this he subsequently added, at different times, parcels of common laid out to him by Mendon proprietors adjacent to him, amounting in all to over 60 acres. Being located close to Holl. and Hop., he had land in three towns. He seems to have become quite a prominent and trusted citizen, an influential member of the church, and a stanch coadjutor of his father-in-law, Eld. John Jones, in establishing the new Precinct. He was nominated in the wills of his father and father-in-law as coexecutor, and, as things turned, had almost the entire responsibility of settling their estates. But he soon followed them through the gate of death; for they both d. in 1753, and he in 1755 or 1756. He left no will, and his est. was set. according to law.

I noticed in the Probate Registry that his real est. was divided by five commissioners appointed by the court, whose report bore date April 6, 1756. They were William Torrey, Habijah French, Jasper Daniels, James Sumner, and Josiah Chapin, active contemporary townsmen of that day. His widow and the several heirs subscribed their written assent to the division, and so it went into satisfactory effect. His wid. d., date not found.

WHITNEY, Elias5 (Jonathan4, Benjamin3, Jonathan2, John1), b. in Holl., Nov. 14, 1716; m., 1st, Elizabeth Mellen; cer. Feb. 6, 1745-6, by Rev. Joshua Prentice. He seems to have res. 1st in Holl., near the eastern boundary of our Easterly Precinct, or perhaps temporarily within its limits; for he had his son Elias bap. by Mr. Frost, July 1, 1750. But he was at Framingham, June 12, 1764, when James Hayward deeded him the homestead, now his gt. gd.-son's, our present Elias Whitney. If I do not misunderstand my documentary data, he m., 2d, Elizabeth Boyden, June 26, 1774; cer. by Rev. A. Frost. His chn. were by his first wife, and most, if not all, of them, b. in Holl. I have seen on record only the following: --

Abigail, b. March 19, 1747; no further traced.
Elias, b. June 15, 1750; set. finally on the family homestead, Bear-hill district.
Amrillen, b. June 1, 1753; no further traced.
Jonathan, b. Jan. 25, 1760; killed in the Revolutionary war.

The fr. d. July 29, 1810, a. 93 yrs. 9 mos. The date of his 2d wf.'s death not found. For aught that appears to the contrary, he, his wives, and the chn. were of reputable standing in the plain, old-fashioned society of their times.

WHITNEY, Elias6 (Elias5, Jonathan4, Benjamin3,Jonathan2 John1), bap. by Rev. A. Fro t, July 1, 1750; m. Lucy Barnes of Hingham, b. the same yr. with himself; cer. April 10, 1772, by Rev. Ebenezer Gay. Their chn. were, --

Abigail, b. March 6, 1773; m. Barnard Boyden, 1798.
Mellen, b. Dec. 9, 1774; m. Jane Richardson.
Rebecca, b. Jaffrey, N.H., Dec. 14, 1776; m. Amos Howard (Hayward), Bearhill district.
Lydia, b. Jaffrey, N.H., April 12, 1779; m. Abijah Clark, 1798; soon d.
Jonathan, b. Jaffrey, N.H., May 9, 1731; m. Lavina Coombs; set. on the family homestead.
Laban, b. Jaffrey, N.H., Oct. 24, 1783; m. Olive Green.
Lucy, b. Sterling, Mass., Jan. 6, 1786; m. John Wood; set. in Vt.
Betsey,} b. Sterling, Mass., Sept. 15, 1788; d. May 31, 1811.
Hannah,} b. Sterling, Mass., Sept. 15, 1788; d. Sept. 11, 1805.
Anna, b. Sterling, Mass., Jan. 13, 1792; m., 1st, Charles Barnes; 2d, Alex. Cheney.

[p. 1115]

Elias, b. Mil., Feb. 4, 1795; d. Jan. 4, 1797.

