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William Hentey Cooke, Collections Towards the History and Antiquities of Herefordshire: Hundred of Grimsworth, Part II

Transcribed by Adrian Benjamin Burke, Esq., November 3, 2006

Page 50 Parish of Burghill

Agnes, only child and heiress of Alured, married Turstin of Wigmore, from whom Burgill was purchased by Bernard Newmarch, who in 1092 invaded South Wales with an armed retinue, and defeating the Prince of Breckeinog, secured for himself and followers the lands which constitute the County of Brecon.

Page 57

William de Eylesford, having made the manor house of Tillington his place of abode, obtained Episcopal sanction in 1341 for the erection and endowment of a chapel dedicated to St Michael with an oratory therein.

Sir John Eylesford, elected a representative for Herefordshire to ten parliaments, married Isabella, daughter of Sir Thomas de la Barre, who had Richard Delamere of Little Hereford for her second husband. This lady enjoyed during many years a considerable dowry settled upon her at first wedlock. (Inq. P.m., 9 Hen. V., No. 40) She had one child, Elizabeth Eylesford, who was wife of Sir Piers Milbourne of the county of Lincoln.

John Milborne, their only child, succeeded to their manors and lands on the death of his grandmother in 1422, and married in 1434 Elizabeth, daughter of Sir Walter Devereux, who became his widow in the following year with an infant son. This lady lived in widowhood (an unusual event in those times) until 1475, having under her deed of settlement the Manor of Tillington, held of James, Lord Berkeley, of his castle of Berkeley, lands in Burghill, held in the honor of Brecon, and in the occupation of Walter Hackluyt. Inq. p.m.

Simon Milborne, twice sheriff of the county, increased his fortune by marriage, and had a number of daughters, some of whom were wives of two husbands, viz. –

  1. Alice, m. Henry ap Milo ap Harry; 2. Sir Thomas Baskerville
  2. Elizabeth, m. Sir Thomas Mornington of Sarenesfield, m. John Withington of Solers Hope and Parastley.
  3. Sibyl, m. Richard Hackluyt of Easton Ganage, Leominster, m. John Breynton of Sretton Sugwas
  4. Ann, m. William Rudhale, S.L. of Rudhall
  5. Joyce, m. Thoams Hyett of Lidney, Co. Gloucestershire
  6. Catherine m. Thomas Barton of Weobley
  7. Blanch m. Sir James Whitney of Whitney Court, m. Sir William Herbert of Troy, County Monmouth
  8. Eleanor m. John More of Dunclent Co Worcester
  9. Margaret m. John Bishop of Burford, Salop
  10. Agnes m. Thomas Walyn of Hellins in Much Marcle
  11. Jane, m. Sir Richard Cornewall of Berington, in Eye
  12. Joanne
  13. Juliana – both 12 and 13 died infants
  14. A Son, died at birth

The mother of these children was Jane, daughter and heiress of Sir John Blackett of Icomb, Co. Gloucester

Simon Milborne, from “natural debility and infirmities of body ceased to enjoy sound memory” previsions to his death in his 90th year and in 1525 a special commission issued from the Exchequer, No. 47, authorizing Rowland Marton and Thomas Bodenham, Esqs to ascertain with jurors what manors and lands were held of the Crown in fee, and who were the nearest heirs entitled to possess them, and thereupon to distribute the estates among such parties – Esc. 16 Henry VIII No. 100 virtute officii.

The manors of Burghill and Tillington were again divided, two thirds of both being assigned to Griffin Barton and Thomas Monington, in right of their deceased mothers, and the other moiety to Sybil Breynton, who settled the same on herself for life, with remainder as to one moiety to her daughter Isabella, wife of John Lingen of Sutton, and their heirs, and the other part to Thomas, son of John Hackluyt, and his heirs.

Page 65 Rectory of Burghill

In the chancel is an alabaster tomb, bearing two effigies in memory of John Milborne and his wife, he in plate armour, and she in the costume of the 15th century is inscribed:

“Hic jacet Johannes Milbourne armr filius Piereii Milborne quiquidem Joes obbiit vii o die mensis Septemb. AD 1435. Hic jacet Elizabeth, uxor. Johannes Milbourne armi que Elizabeth fuit filia Nobilius Gualteri Devereux, mililtis qui interfectus fuit bello opud Pilleth quequidem obit anno Domi 1475.”

“Cujus anim: proprietum Deus, Amen,”

The blank shields supported by angels in the lower part of the tomb were probably emblazed with heraldic designs, - Gul. A chev. Between 3 scallops or, Milbourne; impaling Devereux.

Copyright ©2006, Adrian Benjamin Burke, Esq., Robert L. Ward, and the Whitney Research Group

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