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Source: Kentucky Birth Records, 1852-1910 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: The Generations Network, Inc., 2007. Original data: Kentucky. Kentucky Birth, Marriage and Death Records – Microfilm (1852-1910). Microfilm rolls #994027-994058. Kentucky Department for Libraries and Archives, Frankfort, Kentucky.

Name Birth Date Birth County Birth Township Gender Father's Name Mother's Name
25 Dec 1854 Male Reins Whitney Catharin Rinich
26 Dec 1855 Allen Male Reaves Whitney Catharin Rinie
Whitney 10 Apr 1855 Allen Female Reaves Whitney Slave
20 Sep 1856 Allen Male Herman Whitney
Whitney 2 Jan 1858 Allen Female Uriah Whitney
Whitney 4 Jul 1861 Allen Female Uriah T Whitney Mary Thompson
9 Dec 1852 Barren Male Alphonso Whitney E Frances Crenshaw
24 Jan 1878 Muhlenberg Male Louis Whitney N J Rainwater
18 Aug 1878 Warren Male Anderson Devasier Sarah Whitney
9 Aug 1856 Trigg Male W Whitney Rutha Kenady
22 Jul 1907 Fayette Lexington Geo Whitney
Alexander Mar 1856 Barren Male Alfonzo Whitney
Asa 28 Dec 1858 Male A B Brookfield S Whitney
Ben 11 Aug 1856 Barren Male Jas E Whitney
Cortes F Mar 1855 Barren Male James W Whitney Martha Pedigo
Dyce A Whitney 13 Aug 1852 Female I Whitney Angeline
Edmund Nov 1854 Barren Male Alphonso Whitney
George Feb 1852 Barren Male Alphonso Whitney
Henry 14 Aug 1859 Barren Male Elizabeth Whitney
James 9 Aug 1855 Barren Male Sam Whitney
John 25 Dec 1859 Barren Male Alphonso Whitney
Judith M Whitney 6 Mar 1855 Barren Female L Whitney
Lizie P Whitney 8 Jun 1857 Barren Female Alfonzo Whitney E F Crenshaw
Lucy Whitney 12 Aug 1861 Female A Whitney
Marcus 24 Mar 1856 Allen Male M Whitney
No Name Jun 1858 Barren Male Alphonso Whitney
Not Name 11 Mar 1856 Barren Male Thomas Whitney
Not Named 31 Aug 1855 Barren Male A Whitney E F Crenshaw
Rachel Whitney 1 Sep 1853 Barren Female Saml Whitney
Renna Whitney 22 Feb 1855 Barren Female Sam Whitney
Ritter Whitney 10 Sep 1855 Barren Female L Whitney
Rose Whitney 22 Feb 1861 Female Elizabeth Whitney
Samuel 10 Oct 1861 Allen Male Herman Whitney Matilda
Wm Sep 1856 Allen Male M Whitney
May Catherine Bibb 28 Sep 1910 Jefferson Female Albert W Bibb
L Boyd 18 May 1876 Warren Male R Boyd Maria Whitney
Dink Bridges 12 Aug 1878 Barren Male Paster Bridges Judy Whitney
Emiline Button 5 May 1853 Barren Female N G Button Elizabeth Whitney
Richard Corbin 26 Nov 1902 Kenton Covington Male Richard Anna
Bettie Curd 2 Nov 1878 Barren Female Price Curd Harriett Whitney
Devina 12 Mar 1904 Male Tom Lena Whitney
Willie Edwards 11 Jun 1875 Warren Male Hammett Edwards Mary Whitney
Helen Gamble 15 Feb 1897 Kenton Covington Female W E Gamble Mrs W E Gamble
Dellie Holder 8 Sep 1909 Allen Female Sam Holder Lou Whitney
L W Holder Aug 1910 Allen Female W H Holder Sudie Whitney
Hunt 13 Aug 1900 Jefferson Female J C Kittie
Mary Jane

[Mary Whitney]

15 Sep 1854 Barren Female Loami Whitney Betty
Tempie Jones 22 Nov 1903 Male C J Jones Lela Whitney
Allen Kier 5 Sep 1854 Barren Male James E Whitney Matilda
Kraus 3 Oct 1904 Jefferson Male Phil Alice Whitney
Lillian Landers 31 Dec 1900 Female Wm Landers Susan Whitney
John L Markwell 2 Oct 1852 Male Elias W Markwell Sarah Ann Whitney
Mary H Markwell 19 Jun 1874 Fleming Female E W Markwell Sarah A Whitney
W McWhitney 2 Nov 1878 Allen Male J W Whitney McEboy
S Moore 11 Jul 1852 Female S Moore H Whitney
Raleigh Graves Morehead 7 Aug 1852 Warren Male Raleigh Morehead Francis Whitney
Sarah A Newman 24 Aug 1857 Allen Female James Newman Jane Whitney
Ray W Pardue 7 Oct 1903 Male J B Pardue Daisy Whitney
Perdue Mar 1900 Allen Male J B Perdue Dosie Whitney
Susan Quintilla

[Susan Whitney]