These parents, after sundry removals, set. on the paternal homestead. Said to be worthy heads of a worthy family. He was so strictly conscientious, that, when the pension-law had passed, favoring with pensions the surviving Revolutionary soldiers, and his papers were all made out by Pearley Hunt, Esq., making perfectly valid his claim, on hearing them read over, and finding he had got to swear that he was a needy applicant, he squarely refused to make oath, or to have his pension on such terms; declaring that he was not thus needy, but had lived, and could live, without the pension. He was told that others, much richer than himself, made no scruple of swearing that they needed the proffered pension; but, though in really moderate circumstances, he persistently stuck to his scruples. His wf. d. Oct. 15, 1818; he d. May 22, 1828, in his 79th yr.

WHITNEY, Jesse6 (Jonathan5, Jonathan4, Benjamin3, Jonathan2, John1), of Deerbrook district, b. Nov. 24, 1730; m., 1st, Mary Cheney, dr. of William, jun., and Joanna, Sept. 22, 1757; cer. by Rev. A. Frost. He inherited a conspicuous portion of his fr.'s homestead, whereon he lived and d. He had there, --

Olive, b. Feb. 9,-1758; prob. lived and d. unm.
Susanna, b. July 12, 1759; d. April 6, 1760.
Rhoda, b. Oct. 8, 1760; m. William Hayden, Hop., Dec. 7, 1779.
Hachaliah, b. April 5. 1762; lived and d. in Mil.; twice m.
Lucy,} b. July 17, 1764; m. Joseph Chamberlain, Hop., April 6, 1786.
Ruth,} b. July 17, 1764; d. July 31, 1765.
Asa, b. Sept. 4, 1766; d. Oct. 7, 1768.
Anna, b. July 13, 1770; m. William Abbey, Nov. 27, 1791.

Mrs. Mary (Cheney's) death-date not found. The hus. m., 2d, wid. Ruth Wight, 1779, who d. 1785. He m., 3d, Abigail Rawson of Upton, dr. of Wilson Rawson, prob. in July, 1794. His intentions of mge. entered July 5, 1794, in which he is styled "Lieut." His will bears date April 17, 1810. He names therein wf. Abigail, son Hachaliah, gd. son Levi Whitney, and drs. Olive Whitney, Rhoda Hayden, Lucy Chamberlain, and Anna Abbey; Lieut. David Stearns made executor. His death-date not found, and his wid.'s death-date not found. Civil and social standing good.

WHITNEY, Major Hachaliah7 (Jesse6, Jonathan5, Jonathan4, Benjamin3, Jonathan2, John1), b. April 5, 1762; inherited much of the old homestead, or at least acquired most of it; m., 1st, Abigail Nelson, June 29, 1786; cer. by Rev. A. Frost. She was a dr. of Gershom and Mercy (Puffer) Nelson, b. July 30, 1765. Their chn. were, --

Ethan, b. April 22, 1788; m. Betsey Miller Green.
Jesse, b. Oct. 12, 1790; m. Rebecca Fisk.
Nelson, b. March 24, 1790; d. July 19, 1790.
Abigail, b. Jan. 6, 1803; still survives in town, unm.

The mr. d. Dec. 10, 1838, a. 73 yrs. and a little over 4 mos. The fr. m., 2d, Mrs. Olive (Madden) Cobb, wid. of Lewis Cobb, Oct. 9, 1842; cer. by Newell Nelson, Esq. He d. Nov. 14, 1848, in his 87th yr. His wid. d. about 1 yr. later, at her son Elmer Cobb's.

WHITNEY, Jonathan7 (Elias6, Elias5, Jonathan4, Benjamin3,Jonathan2, John1), b. May 9, 1781; m. Lavina Coombs, Sept. 29, 1806; cer. by Rev. David Long. She was a dr. of John and Mary (Perry) (Partridge) Coombs, b. 1785. They res. on or near the old homestead in Bear-hill district. Their chn. were, --

[p. 1116]

Tamsin, b. July 8, 1807; m. Orlando F. Sparrow, May 12, 1833.
Elmira, b. Sept. 24, 1809; m. Benjamin F. Reynolds; d. not long after mge.
Elias, b. Feb. 7, 1811; res. always here, and a well-known citizen.
Charles Barnes, b. April 16, 1814; m. Mary Ann Cary, Medway, April 9, 1837.
Leer Ann, b. March 12, 1816; m. Benjamin F. Reynolds of Sharon, Aug. 3, 1837.
Lydia, b. Sept. 28, 1818; m. Joseph H. Welch of Boston, Sept. 28, 1840.
George, b. March 15, 1821; m. Louisa P. C. Lincoln, Holl., Jan. 1, 1845.
Mary, birth-date not found; m. Shepherd Carpenter, Feb. 13, 1844; she d. June 11, 1881.
Jonathan Hollis, b. April 16, 1830; d. Jan. 15, 1832.

