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The Records of the Honorable Society of Lincoln's Inn: Register 1420-1893 (London: Lincoln's Inn; printed by H. S. Cartwright, 1896). Volume I: Admissions from A. D. 1420 to A. D. 1799.

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Lincoln's Inn Admission Register 1420-1799

Page 35

Folio 40

1511-12 March 16   Robert Whytney

Page 38

Folio 72b

1516-7 March 1   John Whitney

Page 147

Folio 31b

1607-8 March 23   Robert Whitney, gen., son of Eustace W., of Whitney, co. Hereford, arm.

Page 153

Folio 59

1609-10 March 10   Francis Whitney, son of Robert Whitney of Thetford, Norfolk, arm.

Folio 59b

1610 April 24   Nicholas Whitney, son of Thomas W., of Walden, Essex, arm.

Page 223

Folio 84

1633 Nov. 27   Robert Whitney, son and heir app. of Sir Robt. W. of Whitney, co. Heref., knt.

Page 260

Folio 90

1649 July 17   Walter Whitney, 2nd son of William W., of Gwernefe (?), co. Radnor, gen.

Page 523

Folio 70

1787 June 11   Shuckborough Whitney Upton, eldest son of Henry U., of City of Dublin, Esq.

Page 540

Folio 197

1791 Nov 7   Whitney Upton, gen., s. of Ambrose U., of Dublin, Esq.

Transcribed by Adrian Benjamin Burke, Esq. and Robert L. Ward

Copyright © 2007, 2009, Adrian Benjamin Burke, Esq., Robert L. Ward, and the Whitney Research Group

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