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From Maine State Archives

Divorce Index 1800-1891. This MS-Access 97 database indexes divorces heard in the County Supreme Judicial Courts in Maine between 1800 and 1891. All Maine counties are listed with the exception of Lincoln County, who still has their records at the Court House in Wiscasset. Also not indexed are divorce cases heard in the Courts of Common Pleas or the early District Courts.

Records: 14,126 records (1938 kilobytes).


ID: Unique record identifier.

Plaintiff: The name of the person bringing the libel for divorce.

Defendant: The name of the person being divorced.

Term: Month and year the case was heard.

Docket: Identifying docket number of the case .

County: County of the Court.

Court: SJC for Supreme Judicial Court.

Vol/pg: The volume and page the case is recorded in.

Download the MS-Access file (540 kilobytes)

ID Plaintif Defendant Term Docket Number County Court Vol/Pg, Box-folder
10708 Whitney, Abbie Q. Whitney, Martin V. Mar/1869 239 Franklin SJC 6/413
9369 Whitney, Addie H. Whitney, Calmon Oct/1871 93 Washington SJC 22/273
9404 Whitney, Alice L. Whitney, George Apr/1873 508 Washington SJC 23/165
14348 Whitney, Almacia Whitney, Braddock S. Oct/1890 1888 Penobscot SJC 89/114
12350 Whitney, Amos Newhall Whitney, Mary Wyer (Jones) Jun/1834 110 Penobscot SJC 2/346
11255 Whitney, Caroline S. Whitney, Francis Jan/1867 484 York SJC 24/141
2010 Whitney, Charles L. Whitney, Abbie E. Mar/1883 Knox SJC 17/50
3344 Whitney, Charles S. Whitney, Eliza S. Apr/1886 Sagadahoc SJC 24/525
2009 Whitney, Charles W. Whitney, Flora L. Sept/1883 Knox SJC 14/193
7974 Whitney, Dunham Whitney, Margarett Oct/1869 647 Cumberland SJC 63/758
8341 Whitney, Dunham Whitney, Margarett Oct/1877 274 Cumberland SJC 71/522
5603 Whitney, Eli, Jr. Whitney, Sophronia A. (Glover) Dec/1866 252 Oxford SJC 12/61
6754 Whitney, Elvira W. Whitney, Albion Jan/1879 560 Androscoggin SJC 17/91
2941 Whitney, Franklin P. Matilda P. (Emery) Feb/1874 Piscataquis SJC 8/44
3747 Whitney, George, Jr. Whitney, Marietta Sept/1868 Somerset SJC 12/233
7971 Whitney, Hannah Whitney, William H. Jan/1869 677 Cumberland SJC 63/139
7112 Whitney, Hattie E. L. Whitney, Edwin L. Sept/1887 199 Androscoggin SJC 22/569
10023 Whitney, Howard Whitney, Olive (Twombly) Jan/1872 246 Waldo SJC 17/593
12491 Whitney, Mary Whitney, George T. Apr/1856 837 Penobscot SJC 22/119
5705 Whitney, Mary C. Whitney, Orlando W. Mar/1872 205 Oxford SJC 14/374
6316 Whitney, Mary E. C. Whitney, Washington D. Apr/1865 175 Androscoggin SJC 8/387
8468 Whitney, Mary F. Whitney, John H. Oct/1879 240 Cumberland SJC 73/632
13489 Whitney, Matilda A. Whitney, Isaac R. Oct/1877 1122 Penobscot SJC 50/171
731 Whitney, Moses Whitney, Charlotte Feb/1878 Aroostook SJC 9/541
2011 Whitney, Prelett A. Whitney, Lydia A. Dec/1884 Knox SJC 14/558
7538 Whitney, Rebekah S. Whitney, Aaron Oct/1856 606 Cumberland SJC 26/207
5587 Whitney, Sarah E. Whitney, Albert Mar/1866 223 Oxford SJC 11/399
10657 Whitney, Thersa E. Whitney, Columbus A. Oct/1861 108 Franklin SJC 5/12
13746 Whitney, William H. Whitney, Helen M. Apr/1881 681 Penobscot SJC 61/136

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