The mr. d. June 1, 1843, a. about 57 yrs. Death-date of the fr. not obtained.\

WHITNEY, Laban7 (Elias6, Elias5, Jonathan4, Benjamin3, Jonathan2, John1), b. Oct. 24, 1783; m. Olive Green, June 27, 1805; cer. by Rev. D. Long. She was a dr. of Cleophas Green; further desired particulars not obtained. Their chn. were, --

Betsey, b. Oct. 18, 1808; untraced.
Lemuel, b. 1817; m. Fannie Darling, Feb. 22, 1846.

Laban Whitney lived, not only in Mil., but in several other localities at different times. I have been unable to obtain his full family record as to births, mges., or deaths. Mrs. Olive d. in widowhood, Dec. 7, 1867.

WHITNEY, Ethan8 (Hachaliah7, Jesse6, Jonathan5, Benjamin4, Jonathan3, Jonathan2, John1), b. April 22, 1788; m. Betsey Mellen Green, Jan. 7, 1810; cer. by Samuel Jones. Esq. She was a dr. of Lemuel and Sukey (Torrey) Green, Mil., b. Nov. 22, 1792. Their chn. were, --

Nelson, b. May 5, 1811; m. Ruth Guild, Mil., April 6, 1836.
Harriot, b. April 9, 1813; untraced.
Willis, birth-date not found; d. Sept. 11, 1817, a. about 2 yrs.

There were still other chn.; but I must leave this record quite imperfect, for want of time and means to make the necessary research. Ethan Whitney,^ %j~/A I believe, d. out of Mil., perhaps not far from 1820. y I cannot give place or exact date. Mrs. Betsey, his wid., m. Micah Bent, Sept. 9, 1827. They afterwards removed to Bell. No further traced.

WHITNEY, Jesse8 (Hachaliah7, Jesse6, Jonathan5, Jonathan4, Benjamin3, Jonathan2, John1), b. Oct. 12, 1790; m. Rebecca Fisk, June 12, 1817; cer. by Rev. D. Long. She was b. in the year 1800; ptge. not ascertained. Issue: --

Rowanna Semira, b. Aug. 28, 1820; m. Israel Patch, Sept. 18, 1872. No chn.

A worthy family. Res. first on the ancient Whitney place, now Cedar St., and last on their newer homestead, 121 Main St. (East). He d. Feb. 1, 1850; she d. Aug. 10, 1871.

WHITNEY, Nelson9 (Ethan8, Hachaliah7, Jesse6, Jonathan5, Benjamin4, Jonathan3, Jonathan2, John1), b. May 5, 1811; m. Ruth Guild, ptge., etc., not ascertained; cer. Millbury, April 6, 1836, by the writer. Chn. recorded in Mil., --

Alonzo, b. June 2, 1837; untraced.
Melissa Ruth, b. March 12, 1839; d. Dec. 25, 1843.
Augustus Eugene. b. Dec. 6, 1840; d. Jan. 9, 1844.
Elbridge Green, b. Nov. 13, 1842; untraced.

[p. 1117]

I find myself unavoidably imperfect in my knowledge of this family, though formerly somewhat well acquainted with the father in his earlier days. He left town many yrs. ago.

WHITNEY. Elias8 (Jonathan7, Elias6, Elias5, Jonathan4, Benjamin3, Jonathan2, John1), b. Feb. 7, 1811; mr.'s maiden name Lavina Coombs of Bell.; m., 1st, Zelona Semira Carpenter, dr. of John and Susannah (Carpenter) Carpenter, who were cousins, b. Killingly, Ct., Sept. 5, 1811; cer. Killingly, Ct., March 17, 1833, by Rev. Mr. Bushnell. Issue: --

Charles Edward, b. Mil., Oct. 24, 1836; m. Mary Elizabeth Onion, Sept. 13, 1859.

