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History of the Duchy of Lancaster by Sir Robert Somerville, Published by the Chancellor and Council of the Duchy of Lancaster in London in 1953-

Volume I 1265-1603.

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VOLUME ONE 1265-1603

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On 5 July 1536 the chancellor and attorney general of this new organization met the chancellor and other chief officers of the Duchy at White Hall in Westminster; there they reached agreement on their respective interests and settled a number of points of detail.

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In the sixteenth century the central administration of the Duchy returned to the Savoy, that ancient part of the inheritance where the administration of the dukes of Lancaster had functioned in the fourteenth century. The Savoy manor as a whole had not shared the desolation of the duke's palace. Houses had been built, shops renewed and gardens fenced in. There was at least one ale-house, the "Fleur de Lys" which the Duchy leased with its brewing equipment; it was rebuilt about the end of the fifteenth century. The Duchy also had a prison in the manor, used not only for offenders against the manor customs and regulations, but also for persons committed by the council. Note 4: Leases of the ale-house, DL 42/21 fos. 183-4; the equipment is specified in detail. Later the house was leased to Sir William Cecil. For the prison, ibid., f. 179, cf. W.J. Loftie, Memorials of the Savoy (1878), pp. 83-5.

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The Duchy chamber was still in the palace of Westminster. The pristine austerity of the early Duchy had been relaxed a little.

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Lancashire Augmentations (Cartmel, Conishead, Burscough and Holland Priories)


1570 Francis Whitney 24 Jan for life vice Raynshaw dec (DL 42/43 f. 304; the warrant is 10 Jan 1570, DL 12/15/35). In office 1576-7 (DL 28/9/17).

pp 544

Receiver Tutbury

1576 William Whitney esq 18 Oct for life on Wigston's surrender (DL 12/16/17). In office 1576-7 (DL 28/9/17). Note I: Dead by 29 Jan 1579 (See High Peak Bailiff), therefore not the Herf sheriff of 1587.

1578 William Sparke 12 Nov in revn after Whitney (DL 12/16/22) Note I In possession by May 1580; he had entered on Whitney's death, but owing to various irregularities in his conduct the appt became void (cf. DL 28/9/20). see High Peak Bailiffs. A William Sparke of Suffolk & Thavies Inn was admitted Lincoln's Inn 1586 (Adm. Reg., i. 103).

Note I: Also surveyor of the honor and receiver of Castle Donington.

pp 554

1577 William Whitney esq 22 Feb d.p. (DL 13/5). See Tutbury Receiver.

1579 William Sparke 29 Jan d.p. vice Whitney decd (DL 13/5)/ Determined as being "not mete to have or exercize the said offfice", I Feb 1581 (particular for next patent, DL 13/5). See Tutbury Receiver.

pp 557

Melbourne Steward

- Peter Melbourne in office 13 Feb 1408 (DL 42/16 f/ 217 v). See Constable.

pp 558 Constable

- Peter Melbourne [sic - Piers Milbourne], app 24 Nov 1376, confirmed 2 Oct 1399 (DL 42/15 f. I v). In office 1415-16 (Derbs. Arch. & Nat. Hist. Soc. Jo., xi. 139). An esquire with Henry of Lancaster on his expedition 1392-3 (Derby Expeditions, p. 266). J.P. Derbs 1408. Had for life a fisherin in Trent 4 April 1413 (DL 42/17 f. I), and revenues forfeited in Derbs late of Thomas bishop of Carlisle 14 Feb 1400 (Cal. Pat. 1399-1401, p. 195). With his brother Simon, a clerk, founded a chantry in Melbourne church (ibid, p. 422). Dead by April 1418.

pp 651


1524 James Whitney a dapifer of the chamber 11 April during good behaviour, offices as 1485, also Stretton, Ashperton, Yarkill, Rodley, Tibberton, Minsterworth, Etloe & Rye (DL 42/22 f. 74 v). Sureties were George Whitney of Iccomb Esq & Charles Herbert of Troy Esq (DL 41/34/I f. 148 v). Perhaps son of James Whitney of Whitney; the father's widow married Sir William Herbert of Troy, the father of Sir Charles Herbert (Herefordshire Visitation 1569 (Harl. Soc.), p. 76).

(DapĀ“i`fer n. 1. One who brings meat to the table; hence, in some countries, the official title of the grand master or steward of the king's or a nobleman's household.)

1547 Charles Herbert esq 29 Nov d.p., officer as 1524 (DL 42/23 f.23 v). In office 1543-4 (DL 28/7/13) & 1550-51 & later (DL 28 8/5). Of Troy (DL 5/10 f. 350 v); Knight by 1551, sheriff Monm 1540, 1548, Heref 1551-2. As he was in arrear, John Philip Morgan was appointed to exercise the office 14 Aug. 1554 (DL 42/96 f. 107). He was still in arrear at his death & his lands were extended for the debt. (DL 5/10 f. 350 v).

[NB: According to The Thomas Book, Giving the Genealogies of Sir Rhys Ap Thomas, K.G., the Thomas Family Descended from Him, and of Some Allied Families: Giving the Genealogies of Sir Rhys Ap Thomas, K. G., the Thomas Family Descended from Him, and of Some Allied Families By Lawrence Buckley Thomas, Published by H. T. Thomas Co., 1896 at pp 342; Sir Charles', eldest son of Sir William and Blanche (Milbourne) Herbert, was of Troy House, High Sheriff of Monmouthshire, 1541 and 1549; and died in 1557. -- Adrian Benjamin Burke, Esq.]

d.p. = during pleasure

Transcribed by Adrian Benjamin Burke, Esq.

Copyright © 2008, Adrian Benjamin Burke, Esq., and the Whitney Research Group.

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