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Whitney Marriage Notices from the Maine Farmer (with permission from the authors).

Elizabeth Keen Young and Benjamin Lewis Keene, Marriage Notices from the Maine Farmer, Heritage Books Inc.

Pages 446-447. Dates within [ ] are the newspaper publication dates and not marriage dates.

WHITNEY, Abigail of Lisbon, ME & Benjamin LOTHROP of Canton, ME, at Lisbon, ME [7 Mar 1834].
Albion P. & Miss Susan D. EASTMAN, at Limestone River Plt, Aroostook Co., ME [7 Mar 1850]
Amarose & Mary Jane COUCH, at Augusta, ME [30 Aug 1849]
Ann L. & Mr. E. M. STEDMAN of Winthrop, ME, at Canton, ME [23 Apr 1846]
Caroline M. & Augustus S. FRENCH, at Dexter, ME, on 14th inst. [30 Mar 1848]
Charles, Capt., 2nd & Sophia L. MILLER, at Hampden, ME [19 Aug 1843]
Charles T. of Plymouth, ME & Martha C. TAYER at Waterville, ME [3 May 1849]
Ebenezer of Phillips, ME & Mrs. Dorcas PARLIN, at Jay, ME [11 Feb 1843]
Fanny & Charles BOOKER, at Augusta, ME on 10th inst. by John A. PETTENGILL, Esq. [14 Mar 1850]
Frances A. & Capt. Leonard J. WHITING of New Orleans, MA?, at Castine ME [28 Oct 1847]
Frances A. & John H. COOK, at Hallowell, ME [16 Sept 1847]
George C. & Emeline B. LACROIS both of Winthrop, ME, at Augusta, ME on Monday last by the Rev. William A. DREW [17 Aug 1833]
Hannah & Capt. John R. KINGSBURY of Bradford, ME, at Dexter, ME [11 Apr 1850]
Hannah & Capt. Samuel GILL, Jr., at Augusta, ME [27 May 1847]
Henry P. & Miss Margaret H. BOHANAN, at Alexander, ME [14 Feb 1850]
James H. & Charlotte W. WEYMOUTH, at Dover, ME [9 May 1844]
Jane & Charles CUMMINGS of Solon, ME, at Hallowell, ME [31 May 1849]
John & Jane KIFF, at Belmont, ME [7 Aug 1835]
Josiah T. & Mary MOORE, at Moose River, ME? [4 Jun 1851]
Leafy, d/o Daniel WHITNEY, & Reuben RICH of Otisfield, ME, at Oxford, ME, by Rev. Dan PERRY [10 Jun 1833]
Levi & H. E. W. MASON both of Milltown, ME, at Milltown [20 Feb 1845]
Lewis & Cynthia B. BLETHEN, at Durham, ME [2 May 1844]
Lois & Samuel WADSWORTH, at Lincolnville, ME [27 Jun 1840]
Lydia A. & George PRATT of Medford, MA, at Belmont, ME [14 Aug 1851]
Lydia P. & Joseph B. OSMAR, at Foxcroft, ME [15 Aug 1844]
Maria R. & Joseph C. STAFFORD of Boston, MA, at Thomaston, ME [31 Oct 1844]
Mary Ann of Lewiston, ME & Micah HIGGINS of Portland, ME [11 Jun 1846]
Mary E. Mrs. & Capt. Lincoln PATTEN of Topsham, ME, at Bowdoinham, ME [17 Jun 1851]
Mary S. & Capt. Gilbert M. LEIGHTON of Freeman, ME [18 May 1848]
Mary & Nathaniel HALE, at Bridgton, ME? [16 Apr 1846]
Melissa & Hiram H. GUFF of Hallowell, ME, at Cabotville, MA [28 Oct 1847]
Michael L. & Betsey A. HUMPHREY, at North Yarmouth, ME [13 Jan 1848]
Nancy B. L. & Peter REDMON, at Moose River Somerset Co. ME [25 Jan 1849]
Nancy F. & Hon. B. D. EASTMAN, at Limestone River Plt, Aroostook Co., ME [7 Mar 1850]
Orrin of Letter D Plt, ME & Miss Hannah FAIRBANKS, d/o Dennis FAIRBANKS, Esq. of the former place, at Presque Isle Plt, ME, on Nov 7th by John B. WING, Esq. [1 Jan 1842]
Parthenia & Augustus B. FOSS of Lowell,, MA, at Freedom ME [8 Jul 1847]
Priscilla & Edward HATHAWAY, at Frankfort, ME [14 Mar 1837]
Robert P. & Ruth F. SPRAGUE, at Topsham, ME [25 Jun 1846]
Samuel, Capt., of New Orleans, MA? & Rebecca W. HOWE of Castine, ME, at Lincolnville, ME [5 Dec 1844]
Thomas R. & Emeline H. WYMAN both of Sidney, ME, at Hallowell, ME [13 Nov 1845]
William & Charity MORRISON, at West Bath, ME [15 Feb 1849]

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