Elias Whitney8 comes of an ancient family. His gt. gd. fr., our first Elias Whitney, purchased the farm near the junction of Beaver and Mt. Pleasant Sts., now owned by the present Elias, June 12. 1704. That Elias was then said to be of Framingham; and he bought said farm of James Hayward, a gd. son of "Great-meadow" Jonathan Hayward, as 1 am obliged to call him. The farm has remained in possession of the first Elias Whitney's descendants ever since, being one of the few that have remained so long in the same lineage. Our present Elias Whitney is a much-trusted man in town affairs, especially in the oversight of the poor. He has been our leading overseer of the poor for some 21 yrs., and for more than a year has had personal charge of the asylum. He has also held various other responsible positions. Mrs. Zelona, the wf. of his youth, d. Sept. 8, 1876. He has since m. Fannie P. Leland, dr. of Daniel and Hannah (Jones) Leland, b. Holl., Dec. 7, 1815; cer. Mil., March 20, 1878, by Rev. George F. Eaton. Mrs. Whitney now shares with her husband the arduous and difficult duties of caring for the inmates of our asylum, as matron, and is winning a good reputation. Mr. Whitney has 7 grandchn., the chn. of his son Charles Edward. Their names and birth-dates will be found in the family record of their parents, farther along.

WHITNEY, Charles Barnes8 (Jonathan7,Elias6, Elias5, Jonathan4, Benjamin3, Jonathan2, John1), b. April 16, 1814; m. Mary Ann Cary of Medway, dr. of Barnabas and Phebe (Danforth) Cary, b. Rindge, N.H., Jan. 9, 1813; cer. in Medway, April 9, 1837, by Rev. Luther Bailey. Their chn.: --

Mary Helen, b. Philadelphia, Pa., Feb. 5, 1838; m. Dr. Henry W. Brown, Boston; 6 chn.
Charles, E. L. B., b. Norfolk, Nov. 10. 1839; m. Augusta G. Nichols, Aug. 14, 1864; 3 chn.
George Washington, b. Milford, Feb. 14, 1844; m. Jenny True, May 1, 1866; 1 dr.
Frank Leprelete, b. Baltimore, Md., July 6, 1851; untraced.
J. Wheelwright, b. Medway, Feb. 19, 1854; untraced.

Charles B. Whitney was a man of remarkable business enterprise and success. Pecuniary and social standing excellent. He d. May 14, 1874. His worthy wid. and all her chn. survive.

WHITNEY, George8 (Jonathan7, Elias6, Elias5, Jonathan4, Benjamin3, Jonathan2, John1), b. March 15, 1821; boot-click; m. Louisa P. C. Lincoln, dr. of Ira and Patty (Whiting) Lincoln, b. Holl., May 24, 1825; cer. Holl., Jan. 1, 1845, by whom not given. Their chn.: --

Elias, b. Jan. 21, 1849; n»., name not given, Sept. 11, 1872.
Ella Jane, b. April 10, 1852; d. Aug. 13, 1853.

Of reputable character and standing.

WHITNEY, Lemuel8 (Laban7, Elias6, Elias5, Jonathan4, Benjamin3,Jona-

[p. 1118]

than2, John1), b. Bell., 1817; mr.'s maiden name Olive Green; m. Fanny Darling, dr. of Anson and Amey (Gaskill) Darling, b. Cumberland, R.I., Aug. 21, 1327; cer. Mil., Feb. 22, 1846, by Rev. Benjamin H. Davis. Res. in our Bear-hill district; occupation, farming. Their chn.: --

Reuel E., b. Oct. 5, 1856; m., May 5, 1878, name of bride not given; 1 child. He d. Aug. 7, 1881.
Henry E., b. Oct. 7, 1859.
Idella G., b. May 8, 1868.

One gd. child, dr. of Reuel E.

Mabel E., b. May 25, 1879.

An industrious, frugal, and orderly family.

