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Lloyd, Jacob Youde William, The History of the Princes, the Lords Marcher, and the Ancient Nobility of Powys Fadog, and the Ancient Lords of Arwystli, Cedewen, and Meirionydd (T. Richards, 1882).


Pages 27-28


Cae Cyriog MS.; Lewys Dwnn, vol. ii, p. 359.

Madog Puleston of Bers (argent, on a bend sable, three mullets of the field), was the second son of Robert Puleston of Emeral in Maelor Saesneg, ab Richard ab Sir Roger Puleston. He married Angharad, daughter of David ab Goronwy of Burton and Llai, who, as well as his daughter Angharad, was living in 1415; by this lady, Madog had, besides a daughter, Angharad, the wife of Elis Eyton of Rhiwabon, a son and heir,

John Puleston of Bers. He married Alson, daughter of Howel ab leuan ab Gruffydd ab Ednyfed Goch of Bers (ermine, a lion statant gardant, gules); and Alson, his second wife, daughter and heiress of Howel ab Goronwy of Hafod y Wern (sable, three lions passant, in pale argent), by whom he had issue a son and heir,

John Puleston of Bers and Hafod y Wern, who married, first, Elen, daughter of Robert Whitney ab Sir Robert Whitney, Knight, ab Sir Robert Whitney, Knight; and, secondly, Alice, daughter of Hugh Lewys of Tir Mon, by whom he had a son, John Puleston of Tir Mon, • who had Hafod y Wern, and was High Sheriff for co. Denbigh in 1544. By his first wife, Elen Whitney, John Puleston had issue five sons ; 1, Sir John Puleston, of whom presently ; 2, Robert Puleston, Parson of Gres-ford; 3, Huw Puleston, Vicar of Wrexham, and Parson of Llanrhaiadr in Mochnant; 4, Richard Puleston, who had lands about Croes Madog ab Llywelyn; and 5, Lancelot; and three daughters; 1, Elizabeth, ux. Sir Roger Salusbury, of Lleweui, Knight; 2, Jane, who married, first, Robert ab Maredydd ab Hwlkyn Lhvyd of Glyn Llufon, in the parish of Llandvvrog, in the comot of Uwch Gwyrfai, and, secondly, she married Sir ^Yilliam Gruffydd of Penrhyn, Knight, Chamberlain of Gwynedd; and 3, who married, first, John Eyton Fychan of Rhiwabon, and, secondly, John Erddig of Erddig.

Sir John Puleston of Bers, Knight, the eldest son, was Chamberlain of Gwynedd. and Constable of the castle of Caernarvon, and died in 1551. In the Cambrian Quarterly Magazine, vol. v, p. 276, is a curious inventory of the stores in Caernarvon Castle, taken after his death, on the 25th February 5th Edward VI. He married, first, Gainor, daughter of Robert ab Maredydd ab Hwlcyn Lhvyd of Glyn Llufon, in the parish of Llandwrog, in the comot of Uwch Gwyrvai, descended from Cilmin Droetu, Chief of one of the Noble Tribes, who lived at Glyn Llufon in the time of Mervyn Frych, King of the Isle of Man (Mervyn was slain in 843), being his brother's son. He bore, quarterly, 1st and 4th, argent, an eagle displayed, with two heads sable ; 2nd and 3rd, argent, three fiery ragged sticks gules, over all, on an escutcheon argent, a man's leg, coupe a la cuise of the second. Sir John married, secondly, Janet, daughter of Maredydd ab leuan ab Robert of Cesail Gyvarch, who purchased Gwydir, where he subsequently resided (vert three eagles, displayed in fess or), by whom he had issue, besides one son, Hugh, who married Margaret, daughterand co-heir of Hugh Lhvyd of Llwyn y Cnotiau, and was ancestor of the Pulestons of that place, three daughters; Jane, ux. Ehys Wynn; Ann, ux. Edward Conwy; and Margaret, ux. . . . Hoyden.

Transcribed by Adrian Benjamin Burke, Esq.

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