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White, Elizabeth Pearson, John Howland of the Mayflower (Rockport, ME: Picton Press).

Volume 1: The First Five Generations, Documented Descendants Through his first child Desire-2 Howland and her husband Captain John Gorham (1990).

Volume 2: The First Five Generations, Documented Descendants Through his second child John-2 Howland and his wife, Mary Lee (1993).

[vol. 1, p. 319]

On 9 January 1794 Josiah Davis of Gorham, gentleman, sold for £18 to [his son] James Davis of Gorham, yeoman, housewright, a part fo 20 acres Josiah had bought from David Whitney, "on which my dwelling house now stands ... as an absolute estate of inheritance in fee simple forever."

[vol. 1, p. 561]

434. Shubael Gorham-5 (George-4, Shuabel-3, Desire-2 Howland, John-1) was born in Greenwich, Conn., 11 April 1727,1 the son of George and Hannah (Banks) Gorham. He died in Stamford, Conn., before 12 November 1771, the date his father, Capt. George Gorham, was named administrator of his estate.2.

Shubael married in Stamford, Conn., (also recorded in Rye, New York,) 23 August 1748, Mary Selleck of Stamford,3 who was born in Stamford 13 July 1727,4 the daughter of Nathaniel and Mary (DeMille) Selleck. Mary married second, as his second wife, in Stamford 15 January 1775 Eliakim Whitney,5, and moved to Ball Town, Albany County, N.Y., where she died 13 July 1827.6. Eliakim Whitney was the father of Mary Whitney, who had married Mary Gorham's son, Nathaniel. ...

[vol. 1, p. 562]

Shubael's son, John Gorham, chose his uncle, Daniel Gorham, as his guardian 11 September 1777, indicating that John Gorham remained for a time in Stamford with his uncle Daniel when his mother, Marh, and step-father, Eliakim Whitney, moved to Albany County, New York.13

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[vol. 2, p. 122]

53. Mary Allyn-5 (Isaac-4, Mary-3 Howland, John-2-1) was born in Pomfret, Conn., 13 November 1736,1 the daughter of Isaac and Lydia (Leonard) Allyn. Mary was living 11 June 1798, the date she was called "Mary Holland" when her mother's dower from her father's estate was distributed.2

[vol. 2, p. 123]

Mary Allyn married about 1756 Joseph Holland, Jr.,3 who was born in Pomfret 24 April 1733,4 the son of Joseph and Elizabeth (-----) Holland. He probably died in Pomfret, sometime before 21 December 1780, the date an inventory was taken of his estate.5

[vol. 2, p. 124]

6 April 1784, Mary Holland, administratrix [of the estate of Joseph Holland of Pomfret], presented to the probate court the division and distribution of the real estate which had been made by Seth Paine, Ebenezer Weeks and Noah Adams. On 1 February 1785, the court approved the following division: To Mary Holland, widow, . . .; To Mary Whitney, daughter, a tract of land of 26 acres and 40 perch; ...18

[vol. 2, p. 125]

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[vol. 2, p. 137]

On 22 April 1793, Seth Paine and Peter Pike, acting as tax collectors for the town of Brooklyn, siezed the property of Joseph Allyn's niece and her husband, James and Mary (Holland) Whitney, for non-payment of taxes. The land, said to contain "about 23 acres," was sold at auction to Joseph Allyn for £2-10-8.20 On 26 April 1794, Joseph Allyn sold to Andrew Murdock of Brooklyn, all the land set out to Mary Whitney from the esteate of her father, Joseph Holland, for £75. This land bordered on Nathaniel Cogswell's land and Andrew Murdock's own land.21

[vol. 2, p. 138-139]

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