WHITNEY, Otis7 (James6, Ezra5, James4, John3, Jonathan2, John1). This is the pedigree of Otis7,as deducible from the data at my command. His lineage comes down from John1, the ancestral immigrant of all our Whitneys through Jonathan2, instead of Benjamin2 under whom I have decided to arrange our oldest Whitney families. Otis7 has been at so much pains to collect family records, beginning with that of his grandfather, Ezra, that I feel somewhat bound to give an abstract of his data.

WHITNEY, Ezra5 (James4, John3, Jonathan2, John1), b. probably in Sherborn, Feb. 22, 1730; whom he m. not given. They had _the following-named chn.: --

James, John, Ezra, Moses, Samuel, Mercy, and Elizabeth. James6 was the father of our Otis7, John is not credited with any children; Ezra had 3, named. --
Eliza, Harriet, and William; Moses, by two wives, had 13, named, --
Benjamin B., Timothy, Anna W., John A., Samuel B., Nancy W., Hannah, Esther, Adaliza, Julia A., Charlotte, Ellen M., and Susan, all b. between 1781 and 1813; Samuel had 3; named, --
Mary, Mercy, and Maria; Mercy m. Capt. Samuel Read of Uxbridge, and had 4, named, --
Mary, Nancy, Abbie, and Elizabeth; Elizabeth m. a Mr. Hill, and had 5, named, --
Ezra, Hannah, Irene, Moses, and Micah. Ezra5, the fr. and gd. fr. of the foregoing, d. in Woodstock, Ct., Sept 24, 1804, a. about 74 yrs.

WHITNEY, James6 (Ezra5, James4, John3, Jonathan2, John1), b. 1765; had a succession of three wives, and in all 20 chn., viz.: --

Job, b. Sept. 29, 1788; m. Abigail Buckman, No. Woodstock, Ct., March 2, 1815; he d. Sept. 10, 1854.
Ezra, b. Jan., 1790; m. Lucy Waters of Thompson, Ct., date not given; he d. Aug., 1848.
Newell, b. 1796; m., 1st, Anna Leonard; 2d, Clarissa Clark; 3d, L. Tillotson.
Henrietta, b. May 17, 1797; m. Ephraim Baylies, Uxbridge, Feb. 19, 1823; both now d.
Mercy, b. date not given; m., 1st, a Mr. Lyon; 2d, Asa Bugbee of Woodstock, Ct.
James, b. March 6, 1800; m., 1st, Prudence Allard; 2d, Lavina Lee; res. Woodstock. Ct.; he d. Aug. 30, 1854.
Mary, b. Dec. 3, 1801; m. Josiah Allen, Feb. 4, 1827, and set. in Craftsbury, Vt.
Micah. b. Oct. 20, 1803; m., 1st, Diantha Walker, 1830; 2d, Elizabeth Chandler, 1850.

[p. 1119]

Schuyler, b. Sept. 9, 1806; m. Sally Litchfield, Oct. 24, 1828; physician, Southbridge; both d. 1879.
Bezaleel, b. April 16, 1808: m. Abigail Collins, date not given.
Ruth H. } b. Oct. 12, 1809; m. Alanson Howard in Uxbridge, April 24, 1838; 2d, George Towne.
Elizabeth } b. Oct 12, 1809; d. young.
William, b. May 12, 1811; m. Marita Draper; he d. April 15, 1844.
Daniel, b. Oct. 2, 1812: m. Ruth Watson of No. Kingston, R.I., Feb. 9, 1836.
Samuel B., b. Sept. 17, 1814; m., 1st, Sophia Walker, 1842; 2d, Martha Draper, 1849.
Clarissa, b. April 29, 1816; d. 1837.
Betsey H., b. March 29, 1818; m., 1st, Ziba Harriman of Greensboro', Vt., 1839; 2d, Burrill Hoyt, 1869.
Pliny, b. July 30, 1819; m. Nancy Lincoln of Greensboro', Vt.
Otis, b. April 19, 1821; m., 1st, Joanna W. Howard, Nov. 5, 1843; 2d, Medora Albee, June 13, 1872.
Fidelia, b. March 11, 1823; d. March 21 ensuing.