18 Feb 1855 Barren Female Jeremiah Whitney Elizabeth Whitney
Richmond 13 Oct 1901 Jefferson Female Will Grace
Richmond 9 Oct 1901 Female Will Grace Whitney
Shipley 23 Jul 1904 Female Dock Shipley O Whitney
Fannie W Smith 16 Jan 1874 Scott Female Wm K Smith Elizabeth Whitney
Lillie B Smith 16 Oct 1876 Scott Female W K Smith Elizabeth Whitney
Melissa Smith 10 Oct 1875 Warren Female Wm Smith Lou Whitney
Milissa Smith 10 Oct 1875 Warren Female Wm Smith Lou Whitney
Rebecca Thiylm 4 Dec 1902 Jefferson Female Jno Wm
Thompson 16 Sep 1905 Jefferson Female Harry Josie
John W Todd 6 Sep 1858 Fleming Male George Todd Mary R Whitney
Mary J Todd 1 Dec 1855 Female Georg W Todd Mary R Whitney
Areat Tyner 6 Mar 1853 Male Henry R Tyner Sarah A Whitney
Catharine Vanlandingham 23 Sep 1878 Muhlenberg Male Oliver Vanlandingham Sarah Whitney
Martha V C Whitnery

[Martha V C Whitney]

23 Jul 1854 Barren Female William Whitney Dolly J C Lyon
Whitney 25 May 1899 Jefferson Female John Mary
Whitney 27 Feb 1902 Jefferson Male Wm Effie
Whitney 5 May 1905 Kenton Covington Female H A Whitney Mrs Rose Whitney
Whitney 7 Apr 1905 Jefferson Female Jno Rena
Whitney Mar 1852 Trigg Male Pryor Whitney Sarah Hendrick
Whitney 27 Jan 1900 Kenton Covington Female H A Whitney Rose Whitney
Whitney 7 Oct 1902 Kenton Covington Female H A Whitney Mrs Rose Whitney
Whitney 20 Sep 1904 Kenton Covington Female H A Whitney Mrs Rose Whitney
Whitney 11 Jan 1904 Jefferson Male L B Una
Whitney 16 Mar 1903 Jefferson Male Hayden Susan Allen
Beatrice Whitney 28 Jan 1909 Campbell Female Florace Whitney
C Whitney 25 Aug 1900 Female M Whitney M E Jewell
C A Whitney 23 Jan 1857 Barren Female J E Whitney J A Martin
Calvin W Whitney 13 Sep 1853 Muhlenberg Male Fielding Whitney Elizabeth Wetherford
Charles Whitney 16 Mar 1903 Jefferson Male Hayden Susan
Charles Whitney 30 Sep 1858 Male Levi W Hill Jincy T Cally
Charles H Whitney 12 Dec 1859 Barren Male Alphonso Whitney Elizabith F Crenshaw
Chas Whitney 16 Feb 1910 Livingston Male G L Crawford Dollie Echols
E J Whitney 13 Feb 1857 Barren Female G Whitney E Bush
Ellen Whitney 18 Jul 1859 Female Joseph Whitney Catherine Butler
Elmer Joseph Whitney Nov 1898 Kenton Covington Male Charles Trame Minnie
Flora Whitney 10 Nov 1878 Barren Female Wm Whitney Ella Scrivaner
Frank Whitney 13 Sep 1878 Barren Male Carter Whitney Shaw
Geo W Whitney 14 Mar 1859 Male Robinson Whitney Nancy J Richardson
Harriet Whitney Feb 1853 Barren Female A Whitney E Francis Crenshaw
Hermon Whitney 14 Nov 1858 Barren Male Wm Whitney Dolly J C Lyon
Isom Whitney 15 Mar 1878 Muhlenberg Male Wm R Whitney Barbour Foster
J N Whitney 27 May 1859 Male Wm Whitley Eliza Bowland
Jas W Whitney 1 Dec 1876 Warren Male T Whitney Luncinda Newman
Jenett F Whitney 6 Aug 1877 Muhlenberg Female Mc Henry Whitney M A Brooks
Jno H Whitney 4 Aug 1859 Allen Male U T Whitney Mary Thompson
John Whitney 22 Aug 1853 Male Reeves Whitny Catharine Renick
John Mc Cardle Whitney 8 Oct 1898 Jefferson Male W Mayme
John W Whitney 2 Jan 1852 Barren Male William Whitney J C Lyon
John W Whitney 1 Oct 1855 Bourbon Male Geo H Whitney Hannah Jane Moore
Joseph Whitney 13 Oct 1856 Barren Male Uriah Whitney Mary Thompson
L C Whitney 10 Jul 1852 Female J G Whitney M A Jackson
M E Whitney 29 Dec 1878 Hickman Female C Whitney S P Flowers
Marcellus Whitney 5 Feb 1854 Barren Male James E Whitney Jemima F Martin
Mary Whitney 9 Apr 1858 Allen Female Reaves Whitney Katharine Reynock
Owen Whitney 30 Aug 1904 Male J M Whitney Smith
Pervis Whitney 15 Dec 1900 Allen Female Walter Whitney A Johnson
Raymon Whitney 18 Feb 1900 Allen Male Whitney A Atwood
Robert L Whitney 22 Apr 1854 Male Lincon W Whitney Elizabeth Graham
Rose Whitney 29 Jan 1897 Kenton Covington Female Hugh A Whitney Rose F Whitney
S W Whitney 17 Jul 1858 Allen Male S W Whitney Sarah Graham
T B Whitney 18 Nov 1853 Boyle Female G T Whitney T Lambe
T F Whitney 22 Mar 1852 Male S W Whtney E Graham
Thomas W Whitney 19 Dec 1861 Allen Male Simeon W Whitney Sarah Graham
W C Whitney 12 Jun 1854 Trigg Male Wayman Whitney Rutha Kenady
Wm G Whitney 22 Oct 1899 Male J A Whitney M B Osburn
Wm J Whitney 11 Jul 1878 Barren Male G W Whitney Gracie Curd

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