This is an uncommonly large family, of which our Otis Whitney is the 19th child, and the only one that set. among us. The others seem to have scattered far and wide over New England. Most of them were b. in Woodstock, Ct. Two or three d. young. Some that lived to m. had no chn. But those who had chn. count up in all as reported, 65, with gd. chn. to match. Many names, dates, and particulars are of course omitted in this abstract, which may be found by those interested in Otis Whitney's collections. I now return to our townsman and his family.

WHITNEY, Otis7 (James6,Ezra5, James4, John3,Jonathan2, John 1), b. April 19, 1821; mr.'s maiden name Clarissa Gould; m., 1st, Joanna Wedge Howard of Mil., dr. of Newell W. and Sarah (Warfield) Howard, b. March 7, 1825; cer. at Hopedale, Nov. 5, 1843, by Rev. Daniel S. Whitney. Their chn.: --

Newell H., b. Mil, Oct. 5, 1844; d. same day.
George Schuyler, b. Mil., Aug. 26, 1847; m. Anna Mae Wilkinson of Mil., June 9, 1870.
Edwin J., b. Mil., May 27, 1850; carpenter; res. Worcester.
Frank Otis, b. Mil, Nov. 5, 1860; d. Aug. 31, 1861.

Mrs. Joanna d., date not given. The hus. m., 2d, Medora Albee of Mil., dr. of Abel and Abigail (Partridge) Albee, b. June 13, 1832; cer. in Worcester, June 13, 1872, by Rev. George Gow. Issue: --

Emma C, b. April 26, 1873; d. April 29 ensuing.

Mr. Whitney is an excellent carpenter and citizen, and his family hold a worthy social standing.

WHITNEY, George Schuyler8 (Otis7, James6, Ezra5, James4, John3,Jonathan2, John1), b. Mil., Aug. 26, 1847; an expert carpenter; m. Anna Mae Wilkinson of Mil., dr. of William S. and Laura C. (Paine) Wilkinson, b. Nov. 4, 1848; cer. at the parental res., Mil., Jan. 9, 1870, by the writer. Issue: --

Florence E., b. Mil., Aug. 28, 1871.

Social standing good.

WHITNEY, Rev. Daniel Sanderson8 (Amaziah7, Caleb6,Caleb5, Timothy4, John3 (prob.), John2, John and Elinor1), b. at Danvers, now Peabody, Feb. 4, 1810; mr.'s maiden name Sarah Trull, 9th and youngest child; m.

[p. 1120]

Hannah Sophia Phillips Cotton, dr. of Rev. Ward Cotton and Mrs. Rebekah (Jackson) Cotton, b. in Boylston, Oct. 16, 1810; cer. in Boylston, June 23, 1842, by the writer. Their chn.: --

Daniel Cotton, b. Hopedale, May 8, 1843; d. Beverly, July 31, 1850.
Mary Phillips Cotton, b. Hopedale, March 12, 1849; m. John D. Billings, Nov. 24, 1870.
Alice Gertrude Cotton, b. Boylston, July 21, 1852; m. Hazen J. Burton, July 20, 1871.

Grandchn.: --

John Cotton Billings, b. Jamaica Plain, Nov. 21, 1871.
Carlyle Whitney Billings, b. Southboro', Aug. 9, 1874.
Hazel Burton, b. Brookline, Aug. 27, 1872.
Ralph Walter Burton, b. Brookline, March 10, 1874; d. May 25, 1875.
Ward Cotton Burton, b. Cambridgeport, March 3, 1876.

There is no doubt of Mr. Whitney's descent from John and Elinor, the ancestral immigrants, to whom I have traced our Mil. Whitneys, and but little doubt of his descent from their eldest son John. He was b. in England, and is believed to have set. in Roxbury, where several successive generations of his posterity dwelt. Mrs. Hannah Sophia Phillips (Cotton7) Whitney is a descendant, as follows: Ward6, John5, Josiah4, John3, John2, first minister of Boston (arrived Sept. 3, 1633; d. Dec. 3, 1652), son of Roland Cotton1 of Derby, Eng.

Mr. Whitney studied for the ministry with Rev. Paul Dean of Boston, and was ordained as an evangelist by the Massachusetts Association of Restorationists. He is a warm-hearted, conscientious, earnest preacher of practical Christianity in its various reformatory bearings, though never formally settled as a pastor. He has preached at different periods, for longer or shorter terms, in Middlesex Village, West Boylston, and Berlin. Also lectured much on temperance and other reforms. He was one of my original coadjutors in the attempt to establish the Community at Hopedale; commenced with us there in 1842, his wf. likewise becoming a member, and the family continuing with us till 1850. Since then they have res. in other localities, mainly in Southboro', where he has been postmaster from 1871 to the present time. While res. in Boylston, that town elected him its delegate to the State Convention of 1853, for revising the constitution. Concerning his participation in that body, he rather dryly says, " The only things that made me a white crow in that convention were my advocacy of the proposition to leave the term male out of the constitution, as Francis Jackson and his friends desired it should be; and the proposition to put aside the military organization, and intrust the execution of the laws to the legal voters, who really enacted them.

WHITNEY, James Irish, ancestry not traced, but presumed to have descended from John and Elinor; son of William and Mary A. (Mayberry) Whitney, b. in Otisfield, Me., 1839; machinist, fish-dealer, etc.; m. Susan Eudora Thwing, dr. of Almond and Sarah A. (Darling) Thwing, b in Hopedale, July 26, 1847; cer. at the parental res. in Hopedale, Feb. 28, 1867, by the writer. Their chn.: --

Mabel Gertrude, b. Hopedale, Jan. 12, 1868.
Almon Thwing, b. Hopedale, Aug. 3, 1869.
Anna Thwing, b. Mil., Aug. 30, 1871.

The mr. is an excellent contralto singer, and is much employed in church-choirs, at funerals, and on other occasions. Mr. W. has done business for several yrs. past in the Centre, and there the family now dwell.

[p. 1121]

WHITNEY, George Washington, ancestry not traced, but presumed to have descended from John and Elinor; son of Ransford and Eunice (Winch) Whitney, b. in Holden, Sept. 16, 1836; m. Elizabeth Munyan, dr. of Earl and Susan (Humes) Munyan, b. Thompson, Ct., Jan. 15, 1836; cer. Thompson, Ct., Dec. 26, 1863, by Rev. A. Dunning. Their chn.: --

Charles Leonard, b. Sutton, Sept. 14, 1864.
Ada May, b. Winchendon, Nov. 8, 1866.
Susan Alice, b. Winchendon, Feb. 4, 1869.
William Ernest, b. Mil., June 15, 1872.

Mr. W. is an industrious mechanic, and has a worthy family. They have res. in Sutton, Winchendon, Mil., and now dwell in Hopedale.

WHITNEY. Edwin D., machinist, a bro. of George W., formerly res. in town, but latterly res., I think, in Woonsocket, R.I.

WHITNEY, Charles Edward9 (Elias8, Jonathan7, Elias6, Elias5, Jonathan4, Benjamin3, Jonathan2, John1), b. Oct. 24, 1836; m. Mary Elizabeth Onion, dr. of Horace and Julia (Deming) Onion, b. in Chester, Vt., April 30, 1840; cer. in Chester, Vt., Sept. 13, 1859. Since their mge., the bride's parents have procured a legal change of name from Onion to Deming, so that now they stand recorded as Horace and Julia Deming. The chn. of Charles Edward and Mary E. Whitney are, --

Horace Elias, b. Mil., Oct. 19, 1861.
Alice Eliza, b. Mil., Feb. 19, 1864.
Julia Ellen, b. Chester, Vt., Aug. 22, 1867.
Mart Elizabeth, b. Chester, Vt., Feb. 2, 1870.
Amy Louisa, b. Mil., April 24, 1872.
Cora May, b. Mil., Feb. 21, 1876.
Charles Edward, Jun., b. Mil., Oct. 12, 1879.

Mr. Whitney is an efficient boot-cutter, res. on the ancient patrimonial est., near the junction of Beaver and Mt. Pleasant Sts., and with his rising family reputably sustains the standing of his ancestry.

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